7 Gorgeous Preset Engagement Rings

Adore by Gabriel & Co. is a collection of complete engagement rings for young couples highlighted by refreshing and inspired reinterpretations of classic bridal styles. Because these romantic rings have been created to reflect the everlasting love between two individuals, an Adore ring will effortlessly become an integral part of this couple’s exciting milestone and achievement filled future. Like each relationship, every Adore Collection Gabriel & Co Engagement ring glows with its own delicate and unique details. A design that will forever show a bride how much she is loved.


Style #: ER912215C2T44JJ

Cushion Cut Double Halo Engagement Ring

Double the diamonds is the secret of this ring that charms with romantic elegance with the added luster of a delicate blush setting. 

Emerald Cut Halo Engagement Ring


Style #: ER912179E2W44JJ

For the bride who always wants to dazzle with glamour will delight in wearing this .99 ct contemporary stunner. 


Style #: ER912225M2T44JJ

Marquise Halo Engagement Ring

This Marquise Halo Engagement ring is uniquely enchanting. The Rose Gold Halo enhances the cut and shine of this ring. This fancy Marquise cut catches a bride’s eye with its long shape lengths and 0.84 total ct. The mix and match of metals contrast beautifully together.


Style #: ER912173O1W44JJ

Oval Halo Engagement Ring 

This solitary Oval Cut Diamond shines brilliantly within its perfect halo. Its sophisticated design features clusters of three round diamonds on both sides of the oval-cut center stone plus a pave diamond band, adding to the total ct of 0.69.


Style #: ER911319O0W44JJ

Oval Double Halo Engagement Ring

With its Oval Diamond centerpiece surrounded by these captivating shapes in detailed diamonds this ring is perfect for the woman with smaller, more delicate hands.


Style #: ER911315O0W44JJ

Oval Halo Intertwined Engagement Ring

Just as marriage weaves two lives together harmoniously, so does this exquisite Oval Halo Engagement ring in our Adore Collection. Two diamond bands of round pave diamonds join together, separately only to wrapping sensuously around the lovely .83 ct. Oval center stone. 

White/Pink Gold Oval Double Halo Engagement Ring


Style #: ER912137O0T44JJ

This White/Pink Gold Oval Double Halo Engagement Ring is for that creative princess. With it’s hidden Rose Gold accents beneath; this bride is a true princess inside. The double diamond halos encompass the beauteous Oval center stone