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The ladies of Good Morning America shined in our Gabriel & Co. pieces.  Check out news anchor Amy Robach and meteorologist Ginger Zee below!

Ginger-Zee-August-GMA-2-2016-w-logo Ginger-Zee-GMA-2-September-2016-w-logo

Selenis Leyva, Danielle Brooks, and Dascha Polanco, the ladies of Netflix’s Orange Is The New Black, have also been seen rocking Gabriel & Co.’s signature pieces.

During New York Fashion Week, stunning supermodel Nina Adgal worked the red carpet in our edgy statement rings.

Lovely actress Holly Taylor, star of the hit show The Americans, attended the Emmy’s wearing a variety of Gabriel & Co.’s newest white gold pieces.

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An Introduction to Manmade Diamonds By Bill Boyajian

Introduction to the series. A note from Gabriel & Co.:

Gabriel & Co. has long supported clear, accurate, and unambiguous disclosure of natural mined diamonds as well as all man-made and treated gem materials. In support of full disclosure, Gabriel & Co. has chosen to use only natural diamonds that can be verified through our stringent sourcing and tracking processes. 

This series of articles on synthetic diamonds is designed to educate and inform readers on the importance of proper knowledge and disclosure of man-made diamonds. The diamond industry has long strived to create an industry standard for natural diamonds formed over millions of years and are now mined with conflict free processes, transparent sourcing and valid tracking principles – the same industry standards should be created for man-made diamonds that support full disclosure.

Gabriel & Co. has invited Bill Boyaijian, graduate gemologist, former president of the GIA, and founder and CEO of Bill Boyajian & Associates as a guest blogger to write a series of articles for  “Are Diamonds Forever” blog. This blog’s intention is to inform consumers on what they are actually purchasing to better suit their needs. You can also find more on the subject by going to http://www.jckonline.com/2016/03/29/history-and-technology-behind-lab-grown-diamonds.

When Mary Frances Gerety of the advertising agency, NW Ayer, famously coined the slogan “a diamond is forever,” she may not have imagined that diamonds would one day become manmade creations. But progress and technology wait for no one. And so it is with even the hardest – and arguably one of the most beautiful – substances known to humankind.

In 1954 Tracy Hall of General Electric Corporation created the first industrial-quality synthetic diamond. Since then, the wheels of heavy machinery (and even delicate tools and equipment), have rolled on the massive production ofiStock_000061720418_Small synthetic diamond. Yet the human quest to create larger and better quality manmade diamonds began, and though it has taken decades to perfect their gem-quality production, they are now a factor to deal with for the natural diamond trade, and an emerging alternative for the diamond buying public.

Diamonds are made up of almost 100% pure carbon, and under tremendous heat and pressure form diamond crystals of potentially great value. So for years these precious stones have been copied in appearance by numerous “look-alike” gem materials, some natural, but most manmade. Many people are familiar with the common imitation, Cubic Zirconia (also known as CZ), a manmade product that looks like diamond, but doesn’t replicate the unusual and lasting qualities of a true diamond. CZ is best referred to as an “imitation” of diamond.

Manmade diamonds (synthetics) have essentially the same optical, physical, and chemical properties as their natural counterparts. To be sure, they ARE diamond, yet made by man. Perhaps even Mary Frances Gerety would appreciate that.

About Bill Boyajian:

Bill is a Graduate Gemologist and expert in the diamond and gemstone trade.  He is the former long-time president of the Gemological Institute of America, and is currently founder & CEO of Bill Boyajian & Associates, Inc. His company consults for a wide variety of businesses in the gem and jewelry industry, specializing in leadership, business management, organizational development, family transition, and succession planning. Bill is the author of Developing the Mind of a Leader – Your Path to Lead and Inspire People. He is a sought-after business coach, advisor, and speaker, and can be reached at bill@billboyajianassociates.com.

What’s Hot

Gabriel & Co. Ranked Best-Performing Jewelry Brand by INSTORE Magazine

Gabriel & Co. is thrilled to announce that INSTORE Magazine has named them as the best-performing jewelry brand for 2016.  This award comes from the results of INSTORE’s 10th annual Big Survey, in which more than 450 jewelry store owners and managers voted.

