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Six Essential Earrings Every Woman Should Own

There are certain essentials a woman must own if she loves jewelry and that includes a rotation of earrings. Not only do they light up the face and maybe detract from some crow’s feet that perhaps only you notice but they elevate different outfits and create different looks depending on the style and the occasion…

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Love Everlasting: Valentine’s Day Picks

By Beth Bernstein, Instore Guest Editor Valentine’s Day picks that allow your loved one to sparkle in gold and diamond hearts and flowers. Sure, we all love a box of chocolates or a beautiful bouquet of flowers. But chocolates get eaten (too quickly) and flowers eventually fade, so let’s help Valentine’s Day gift givers to…

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Elizabeth Taylor: Every Jewel Tells Her Story

When we think about famous people and jewelry—our thoughts immediately go to the violet-eyed beauty, Elizabeth Taylor. Of all the Hollywood stars, socialites and royals who loved and wore important jewels—Elizabeth Taylor stands out in our mind as a true collector and lover of the sparkle, empowerment, emotional connections and true beauty of the jewelry…

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