A Rosy Outlook: 5 Stunning Rose Gold Necklaces

Although it’s a little difficult to see the world through ‘rose colored glasses’ these days, we can definitely see women moving towards the newest trend of wearing rose color jewelry. 

Rose gold has gone in and out of style since the early 90s. But as any jewelry enthusiast knows—14K rose gold was one of the main metals of choice during and after WWII.

One of the reasons is that it is a lively color which either works tonally with a range of hues or pops neutrals in your wardrobe. It looks edgy with black, classic with navy, pretty with pink tonal mixes, vintage with stone or sand tones and sophisticated with brown and eggplant colored fashion.

Here we have selected a choice of rose gold necklaces and offer styling tips on what type of fashion they will complement:

This easy to wear 14K rose gold floral diamond station necklace can give a classic black business suit a more edgy look.

This vintage Inspired 14K rose gold filigree diamond pendant necklace looks best when worn with warm stone, sand and khaki tones in a nonchalant wrap dress or a pair of khaki pants and white t-shirt. When wearing a vintage rose gold necklace, it’s best to go with fashion that is simple and streamlined rather than thrift store nostalgic so you will never look like your grandmother.

Chic and ultra-modern is the look you will be going for in an eggplant colored sheath dress, accented by this 14K rose gold necklace with diamond pave in a bib style layered chain that dips down to a V.

If you are wild at heart and have a bit of the rocker in you, you are sure to love this spiky station 14K rose gold necklace. It accents a black leather jacket, white T-shirt and jeans or dress up with an off the shoulder coffee colored dress knew length.

If you are the type of women who loves to wear a neutral grey cashmere V-neck sweater in winter and grey V-neck T-shirt in summer, then this lariat will add a touch of modern luxury to your uniform clothing style.

We also offer a range of symbolic motifs in our 14K rose gold necklaces: cupid’s arrow that shoots to capture your heart. stars for wishing and making your dreams come true, crosses for faith, anchors for hope and/or safe home, hearts for love and charity, circles for continuous love, flowers for rejuvenation, lighting bolts for power, snakes for rebirth and enduring love and shields for protection. All of these are accented by diamonds and can go with any color you choose.

Additionally, we feature naturalistic motifs, leaves, branches, twigs and a range of floral designs which look great with solid colors or prints in fashion that features everything from garden varieties to tropical exotic botanicals.