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Everything You Need to Know About Rose Gold

Used in traditional jewelry, wedding rings and engagement rings, the sheen and luster of rose gold is instantly recognizable and imminently impressive to the eye. Offering a luxurious appearance and a soft glow to the skin, it’s not uncommon to see rose gold on both men and women. If you’re considering rose gold jewelry as…

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The LBD of Jewelry: Hoop Earrings

Like every woman is unique with a personality & style of her own, all hoops are not created equal either. A few essential hoops will take you through every occasion and look. Remember the basics when choosing hoops for yourself and you will make a statement without even realizing it.

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You Can Thank ‘The Academy’

First, look at this month’s Designer Flash which features the sensational designs of Oscar de la Renta. If you don’t already know it, they will make you realize that you don’t need to be walking a scarlet runner to have your own red carpet moment.

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The What Who When Why How of Cushion Cut Engagement Rings

WHAT are cushion cut engagement rings? If you’re looking for an elegant engagement ring that will truly stand the test of time, a cushion cut style is a beautiful and unique choice. For those who can’t settle on a round or a princess, a cushion cut provides the perfect compromise. Sometimes referred to as a…

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Everyday Necklaces That Are Not Initial Necklaces

The modern-day woman has a very active lifestyle. For days packed with meetings to picking up the children, to happy hour drinks with girlfriends, there is everyday fine jewelry. Fashion necklaces handcrafted from precious metals and embedded with diamonds can be worn every day to look and make you feel great. While initial pendant necklaces have been very popular in recent times, there are exquisitely modern alternatives to choose from to transform your look.

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