Armed And Ready: Stacking Bracelets To Look Your Best


It’s common knowledge that women love rings because they can look down and see them on their fingers—they love to play and rearrange them, take a break from typing on the computer, watching the news, or even while binge-watching Netflix or Hulu. Women love to admire their stacks and think about how to add to them or wear them differently. Although stacking rings is common, your wrists can also get into the action of layering, stacking and piling it on.

You might not have 10 wrists like you have 10 fingers, but 2 wrists is enough room to style your bracelets in many different combinations. So what are you waiting for?

As for me, although rings and sentimental charms are my favorite jewels to buy and I have many personal jewelry styling tips on my Instagram posts—my bracelet stacks seems to get the most attention. I find it most alluring to mix all different styles of bracelets together: bangles, cuffs, flexible styles, diamond styles, interesting chains and charm bracelets and different colors of metals. My suggestion is to try it and don’t forget to add a little color in with your stacks as well.

For a base, I would start with a stack of three Bujakan thin bracelets and add from there. You can’t go wrong.

Another option (if you’re even a bit superstitious, like me) you can stack three, five, seven or nine bracelets, numbers which all have associations with luck and protection in different cultures.

You can stack three bracelets on one wrist and five bracelets on another, or even seven thinner bracelets climbing up one arm. There is no set number (as long as you feel comfortable wearing them).

Here are some styles that work well together in any combination. Remember, that the more you combine and juxtapose styles and shapes, the more individualized your bracelet stack becomes. The magic is in the mix and that’s the beauty of it all. It’s your own individual style and uniquely yours.

Here are the three delicate Bujukan bracelets I would start with:

14K Yellow Gold Bujukan Bead Split Cuff Bracelet with Bezel Set Diamonds

14K Yellow Gold Bujukan Bead Cuff Bracelet with Pyramid Stations

14K White Gold Bujukan Bead Cuff Bracelet with Diamond Pavé Stations

Then, I would add in a bangle bracelet that features a little more width…but will not overwhelm the thinner cuffs:

14K White-Yellow Gold Diamond Bangle

Next, I would layer on a classic style flexible tennis bracelet in white gold such as this style:

14K White Gold Buttercup Diamond Tennis Bracelet

And, then for a little pop, I would add the color of passion and desire—ruby—with a motif in stations around the bracelet which adds texture such as this:

14K Yellow Gold Bangle with Diamond and Ruby Quatrefoil Stations

Then, I’d bring in the wider chain and charm bracelets for even more texture and flexibility. Here are three examples that all can be worn stacked with thinner cuffs and a bangle. Or, you can choose just one to start with:

Here’s one final tip to make a lasting impression (in the new video meeting age). Talk with your hands a lot if you’re having a meeting on Zoom. Show off both your wrists. Make your point visually and be seen for both your substance and your style. People notice even if they don’t say a word.

Be creative. Have fun. Be daring and take a risk. With Gabriel and Co.’s endless bracelet designs and combination of styles, you’ll be armed and ready for any occasion. Shop now and start building your perfect stack!