Anniversary Gift Guide: Years & Milestones

Anniversary gifts are often more anticipated than birthday and holiday gifts. For birthdays and holidays, you can expect to be gifted your favorite something that everyone knows about. Anniversary gifts, however, are from that very special person- they represent promises that were made. Whether celebrating a marriage or a certain number of years or even months, we expect that once in a lifetime gift; that one token of devotion.

The very first anniversary of love is oftentimes the most anticipated. Although a timepiece is the customary first- anniversary gift, a second wedding band is usually the go-to gift, whether it be a match to an original wedding band or an eternity-style band (an unbroken circle of diamonds). Rings that feature the infinity design also represent eternal loyalty. If your first wedding band is plain gold your second can be with diamonds. If you already have a ring with diamonds you can do another one for the other side or get a curved one for the other side


For as many years as one is celebrating there is an old guide that has been made modern. For example, for a milestone anniversary like the tenth year, the customary gift was something made from tin or aluminum. That idea has been replaced by diamond jewelry, (much more exciting, right?).

Wrap your beloved in sparkles with a one-of-a-kind engagement ring enhancers or create the perfect gift set with classic diamond-studded earrings, a dazzling matching necklace, and the classic tennis bracelet.


For those couples marking twenty years of bliss, the customary gift is Platinum- how fitting! Durable, sustainable and precious just like your union, our Platinum is as pure as it gets. How about a remount of her engagement ring setting? Platinum remounts are the perfect way to honor your love and commitment.


Some say old love is the best love. When treated with care, love is pure and simple. Gabriel & Co. has classic pieces to celebrate the rarest of special occasions with silver for the twenty-fifth anniversary and the classic pearl for the thirtieth anniversary.

Sterling silver’s purity became known as early as the 13th century and grew in value during the 19th century. While silver is durable and malleable, it may also be considered passé in this day and age. Step up your game and present a luxurious white gold style instead. Tradition is great but options are better!


Pearls provide a timeless look. Serving up beautiful cultured pearls in gold and silver, often accented with diamond clusters, gemstones or white sapphires, the options are unlimited. Whether she prefers modern experimental or classic sophistication, pearls will remind her why she chose you!


Rubies are a great option for adding some color to your life together after forty years. Symbolizing the passion in a marriage, rubies are thought to possess an eternal inner flame that is still very alive and strong after what could feel like a lifetime together.


Sapphires symbolize a love that is as deep as the ocean. Although anniversaries are not just about traditional customs!  After forty-five years, sapphires are a great option but you can also surprise her with a gemstone in her favorite color. Proud mothers may even prefer a piece to showcase their children’s birthstones.


Bestowing a “golden anniversary” gift is a loving gesture, celebrating the ups-and-downs of two lives living as one. Why not mark it with that one thing that literally represents love, courage, and passion? A classic yellow gold bracelet or necklace with a modern twist would round out all of her gifts throughout the years.


The greatest of loves lasts a lifetime, so it is only fitting to celebrate it with diamonds. Diamonds are the strongest, naturally occurring materials on the planet. Celebrate your great love with timeless metals and forever diamonds for your sixtieth anniversary.


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