Gabriel & Co. has been in the top three for this award since 2012 and edged out Pandora as the No. 1 brand for this year. Pandora has held the No. 1 spot since 2009. Gabriel & Co. also finished in the No. 2 spot as best new supplier.

Over the past five years, Gabriel & Co. has consistently won as the most preferred fine jewelry and bridal brand, as well as the most profitable for retailers.

Every month, INSTORE publishes which brands they feel are the three best-performing brands from the preceding month in their Hot Brands section. Since 2008, INSTORE has conducted their Big Survey, which is filled out by a broader audience and which frames the same question in an annual timeframe.

Thank you to all of our retailers for choosing Gabriel & Co. as the best performing jewelry brand in the fine jewelry industry!  

The full results from the Big Survey was published in INSTORE’s October issue. You can visit here for more information: http://instoremag.com/big-survey-2016/best-performing-jewelry-brand-for-instore-readers-changes-for-first-time-in-years!

This news was shared on PR NewsWire.  To read more, click the link:  



Gabriel & Co. joined DKMS, an international nonprofit organization dedicated to eradicating blood cancers for their Annual Halloween Blood Ball.

Dominick and Christine Gabriel were invited by DKMS along with hundreds of guests to celebrate along with actress Selenis Leyva and Lady Charlotte Santo Domingo. Both wore our Gabriel “X” necklace supporting the cause.

The necklace retails for $570. The “X” necklace was chosen as it symbolizes the eradication of blood cancer and was inspired by the DKMS logo which contains an “X”.  For every purchase of Gabriel & Co.’s “X” necklace, 5% of the proceeds from each sale will go to DKMS where 100% of the proceeds will go towards registering potential bone marrow donors.

To read more, visit our Gabriel Love page.

NEW!!! Announcing our GShopNShop Program

This year at JCK, Gabriel & Co. introduced our GShopNShop™ Program – a store-within-a-store concept that works directly with our Omni thumb_IMG_4243_1024Channel Marketing Programs & Services seamlessly.  Retailers were excited to see our live ShopNShop setups and see the interactive experience firsthand. Today’s consumers immediately respond to brands that offer an Omni Channel experience that resonates with relatable information they need when deciding to make a final purchase. 

“Jewelry stores must provide a seamless experience, regardless of channel and device to stay relevant to today’s consumers.” Says Dominick Gabriel. 

Along with Gabriel’s array of Omni Channel Marketing Services Programs and shop n shopServices available, our newest GShopNShops will enable retailers to become consumer destinations with a connected brand experience in their own retail store.

Our GShopNShops were designed by Jack and Berna Gabriel with the same exact detail spent on Gabriel & Co.’s own beautiful NYC Showroom.  GShopNShop™ options that are currently offered include a twenty-foot back wall with four showcases, Showroomor a ten-foot back wall with two showcases. Each option comes with state-of-art seamless monitors setup to connect directly with Gabriel & Co. to broadcast our latest news, eShopNShop, Gabriel product news, visual static images, videos and access to our entire catalog of bridal and fine jewelry. Each showcase is merchandised with our branded displays by our Gabriel visual merchandising team. Additional in-store merchandising support includes: planograms, gift boxes, gift bags, jewelry cases, counter pads and collateral are all provided to promote the Gabriel jewelry retailers have purchased.

Want to learn more about our newest program, contact your Sales Representative to see if you qualify for Gabriel GShopNShop™ Program.

Gabriel & Co. offers comprehensive programs for both Bridal and Fashion.  One of those programs is our newest Fashion Retailer Programs featuring our Gabriel Fashion and Gabriel Silver Books, just in time for the Holidays and throughout the year!

Fashion Eblast ReminderBook1 Fashion Eblast ReminderBook2

Our innovative Gabriel Fashion Book, styled like a magazine, has been designed to appeal to your customers’ different personalities.  Featuring editorial worthy articles, “How to Wear” sections, a selection of our newest fashion styles and our award winning best-selling styles from our premier Fashion Collections.  The Gabriel Silver Book, in our signature brochure style, showcases our favorite collections along with new introductions for 2016.

Retailers that meet the requirements can participate in our semi-custom Fashion Book program, which will feature the retailer’s logo and store information on the covers.  These Fashion Books are offered to qualified Gabriel retailers free of charge.  Gabriel Fashion Jewelry can now be promoted all year round through the Fashion Books and the digital flip books, perfect for website usage.

