All About Pear Shaped Engagement Rings


What are pear shaped engagement rings?

One of the less popular but no less beautiful fancy shapes on offer for today’s brides is the pear shape, sometimes also referred to as the teardrop. This stone has certainly come a long way on the trend meter since Carrie Bradshaw’s infamous snuff back in the early 2,000s. Pear shapes are essentially a combination of the round brilliant and the marquise as they are rounded on one side and pointy on the opposite side. Like ovals, emeralds and marquise shapes, their elongated shape makes fingers appear longer and more slender. Like round brilliant cuts, pear shapes are cut in 58 facets and so have great fire and brilliance.

Who would love a pear shaped engagement ring?

The unique, individualist bride who likes to stand out from the crowd would love a pear shaped engagement ring. They are perfect for the bride that wants something one of a kind and a pear shape is a great way to break from tradition. Victoria Beckham, Paris Hilton, Ariana Grande, Katherine Heigl and Jessica Simpson are a few famous ladies who have (or still do!) rocked this unique shape.

When did pear shaped engagement rings become popular?

The pear shape has been around for several centuries making its official debut in 1475, when a renowned jeweler and diamond cutter named Lodewyk van Bercken first introduced the style to the masses.

Why choose a pear shaped engagement ring?

Besides their uniqueness, one of the biggest advantages of pear shapes are their elongated body which gives an appearance of longer, more slender fingers to the wearer. Also an added benefit to this stone shape is that it tends to look larger than other shapes in the same carat weight.  Being brilliant cuts, they have amazing shine and can be significantly less expensive than brilliant round diamonds with the same cut, color, clarity, and carat weight attributes because pear shaped diamonds usually have only a slight amount of waste during the cutting process.

How many options are available for pear shape engagement rings?

Since the pear shape is the only fancy cut that is not symmetrical (besides the less popular heart shape) they look best in simpler settings such as a solitaire or a halo which beautifully amplifies the center stone’s brilliance. Their unique shape means the center stone can be the main attraction and the setting the complimenting accessory.

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