The ‘Secret’ of Redefining Engaged By Hal Rubenstein

The way you see it, there’s no other love like yours.

No matter the fairy tales you’ve sighed for, songs you’ve swooned over, or movies that needed tissues handy, none can match the combination of shared dreams, exhilarating chemistry, unabashed attraction, special dates, never-to-be IMG_8732editedforgotten getaways, saved notes, surprise gifts, ceaseless curiosity and unequivocal trust the two of you share. Love is the ultimate marvel and mystery because it ignites and develops a unique form of communication between a couple – a system of knowing glances, private touches, whispered signals, and explainable telepathy that sets both of you apart from the rest of the world. We call them secrets.

Well, if you are blessed with the secrets of love, why shouldn’t the ultimate symbol of your union – your engagement ring – have secrets of its own?

Behold Gabriel & Co.’s new array of settings that go beyond IMG_8757editedsingular beauty.  Each collection offers rings harboring stunning, intricate and unexpected flourishes of romantic artisanry – a hidden infinity symbol in pave diamonds, a glorious diamond rosette tucked under the solitaire, spirals of pink gold nestled inside a band of white gold, a gallery of prongs that elevate the solitaire like a crown –  that are so discreetly and seductively engineered they’re obvious only to the lucky gent who offered it and the woman who accepted it and treasures this ring on her finger everyday. Of course, you can reveal Gabriel & Co.’s beautiful one-of-a-kind secrets to one and all if you so choose to show if off to an inevitable chorus of unanimous wonderment. Or perhaps, you may want to hold your ring close, with a quiet, selfish glee, knowing it holds yet one more marvelous, intimate secret you can cherish together forever.  And that’s how Gabriel is Redefining Engaged.

In Simplicity We Trust By Hal Rubenstein

April 20, 2016

Life demands change, but these days it feels like we’ve gone into hyper drive. Everything seems to move much faster. Yet, there’s always more to do. A staggering amount of information and options is right there at our fingertips, so there’s almost nothing we can’t know or try. But when do we ever have enough time? With so much going on around us, how can we make sure and be confident that we are putting our best selves out there. We’d rather not deal with anything complicated. In fact, simplicity holds the key to happiness.


Simplicity is not only modern, it’s refreshing, even invigorating, when you can streamline your life by seeking, discovering, trusting and embracing those precise elements that will insure looking and feeling one’s best without stress or second-guessing. It’s that smashing haircut you can wash and dry almost without glancing in a mirror, the fit and flare of a dress that makes you want to start dancing the moment its zipped up, the sexy heel you can strut in, that cropped leather motor-cross jacket you grab without thinking, instinctively knowing it works with everything.


And to top each day or night’s outfit off with just the right polish and shine, let’s go for eye-catching diamond and gold shard earrings, or a graceful chain that sports three, small, diamond triangles, the sensuous open star ring, the bracelet that embraces your wrist with a glinting spray of comet trails or any of the strikingly beautiful, effortlessly wearable, why-ever-take-this-off practical, new sparkling works Gabriel & Co. has added to its Fine Jewelry Everyday collections. As you can see from our beguiling new campaign, Fine Jewelry Everyday is more than a clever slogan. It’s Gabriel’s foolproof shortcut 09_085to stunning. How delicious it is to wear something expertly crafted, sure to last as long as your passion for it, and as valued as it is valuable. How inspiring it is to find jewelry that is this special without ever appearing precious. The irresistible brilliance of Fine Jewelry Everyday is that not only is every piece a perfect fit for the world we are rushing to strive and thrive in and feels so organic you’ll forget you’re wearing it, but that our fine jewelry’s subtle beauty is guaranteed to get you noticed every time you wear it, which – as we think you will soon happily decide – will be everyday.  How simply wonderful is that?


