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Beautiful Rose Gold Engagement Ring Settings for Every Budget

Engagement ring metals go through trends much like any other commodity, albeit at a slower pace, but every twenty years or so we see a resurgence in popularity of a new (but actually old) metal color.  Before the 90’s yellow gold was definitely all the rage, just look at your mother and grandmother and it’s…

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Halo Engagement Rings: A Brief History

If you look at many of the most popular styles in modern day, they are influenced by jewelry’s past. Such is the case with the highly coveted halo engagement ring, proving the old adage that ‘whatever old is new again.’ Halo rings were first called cluster rings and date back to the Georgian Era (1714-1837).…

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A Colorful Life: Everyday Gemstone Jewelry

From subdued and pastel to vivid strong hues—colored gemstones continue in popularity. The trend that started approximately five years ago grows stronger as the palette in stones runs the gamut from familiar favorites to gems we’re just discovering and what will work into our jewelry wardrobes. Different cuts abound and the styling is just enough…

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