For more information on this promotion and to know how you can qualify, please contact our Retail Relations team: Jerry Chin at extension 1438 or Ashley Andre at extension 1438. You can also e-mail concierge@gabrielny.com

Engagement Rings & Wedding Bands – Where did it all begin?

March 4, 2016

No matter what era of history, all engagement and wedding rings have one shared element  – the perfect circle through which the finger is slipped. At its heart, an engagement ring symbolizes eternity, a love that has a beginning but has no ending.

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When any person imagines an engagement ring, what usually comes to mind is a simple gold band with a white round diamond at its center. This iconic image, featured everywhere from emoticons to bachelorette party decorations,  is called a solitaire. But where did it all begin? It was only natural that once humans learned how to master the art of metalworking that they would make a perfect circle for the finger. The ancient Egyptians started the tradition of wearing a ring for weddings. It was always worn on the third finger of the left hand to show a marriage that was close to the heart. The left hand was associated with a woman who was expected to have an unwavering dedication to her spouse.

Marriage rings of the Greeks and Romans also featured center stones and there were rings that had them back then that are commonly found in the modern era.  Two very different styles that were extremely popular from marriages at that time. The first one we are very familiar with – the simple gold wedding band or the unadorned metal band. The other motif is less known. Roman rings often-featured two hands clasped together. Sometimes this was incorporated into the band and other times the image of hands holding each other was carved into a center charm often accompanied by an inscription, the idea being the couple would hold hands for eternity.

For a long time, Christianity viewed wedding rings as a slightly pagan idea before fully embracing them in ceremonies. When they did, they often followed in the path of ancient rings, and were made of gold, iron and bronze.

During all these eras, diamonds used for decorating rings was not uncommon but they were different from the ones we covet now since they were often raw, uncut stones. Many ancient Romans believed that diamonds were the shards from falling stars. However, with the discovery of the mines in Africa, diamonds became as numerous as the stars in the heavens and began being used in all rings.

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Prior to the mid-19th century rings often featured sapphires, rubies and birthstones as center stones before diamonds became more widely available. In Europe, broken rings were considered a bad omen so there was a considerable amount of effort put into making them the earthly representation of an unbreakable bond. Gold is one of the most precious metals in existence and gold was used to show that couples had made a serious investment in their relationship. Diamonds fit right into that mindset.

The modern diamond engagement ring takes all of this in account and lets people get creative with that rich history. The modern does not symbolize someone who has been taken. It symbolizes someone who is shared. It is a perfect circle of love.


Three Creative & Simple Ways to Propose

November 20, 2015

Are you getting ready to propose but not sure how to make it something special? Planning a great proposal doesn’t have to be that hard or stressful!  First of all, if you are deeply, madly and truly in love, no matter what you do that love will shine through. However, it’s easy to avoid the rose petal and votive candle clichés while still doing something super romantic. Here are a few ideas that you can customize to create either a personal, at home proposal or a jaw-dropping, show-stopping public proposal ready to post on YouTube. These are ideas designed for any budget and you can purchase all the necessary items or create them yourself if you have that can-do DIY spirit. The best part is that they are guaranteed to make for an unforgettable moment that will be talked about among family or friends for years to come!

The Marry Me Kite Proposal:

Pop the question by taking to the skies! There is nothing more innocent and joyous than watching a kite soar. You and your sweetheart will be holding hands while you real him or her into your future together.

Whether you’ve taken a trip to a tropical island or a drive to the nearby park, a kite is easy to pack and conceal. You can even contact some local kite flying associations if you want a fancy one or purchase one custom made for proposals from independent artist like Uplift Artisan Studios. That’s right – They specifically make kites just for proposals.


The Local Bakery Proposal:

Could this indelible moment really be as simple as having a cake or baked goods made with Will You Marry Me written on it?  You can serve up a magical proposal at a private dinner for two or at a big party this way – weddings begin with a cake, so why not an engagement? Almost any bakery you choose can take both your favorite flavors and mix them together in a cake or a batch of cookies. If you want to be sneaky about it, try playing Google detective or checking out your intended’s Pinterest page. Don’t be afraid to incorporate one of your inside jokes or something purely unique to your relationship. Asking with a reveal cake or cookies can be fun especially when surprising everyone at a family gathering by offering a delicious ‘I Do.’