The Ethics and Transparency of Manmade Diamonds By Bill Boyajian

Growth in the production of synthetic diamonds in recent years has heralded new considerations for an industry focused primarily on selling natural, mined diamonds. At least one synthetic diamond company, Diamond Foundry, also supported by movie star Leonardo DiCaprio, is claiming that manmade diamonds are a more ethical alternative than natural diamonds.

Such claims raise questions about the way synthetic diamonds are currently marketed and whether it is misleading to present them this way to consumers.  Staunch supporters of “fair trade” diamonds and the millions of artisanal diamond diggers, whose livelihoods depend on natural diamond mining, take serious issue with such claims.

Notwithstanding the need for accurate promotion and marketing of synthetics, an even more fundamental issue is one of proper identification and transparency of the product itself. The natural diamond industry has throughout history been challenged by manmade look-alikes, numerous treatments and deceptions of the gem, and, more recently, the scourge of “conflict diamonds,”

To facilitate greater transparency, leading members of the diamond and jewelry industry have taken specific steps to protect themselves and the public. For example, Gabriel & Co. has maintained a serialized tracking system for all of its fine diamond jewelry pieces throughout its many years of doing business.

It’s a new dawn, and ethical issues need to be managed properly by every member of the jewelry industry. Every dealer, designer, and retailer must be responsible and accountable for the use of clear and unambiguous nomenclature with synthetic diamonds. Ultimately, it is the consumer’s opinion that counts, and that is why the trade must disclose properly, describe accurately, and demand equity and ethical behavior in order to maintain the public’s confidence and trust in diamonds.

Beyond The Birthstone – Giving A Great “Push” Gift

From the moment you know a new life brings a new kind of love that will be drawn closer to you, your plans change. Even before you cradle your baby gently in your arms, you already know you adore him or her more than anything. Including a push gift in those plans isn’t usually a top priority in all the preparation and chaos but it is definitely worth adding one to the to-do list.

There is astonishingly little useful advice out there about what gift works best to commemorate a new child being brought into a family. Here is a brief, friendly guide to navigating the ins and outs of giving what has come to be known – despite the rise in Cesarean section birth – as a  “push” gift.


What Did People Do In The Past?

This isn’t a craftily devised gift-giving occasion created by conglomerates but a tradition that goes back centuries to the dawn of human history. Because giving birth was arduous and frightening, protective talismans and amulet jewelry were common among hundreds of cultures round the world in the hope of alleviating those fears. A married Tuareg woman in Africa will often be given a necklace of silver and semiprecious stones created by local artisans. The design is slightly different depending on whether she is having a boy or a girl. This gift is also a symbol of the woman’s value in Tuareg society.

In America, when it comes to giving jewelry after a delivery, there is a less formal history. There is a lot of talk of grand gestures and postings of celebrities getting 10-carat diamonds for having “pushed”. Ignore all that and celebrate the person you love who has ushered new joy into your lives!

Who Gives A Push Gift & How To Pick One:

Personalization is the best criteria for choosing a push gift., so focus more on the person’s character and less on trying to impress. If you decide on jewelry for the infant, it should be designed to last which is why silver and gold work perfectly. A child will outgrow cute onesies but a silver piggy bank or pewter baby cup will stay in the family for generations.

The baby’s other parent or anyone within the immediate family are the usual givers of push gifts. If you are a lifelong mentor like a godparent or close friend, that’s ok too.


Other Push Gift Ideas:

  • Opt for jewelry versatile enough to be worn with any outfit, since comfortable clothes are key post pregnancy.
  • Choose gold or silver based pieces because these will stand the test of time and appreciate in value as the years go on.
  • Personalize the gift with ‘mom’, an image of the child, or the child’s name.
  • And rare is the mom to be who would not appreciate the glamour of a spray of diamonds.
  • Do not make this an ‘investment’ piece, however, something one might stash for safekeeping in a jewelry box. What you’re giving is meant to be worn with pride, and worn often.


