Allow Yourself To Shine By Beth Bernstein -
Guest Editor from INSTORE magazine

Beth Bernstein Guest Editor from INSTORE magazine

Aren’t you glad it’s January? If you are jewelry enthusiasts like we are, a new year is the ideal time to add some new pieces to your jewelry collection and continue to build a jewelry wardrobe that works for you.

We can also commiserate with all of you women out there (like us) who received beautiful gifts (like cashmere scarves and gloves) or a new technological gadget. I guess we were too subtle with our hints for the new diamond bangle or the hoops we were coveting. It seems like our desired holiday gifts are a little like the Rolling Stones song “You Can’t Always Get What You Want,” …but we might get what we need—to paraphrase the lyrics.

The pieces you gift yourself will add sparkle to your life and your collection

So, what’s a girl to do? Start buying yourself the pieces that you really love and that will work well with others in your collection or that you can build upon.

We have some suggestions that are both on trend and will endure with time.

Here are some of our favorites as we head into 2019:

Let’s start from the lobes down. Earrings have been experiencing a revival for quite some time in a dizzying array of looks, but the hoop earring – the style we suggest for 2019 -- was worn by two fashion-forward actresses at the recent 76th Annual Golden Globe Awards. Anne Hathaway and Halle Berry, both beauties, wore different styles of hoops. And we carry an array of different hoop styles for different face shapes. In particular, we have a huge crush on these bi-color diamond hoops. We love that you can wear them with any color gold and that they also are the starting point to help you mix metals on your wrist and fingers. They give off a current vibe in the geometric lines and angular forms. They are also the perfect size to make a statement without being overpowering.

Speaking of making a statement, this double diamond cuff has just the right attitude. It’s bold but not over the top and it allows for stacking different widths of bangles and other styles of cuffs. While it can stand alone, it is also the bracelet in our collection that allows for piling more on. (Another trend we saw in white gold and diamonds at the Globes).

We have also chosen this thinner open-diamond starburst cuff to add to the double cuff or be worn by itself. Celestial-themed jewelry has been coming on strong for seasons and we are as entranced by the twinkle of these stars as those that dot the evening sky.

We also recommend a mix of hard and soft bracelets like the look Sandra Oh and Charlize Theron wore to the Golden Globes. That combination gives the wrist more tactile interest, and all of these that we’ve chosen can be worn in numerous variations. This flexible-link style tennis bracelet is perfect to start with or to add on to others. Of course, you can start with any one of these and then select more as the year goes on.

Want to strengthen your neck-layering game? Here is one style that comes pre-layered for you. The yellow gold necklace dips into two chains, one with a diamond chevron pattern at the bottom. You might want to opt for the simplicity of this necklace if you choose to stack a bunch of bracelets. But if you go light on the bracelets, you can easily wear pendant necklaces on graduated longer chains along with this one. It’s a versatile and comfortable choice to add to or subtract from other necklaces and you almost never need to take this one off.

Last, but not least, experiment with stacks of different motifs, patterns, shapes, colored metals and widths of gold and diamond bands. Here is where you can have a lot of fun combining pieces you might not have thought would work together before. But these days, anything goes, especially when it comes to gifting yourself with what you love in our jewelry. And when you buy for yourself, you will definitely ‘get what you want!’

Author: Beth Bernstein Guest Editor from INSTORE magazine