The Lucky Penny Proposal:


There is nothing more romantic than passing someone a surprise keepsake that they can hold onto for a lifetime. You know those coins that wind up in the take-a-penny, leave-a-penny tray?  Well, they can carry such a sweet secret message. Find one with the year you fell in love or for the date you plan to get married. We recommend pretending to find it on the ground and getting down on one knee. Another way is to simply put it in your lover’s hand while telling them all that you love about them. You can buy pennies and coins like this created by craftsman for less than $10 online and at artsy boutiques all across the USA, or you can make it yourself.



Charm of a Bygone era

February 23, 2016

Sometimes we see a stunning new style of ring, and because we’re caught up in the sparkling moment, it takes us a few seconds before we realize that the style isn’t actually new at all  (Note the Victorian era is 150 years old, not hundreds so it’s misleading).

The Victorian era often conjures up images of gas-lit streets with horse drawn carriages, romantic prose, and idyllic paintings of English gardens. One of the most lasting things from this by-gone era of the British Empire are the rings developed under the reign of Queen Victoria from 1837-1901, featuring gorgeous scrollwork and design flourishes.  Many even had halos.  In fact, they aren’t too different from modern rings.

There are so many sweet meanings behind many of the engraved design elements in the rings from this era. Laurels were a statement of peace and promise against divorce. Stylized oak leaves in an engagement ring meant the bride and groom had a strong relationship. Ivy meant that the couple had a strong devotion to one another to a point of being clingy. Doves, which are rare now, meant for love and fidelity.


The diamond’s beloved status hasn’t changed much since the Victorian days. Having a diamond meant having the best of everything.  Even the Romans used diamonds, except they favored stones were uncut in their gold rings. Diamonds were even more rare back then. The desire was always there, but it was the demand that often couldn’t be met. What changed for the Victorians was the stone’s accessibility. When diamond mines opened up in Africa, diamonds began to appear in many more engagement rings. These did not exhibit the round cut brilliant diamonds or gemstones commonly seen today. The old mine cut or the European cut were popular and although the faceting isn’t the same as a modern brilliant cut, they have an originality and charm all their own. Such diamonds easily fit into the modern settings.

How to Bring a Victorian Touch to a Modern Piece?

  • If you want to do something in keeping with the time period, try having your jeweler engrave the initials A E I into your band. The A E I stands for “Amity, Eternity and Infinity” which was one of the popular ways of symbolizing eternal love at the time.


  • Create a group of stackable rings whose stone names spell out a message. Called Acrostics, this secret use of language was common in the Victorian jewelry.  Get creative and come up with your own combination.  For example, if you wanted to spell out the word “REGARD” stack your rings in this order:  Ruby-Emerald-Garnet-Amethyst-Ruby-Diamond.  For the word “DEAR “stack this quartet of rings:  Diamond-Emerald –Amethyst-Ruby

The New Wow Factor By Hal Rubenstein

December 15, 2015
We can’t help ourselves.  It’s how we are wired, conditioned by countless movies, television shows, commercials, magazine ads, and almost everywhere else we look. Thanks to non-stop visual stimuli, we believe and expect that when giving a gift to someone, you haven’t hit it out of the park unless the recipient of your generosity and affection experiences The Wow Factor. This is that moment when, upon tearing off the ribbon and the wrapping paper, his or her eyes suddenly grow large and glisten like fire opals, hands shake in spastic flutter, and a screech escapes a smile that has widened almost touching each lobe. And when this near hysteria occurs, you instantly feel like the North Star of your giftee’s world.
Admit it. You’ve imagined it. We all do. Why not? The problem is that in pursuit of this fevered goal, one’s eager, well-intentioned efforts have a tendency to overshoot the mark. For example, come upon a lush, rich, deep navy cashmere sweater. But dark blue doesn’t make the heart race. So you think, “I know. I’ll buy the turquoise one instead!” even though you’ve have never seen him or her wear that color. Yeah, when that box is opened – Wowza! No? Perhaps. More likely, you just purchased prime regifting material.