The Push Gift & Getaway Make A Perfect Gift Combo:

How do you surprise someone who is obviously expecting? Combine this gift with another or the promise an additional one. One of the best ways is to present the jewelry with a card revealing a destination; A peaceful bed and breakfast getaway just a short train-ride away or a return to an exotic island locale where perhaps the baby was conceived.


Push Gift Etiquette:

Rather than a medal for enduring 9-months and the pain of labor or for navigating the maze of adoption papers, this is a sweet and genuine gesture to celebrate a miraculous right of passage! Don’t hide your emotions. If you happen to be the mother reading this now, don’t be afraid to discuss what you like to the person who may surprise you with a “push” gift.

If You’re Choosing a Ring

Adding an anniversary band or a stackable ring featuring an inscription or the baby’s birthstone is a great idea! Just remember fingers can swell during pregnancy and postpartum, so getting a ring that can easily be resized or have a resizer placed inside it is the best call. Remember that rings can always be placed on necklaces. This can make it easier to see inscriptions placed inside. This style is sometimes called a posey ring necklace.

Pass It On: 

Push gifts can and should become multigenerational heirlooms. Necklaces and lockets are most treasured when passed along within a family or to the most meaningful people in your lives. Make sure to have the designs saved in case the piece ever does get lost so it can be recreated.


On The Red Carpet

Amy Robach, news anchor on Good Morning America, shined in our Gabriel & Co. pieces during the months of May through July.

Amy-Robach-GMA-May-2016-cover Amy-Robach-GMA-June-2016-cover

Selenis Leyva and Adrienne Moore were seen at the NYC and Berlin Season Premiere of Netflix’s Orange Is The New Black wearing all Gabriel & Co. ensembles.

Selenis-Leyva-NYC-OITNB-Premiere-2016-cover Selenis-Leyva-Orange-is-the-New-Black-Premiere-in-Berlin-2016-cover Adrienne-Moore-OITNB-NYC-Premiere-2016-cover


Selenis Leyva was the queen of the red carpet as she attended People En Espanol’s 50 Most Beautiful Gala, Paley Center For Media’s Tribute to Hispanic Achievements in Television, and An Evening with Orange is the New Black event all decked out in Gabriel!  Check out the pictures below!

Selenis-Leyva-People-en-Espanol's-50-Most-Beautiful-Gala-2016-cover Selenis-Leyva-Paley-Center-For-Media's-Tribute-to-Hispanic-Achievements-in-Television-2016-cover Selenis-Leyva-An-Evening-with-Orange-is-the-New-Black-2016-cover

Danielle Brooks from the cast of Netflix’s Orange Is The New Black and Broadway’s The Color Purple wears Gabriel & Co. pieces at the 2016 Tony Awards.



You can check out all of these features on our Media Tab.

An Introduction to Manmade Diamonds By Bill Boyajian

Introduction to the series. A note from Gabriel & Co.:

Gabriel & Co. has long supported clear, accurate, and unambiguous disclosure of natural mined diamonds as well as all man-made and treated gem materials. In support of full disclosure, Gabriel & Co. has chosen to use only natural diamonds that can be verified through our stringent sourcing and tracking processes. 

This series of articles on synthetic diamonds is designed to educate and inform readers on the importance of proper knowledge and disclosure of man-made diamonds. The diamond industry has long strived to create an industry standard for natural diamonds formed over millions of years and are now mined with conflict free processes, transparent sourcing and valid tracking principles – the same industry standards should be created for man-made diamonds that support full disclosure.

Gabriel & Co. has invited Bill Boyaijian, graduate gemologist, former president of the GIA, and founder and CEO of Bill Boyajian & Associates as a guest blogger to write a series of articles for  “Are Diamonds Forever” blog. This blog’s intention is to inform consumers on what they are actually purchasing to better suit their needs. You can also find more on the subject by going to

When Mary Frances Gerety of the advertising agency, NW Ayer, famously coined the slogan “a diamond is forever,” she may not have imagined that diamonds would one day become manmade creations. But progress and technology wait for no one. And so it is with even the hardest – and arguably one of the most beautiful – substances known to humankind.

