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NEW!!! Announcing our GShopNShop Program

This year at JCK, Gabriel & Co. introduced our GShopNShop™ Program – a store-within-a-store concept that works directly with our Omni thumb_IMG_4243_1024Channel Marketing Programs & Services seamlessly.  Retailers were excited to see our live ShopNShop setups and see the interactive experience firsthand. Today’s consumers immediately respond to brands that offer an Omni Channel experience that resonates with relatable information they need when deciding to make a final purchase. 

“Jewelry stores must provide a seamless experience, regardless of channel and device to stay relevant to today’s consumers.” Says Dominick Gabriel. 

Along with Gabriel’s array of Omni Channel Marketing Services Programs and shop n shopServices available, our newest GShopNShops will enable retailers to become consumer destinations with a connected brand experience in their own retail store.

Our GShopNShops were designed by Jack and Berna Gabriel with the same exact detail spent on Gabriel & Co.’s own beautiful NYC Showroom.  GShopNShop™ options that are currently offered include a twenty-foot back wall with four showcases, Showroomor a ten-foot back wall with two showcases. Each option comes with state-of-art seamless monitors setup to connect directly with Gabriel & Co. to broadcast our latest news, eShopNShop, Gabriel product news, visual static images, videos and access to our entire catalog of bridal and fine jewelry. Each showcase is merchandised with our branded displays by our Gabriel visual merchandising team. Additional in-store merchandising support includes: planograms, gift boxes, gift bags, jewelry cases, counter pads and collateral are all provided to promote the Gabriel jewelry retailers have purchased.

Want to learn more about our newest program, contact your Sales Representative to see if you qualify for Gabriel GShopNShop™ Program.

Gabriel Redefining Engaged® and Fine Jewelry Everyday™ New Campaigns

new campaign

As you can see from our beguiling new campaign images above our new bridal  “Secret of Redefining Engaged and new Fine Jewelry Everyday “In Simplicity we Trust” campaigns are more than clever slogans.   It’s Gabriel’s foolproof shortcut to stunning.  How delicious it is to wear something expertly crafted, sure to last as long as your passion for it, and as valued as it is valuable.

Our “Secrets” bridal collections offer a new array of settings that goes beyond singular beauty.  Each collection offers rings harboring stunning, intricate and unexpected flourishes of romantic artisanry – a hidden infinity symbol in pave diamonds, a glorious diamond rosette tucked under the solitaire, spirals of pink gold nestled inside a band of white gold, a gallery of prongs that elevate the solitaire like a crown –  that are so discreetly and seductively engineered they’re obvious only to the lucky gent who offered it and the woman who accepted it and treasures this ring on her finger everyday. To read more about our “Secret” campaign, go to our Facets Of Life blog feature.

Our Fine Jewelry Everyday collections subtle beauty is guaranteed to get a woman noticed every time she wears Gabriel jewelry, which – as we think will soon happily be decided – should be every day.  How simply ER13675M6T84JJ_IMG_9275editedwonderful is that?  To read more about our campaign go to our Facets Of Life blog feature.

Gabriel’s extensive product line consisting of new styles designed every year along with our best-selling classic styles, are supported by our comprehensive Bridal and Fashion jewelry packages which includes product and pricing information.  Styles are tailored to suit every customer who is looking for beautifully unique fine jewelry.  Each piece of fine jewelry is verified and tracked with our serial number processing system offering security and confidence to the customer who purchases a Gabriel piece of fine jewelry.

Along with our new campaigns, Gabriel & Co. offers comprehensive programs for both Bridal and Fashion.  One of those programs is our newest Fashion Retailer Programs featuring our Gabriel Fashion and Gabriel Silver Books, just in time for the Holidays and throughout the year!

Fashion Eblast ReminderBook1 Fashion Eblast ReminderBook2

Our innovative Gabriel Fashion Book, styled like a magazine, has been designed to appeal to your customers’ different personalities.  Featuring editorial worthy articles, “How to Wear” sections, a selection of our newest fashion styles and our award winning best-selling styles from our premier Fashion Collections.  The Gabriel Silver Book, in our signature brochure style, showcases our favorite collections along with new introductions for 2016.

Retailers that meet the requirements can participate in our semi-custom Fashion Book program, which will feature the retailer’s logo and store information on the covers.  These Fashion Books are offered to qualified Gabriel retailers free of charge.  Gabriel Fashion Jewelry can now be promoted all year round through the Fashion Books and the digital flip books, perfect for website usage.

For more information on this promotion and to know how you can qualify, please contact our Retail Relations team: Jerry Chin at extension 1438 or Ashley Andre at extension 1438. You can also e-mail concierge@gabrielny.com


Gabriel & Co. Launches Gabriel Magic, a Virtual Reality Tool

VR MAGICAnother highlight at this year at JCK’s 2016 Vegas Show, Gabriel & Co. launched a preview of our Virtual Reality Store.  With a quick download of the Gabriel Magic app and a pair of the Gabriel & Co. virtual reality goggles, jewelers were able to interact with our virtual store, viewing each piece of jewelry with intricate detail. The jewelry displayed is seen through the VR visor that responds to head-tracking and viewpoint changes at all times.

vr example

Gabriel & Co. is the first brand in the jewelry industry to offer this technology and it’s the next step in how the brand plans to interact with its consumers.

“Within a couple of years, not only will consumers be able to view the Gabriel & Co. collection through the Gabriel Magic tool, but they will also be able to shop through it,” said Jack Gabriel, co-founder of the brand. “It will be as natural as using a mobile app to purchase. This new technology will offer the consumers a completely new shopping experience.”


After the June launch in Las Vegas, retailers across North America were amazed by the technology and how it will change their business, especially when addressing the Millennials.  Jacques from Koerber’s Fine Jewelry – New Albany, Indiana commented, “It’s like an Atari, and it’s only going to get better.” And Nicki from SVS Fine Jewelry – Oceanside, New York said, “WOW! I’VE NEVER SEEN SOMETHING LIKE THIS BEFORE! It will change retail as we know it.”

The VR tool is available for download on iTunes and Google Play under Gabriel Magic. To receive a pair of Gabriel & Co. virtual reality goggles and more information on how it works, please contact Ashley Andre or Jerry Chin – aandre@gabrielny.com or jchin@gabrielny.com.