A similar miscalculation occurs when people go to buy jewelry. It’s not enough that it sparkles like early starlight or elicits the subtle rush of a stolen kiss. Nah, you want bigger, brighter, rock ‘em, sock ’em bling (gosh, I despise that word) that will practically burst out of the box saying, “Look at me!”  Well, maybe you do, if you are absolutely, positively sure that’s what your honey loves and craves, and wears with the throwaway panache of donning a boyfriend sweater. But more than likely, you’ll get your Wow Factor moment, it will be just, and only that. Almost immediately, the reality of earrings too 
rarified and elaborate for comfort, a ring that can’t ever fit inside a glove, a necklace that makes such a statement that it’s shouting in a workaday world set in. It’s great that these pieces look amazing in the box because that’s where they’re going to spend most of their long life, tucked into a special place in the top drawer. Now, where is the Wow in that?

What if, instead, you chose a piece of fine jewelry that boasted a different set of attributes? Like a pendant that set alluringly right in the clavicle. Or earrings, whose geometry was so cleverly crafted they gracefully dovetailed right into the jawline, or rings that stacked with such playful individuality that they were actually fun to wear. How different would your choice be if wearability, intricate craftsmanship, easy versatility, ergonomic harmony and striking simplicity of design headed your checklist rather than all that flash? Instead of the jewelry that says, “Look at me”, try opting for jewelry that when worn prompts the wearer to look in the mirror and think, “Look at me!” What if the Wow Factor generated eyes that crinkled in delight, cheeks gently flushing with warmth, and a knowing smile stifling the sweetest of giggles? That jewelry may never see the inside of that box again. And you just might become someone’s North Star for forever.

How to Grin and Bear Gift By Hal Rubenstein

November 12, 2015

The temperature remains in the mid-sixties in New York. People are still walking their dogs in Central Park wearing shorts. But head out to the mall and you can almost feel the frost on your breath. In case you can’t see the forest for all the ornament-laden trees, as far as retail is concerned, it’s already holly jolly time. Then how come you don’t look very merry? Is it because you would rather have an MRI than shop for presents? When I tell friends I get off on buying gifts, they look at me as if I said I serve liver and onions on Thanksgiving. After all, searching for something for someone to cherish should enrich the spirit and spark the soul, not turn you into a glassy-eyed zombie wandering the mall aimlessly like Jews in the desert. What you need is a new approach and an attitude adjustment. Lucky for you, I’m here to help. So sit down, exhale and open your eyes:

Shopping at the last minute doesn’t help – especially when you can buy gifts all year long and put them away – but the biggest mistake you make is in not paying attention until the last minute. The key to great gift buying lies in your powers of observation and ability to listen. People are remarking on what they like all the time – when they window shop, look at an online shopping site or look at a magazine. So don’t wait until December 17th to prick up your ears.

Don’t go shopping for everyone you have to all at once. You won’t save time. You’ll buy nothing. Instead, make a list of recipients and write it down on your tablet, your smartphone or even better on a pad with a pencil (Surely they are somewhere around the house). Carry that pad with you at all times until you have wrapped every gift.

Starting now, tune into the appearance, habits, manners, conversations of everyone on the list. Clock when they talk about the last play or song they downloaded. Do they talk about movies, Italian food, sex, football? Is anything
pierced? Steal a smartphone shot of the inside of their home As for the ones you live with and love most, snoop through their rooms or belongings. Note their shoes, bags, scarves, colors of sweaters. You’ll be amazed at the info you will gather in no time.

Do not keep what you heard in your head! Write down what you heard next to their names on that pad. It only takes a few minutes. Take the pad with you whenever you shop.

You want those who love you to adore you? Buying what people need is nice. But buying what each one of them desires is so much better!

Unless you know sizes and where they shop, buying clothing has its risks. Accessories are a smarter, safer way to go. BUT NO GIFT IS AS SURE TO GET A MORE EFFUSIVE, “OH-MY-GOSH-I-CAN’T-BELIEVE-IT-CAN-I-PUT-IT-ON-NOW-OH-MY-GOSH-I’M-NEVER-TAKING-IT-OFF” REACTION THAN JEWELRY! Virtually no one outgrows his or her childlike love of sparkle. Thank goodness!

Want to take the guesswork out of jewelry? If you don’t already know ring and neck sizes, dip into someone’s jewelry box, borrow a few things and head for the jeweler. Note the color metal and stones they favor. For bracelets, gently take hold of your loved ones wrist while strolling, and try to remember how much of your hand went round.