In 1954 Tracy Hall of General Electric Corporation created the first industrial-quality synthetic diamond. Since then, the wheels of heavy machinery (and even delicate tools and equipment), have rolled on the massive production ofiStock_000061720418_Small synthetic diamond. Yet the human quest to create larger and better quality manmade diamonds began, and though it has taken decades to perfect their gem-quality production, they are now a factor to deal with for the natural diamond trade, and an emerging alternative for the diamond buying public.

Diamonds are made up of almost 100% pure carbon, and under tremendous heat and pressure form diamond crystals of potentially great value. So for years these precious stones have been copied in appearance by numerous “look-alike” gem materials, some natural, but most manmade. Many people are familiar with the common imitation, Cubic Zirconia (also known as CZ), a manmade product that looks like diamond, but doesn’t replicate the unusual and lasting qualities of a true diamond. CZ is best referred to as an “imitation” of diamond.

Manmade diamonds (synthetics) have essentially the same optical, physical, and chemical properties as their natural counterparts. To be sure, they ARE diamond, yet made by man. Perhaps even Mary Frances Gerety would appreciate that.

About Bill Boyajian:

Bill is a Graduate Gemologist and expert in the diamond and gemstone trade.  He is the former long-time president of the Gemological Institute of America, and is currently founder & CEO of Bill Boyajian & Associates, Inc. His company consults for a wide variety of businesses in the gem and jewelry industry, specializing in leadership, business management, organizational development, family transition, and succession planning. Bill is the author of Developing the Mind of a Leader – Your Path to Lead and Inspire People. He is a sought-after business coach, advisor, and speaker, and can be reached at

What’s Hot

NEW!!! Announcing our GShopNShop Program

This year at JCK, Gabriel & Co. introduced our GShopNShop™ Program – a store-within-a-store concept that works directly with our Omni thumb_IMG_4243_1024Channel Marketing Programs & Services seamlessly.  Retailers were excited to see our live ShopNShop setups and see the interactive experience firsthand. Today’s consumers immediately respond to brands that offer an Omni Channel experience that resonates with relatable information they need when deciding to make a final purchase. 

“Jewelry stores must provide a seamless experience, regardless of channel and device to stay relevant to today’s consumers.” Says Dominick Gabriel. 

Along with Gabriel’s array of Omni Channel Marketing Services Programs and shop n shopServices available, our newest GShopNShops will enable retailers to become consumer destinations with a connected brand experience in their own retail store.

Our GShopNShops were designed by Jack and Berna Gabriel with the same exact detail spent on Gabriel & Co.’s own beautiful NYC Showroom.  GShopNShop™ options that are currently offered include a twenty-foot back wall with four showcases, Showroomor a ten-foot back wall with two showcases. Each option comes with state-of-art seamless monitors setup to connect directly with Gabriel & Co. to broadcast our latest news, eShopNShop, Gabriel product news, visual static images, videos and access to our entire catalog of bridal and fine jewelry. Each showcase is merchandised with our branded displays by our Gabriel visual merchandising team. Additional in-store merchandising support includes: planograms, gift boxes, gift bags, jewelry cases, counter pads and collateral are all provided to promote the Gabriel jewelry retailers have purchased.

Want to learn more about our newest program, contact your Sales Representative to see if you qualify for Gabriel GShopNShop™ Program.

Gabriel Redefining Engaged® and Fine Jewelry Everyday™ New Campaigns

new campaign

As you can see from our beguiling new campaign images above our new bridal  “Secret of Redefining Engaged and new Fine Jewelry Everyday “In Simplicity we Trust” campaigns are more than clever slogans.   It’s Gabriel’s foolproof shortcut to stunning.  How delicious it is to wear something expertly crafted, sure to last as long as your passion for it, and as valued as it is valuable.

Our “Secrets” bridal collections offer a new array of settings that goes beyond singular beauty.  Each collection offers rings harboring stunning, intricate and unexpected flourishes of romantic artisanry – a hidden infinity symbol in pave diamonds, a glorious diamond rosette tucked under the solitaire, spirals of pink gold nestled inside a band of white gold, a gallery of prongs that elevate the solitaire like a crown –  that are so discreetly and seductively engineered they’re obvious only to the lucky gent who offered it and the woman who accepted it and treasures this ring on her finger everyday. To read more about our “Secret” campaign, go to our Facets Of Life blog feature.

Our Fine Jewelry Everyday collections subtle beauty is guaranteed to get a woman noticed every time she wears Gabriel jewelry, which – as we think will soon happily be decided – should be every day.  How simply ER13675M6T84JJ_IMG_9275editedwonderful is that?  To read more about our campaign go to our Facets Of Life blog feature.

Gabriel’s extensive product line consisting of new styles designed every year along with our best-selling classic styles, are supported by our comprehensive Bridal and Fashion jewelry packages which includes product and pricing information.  Styles are tailored to suit every customer who is looking for beautifully unique fine jewelry.  Each piece of fine jewelry is verified and tracked with our serial number processing system offering security and confidence to the customer who purchases a Gabriel piece of fine jewelry.

Along with our new campaigns, Gabriel & Co. offers comprehensive programs for both Bridal and Fashion.  One of those programs is our newest Fashion Retailer Programs featuring our Gabriel Fashion and Gabriel Silver Books, just in time for the Holidays and throughout the year!

Fashion Eblast ReminderBook1 Fashion Eblast ReminderBook2

Our innovative Gabriel Fashion Book, styled like a magazine, has been designed to appeal to your customers’ different personalities.  Featuring editorial worthy articles, “How to Wear” sections, a selection of our newest fashion styles and our award winning best-selling styles from our premier Fashion Collections.  The Gabriel Silver Book, in our signature brochure style, showcases our favorite collections along with new introductions for 2016.

Retailers that meet the requirements can participate in our semi-custom Fashion Book program, which will feature the retailer’s logo and store information on the covers.  These Fashion Books are offered to qualified Gabriel retailers free of charge.  Gabriel Fashion Jewelry can now be promoted all year round through the Fashion Books and the digital flip books, perfect for website usage.

For more information on this promotion and to know how you can qualify, please contact our Retail Relations team: Jerry Chin at extension 1438 or Ashley Andre at extension 1438. You can also e-mail


Gabriel & Co. Launches Gabriel Magic, a Virtual Reality Tool

VR MAGICAnother highlight at this year at JCK’s 2016 Vegas Show, Gabriel & Co. launched a preview of our Virtual Reality Store.  With a quick download of the Gabriel Magic app and a pair of the Gabriel & Co. virtual reality goggles, jewelers were able to interact with our virtual store, viewing each piece of jewelry with intricate detail. The jewelry displayed is seen through the VR visor that responds to head-tracking and viewpoint changes at all times.

vr example

Gabriel & Co. is the first brand in the jewelry industry to offer this technology and it’s the next step in how the brand plans to interact with its consumers.

“Within a couple of years, not only will consumers be able to view the Gabriel & Co. collection through the Gabriel Magic tool, but they will also be able to shop through it,” said Jack Gabriel, co-founder of the brand. “It will be as natural as using a mobile app to purchase. This new technology will offer the consumers a completely new shopping experience.”


After the June launch in Las Vegas, retailers across North America were amazed by the technology and how it will change their business, especially when addressing the Millennials.  Jacques from Koerber’s Fine Jewelry – New Albany, Indiana commented, “It’s like an Atari, and it’s only going to get better.” And Nicki from SVS Fine Jewelry – Oceanside, New York said, “WOW! I’VE NEVER SEEN SOMETHING LIKE THIS BEFORE! It will change retail as we know it.”