For the record, people enjoy birthstones. You do know their birthday, don’t you? If you don’t, you may need more help than this column can offer. And a casual stroll past jewelry store window couldn’t hurt. BUT I HAVE NEVER MET ANYONE SANE WHO DOESN’T THRILL TO DIAMONDS!  

Unless one of your loved ones rules a small country, there’s no need to shop for the Crown Jewels. In fact, don’t buy something so fancy it’s bound to be saved for holidays and anniversaries. Buy jewelry they can always enjoy. The reason Gabriel & Co. is so proud of its collections of fine jewelry everyday is because no gift exceeds the joy one witnesses when someone incorporates that ring, necklace, earring or bracelet you just gave them into their signature daily look. Every time they look in the mirror, there will be that flicker or memory that recalls the moment they received this wonderful treat they love so much.

No need to get dressed, brave traffic, or find a place to park. Soon as you settle on a budget go onto Gabriel & Co’s newly redesigned, easy and fun to navigate website and start shopping NOW.Write down the numbers of items you like – On that pad remember? – and search the site for the jeweler that carries them, or call us – the number for Gabriel & Co is on the home page – so we can locate and insure you getting the pieces you want.

Don’t go broke. Buy without regret, so you can smile as much as they do. Remember, the great thing about fine jewelry is that it sparkles at any price.

ONE FINAL NOTE – These tips work for: Valentine’s Day, Mother’s & Father’s day, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Graduations, Bar Mitzvah, Weddings, and just because it’s Tuesday and you want someone to know you love them. You can use this process whenever you need to buys gifts throughout the year.

You’re welcome!

There’s Life After School

September 30, 2015

When you were a kid, September meant just one thing – Back to School. But now that you’re all grown up, with responsibilities, a career, maybe even a family, waving farewell to summer signals the arrival of something much more important In your life –- all that FALL FASHION! It’s going to be a big season for tailored dresses, over-sized coats, extravagant boots, boldly colored handbags, big knits. Fashion magazines are doorstop heavy with options. Internet shopping sites are top heavy with accessories. Each store window you pass seems to beckon with the seductive powers of a snake in Eden. Now far be it from us to hold you back from your seasonal spree. But before you wear out the security chip in that hopefully safer credit card, how about considering an investment in a new kind of wardrobe for all seasons we think is as wise as it is wonderful and sophisticated as it is oh-so-smart. Because as much as we crave the latest clothes and accessories, even the plushest cashmere eventually pills, the most patent of stilettos scuffs and you may be cooing over that “it” bag now, but in a few years, it’s likely to be on the road to eBay.
It’s an inevitable dangerous curve in the circle of life, even the most stylish ones that wool, leather, silk and canvas must succumb to time and wear. But the gleaming circles and sensuous shapes crafted in 14k gold and sterling silver, diamonds and sapphires, why they go on forever! And it is with this glorious reality in mind that Gabriel & Co is designing and will keep introducing our new FINE JEWELRY EVERYDAY collections of such stunning simplicity, limitless wearability and smile-inducing affordability, as part of our heartfelt mission to make “wearing the good stuff” an essential and desirable factor in your wardrobe, your style and your life. The beauty of FINE JEWELRY EVERYDAY is that these striking yet easy to love bracelets, rings, chains, necklaces and earrings are bound to make looking your best so effortless, wearing them will feel like a reflex, that is if you ever take them off. Fashion will keep on changing every few months. But our Fine Jewelry Everyday isn’t going anywhere – except wherever you’re going.

About:Hal Rubenstein
Hal Rubenstein, Gabriel’s global style director, was one of the founding editors of InStyle Magazine where served as Fashion Director for 15 years. Prior to that, Rubenstein was the Men’s Style Director of the New York Times, and was a contributing editor to Vogue, Elle, The New Yorker, New York, Interview, Ocean Drive and Details. Rubenstein is co-director of The Fund in the Sun Foundation, on the boards of The Paul Taylor Dance Company and Live Out Loud. In addition to creating and editing the cult classic Egg Magazine, Rubenstein is also a noted food critic and consultant, appears regularly on HSN with his eponymous clothing line and is the author of four books, his latest being The Looks of Love: 50 Moments in Fashion that Inspired Romance  (HarperCollins, 2015).

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