The VR tool is available for download on iTunes and Google Play under Gabriel Magic. To receive a pair of Gabriel & Co. virtual reality goggles and more information on how it works, please contact Ashley Andre or Jerry Chin – or

Engagement Rings & Wedding Bands – Where did it all begin?

March 4, 2016

No matter what era of history, all engagement and wedding rings have one shared element  – the perfect circle through which the finger is slipped. At its heart, an engagement ring symbolizes eternity, a love that has a beginning but has no ending.

ER6668W44JJ-4 ER9701W4JJJ-4













When any person imagines an engagement ring, what usually comes to mind is a simple gold band with a white round diamond at its center. This iconic image, featured everywhere from emoticons to bachelorette party decorations,  is called a solitaire. But where did it all begin? It was only natural that once humans learned how to master the art of metalworking that they would make a perfect circle for the finger. The ancient Egyptians started the tradition of wearing a ring for weddings. It was always worn on the third finger of the left hand to show a marriage that was close to the heart. The left hand was associated with a woman who was expected to have an unwavering dedication to her spouse.

Marriage rings of the Greeks and Romans also featured center stones and there were rings that had them back then that are commonly found in the modern era.  Two very different styles that were extremely popular from marriages at that time. The first one we are very familiar with – the simple gold wedding band or the unadorned metal band. The other motif is less known. Roman rings often-featured two hands clasped together. Sometimes this was incorporated into the band and other times the image of hands holding each other was carved into a center charm often accompanied by an inscription, the idea being the couple would hold hands for eternity.

For a long time, Christianity viewed wedding rings as a slightly pagan idea before fully embracing them in ceremonies. When they did, they often followed in the path of ancient rings, and were made of gold, iron and bronze.

During all these eras, diamonds used for decorating rings was not uncommon but they were different from the ones we covet now since they were often raw, uncut stones. Many ancient Romans believed that diamonds were the shards from falling stars. However, with the discovery of the mines in Africa, diamonds became as numerous as the stars in the heavens and began being used in all rings.

ER6002W44SA-1 ER11932R0W44SA-1













Prior to the mid-19th century rings often featured sapphires, rubies and birthstones as center stones before diamonds became more widely available. In Europe, broken rings were considered a bad omen so there was a considerable amount of effort put into making them the earthly representation of an unbreakable bond. Gold is one of the most precious metals in existence and gold was used to show that couples had made a serious investment in their relationship. Diamonds fit right into that mindset.

The modern diamond engagement ring takes all of this in account and lets people get creative with that rich history. The modern does not symbolize someone who has been taken. It symbolizes someone who is shared. It is a perfect circle of love.


Three Creative & Simple Ways to Propose

November 20, 2015

Are you getting ready to propose but not sure how to make it something special? Planning a great proposal doesn’t have to be that hard or stressful!  First of all, if you are deeply, madly and truly in love, no matter what you do that love will shine through. However, it’s easy to avoid the rose petal and votive candle clichés while still doing something super romantic. Here are a few ideas that you can customize to create either a personal, at home proposal or a jaw-dropping, show-stopping public proposal ready to post on YouTube. These are ideas designed for any budget and you can purchase all the necessary items or create them yourself if you have that can-do DIY spirit. The best part is that they are guaranteed to make for an unforgettable moment that will be talked about among family or friends for years to come!

The Marry Me Kite Proposal:

Pop the question by taking to the skies! There is nothing more innocent and joyous than watching a kite soar. You and your sweetheart will be holding hands while you real him or her into your future together.

Whether you’ve taken a trip to a tropical island or a drive to the nearby park, a kite is easy to pack and conceal. You can even contact some local kite flying associations if you want a fancy one or purchase one custom made for proposals from independent artist like Uplift Artisan Studios. That’s right – They specifically make kites just for proposals.


The Local Bakery Proposal:

Could this indelible moment really be as simple as having a cake or baked goods made with Will You Marry Me written on it?  You can serve up a magical proposal at a private dinner for two or at a big party this way – weddings begin with a cake, so why not an engagement? Almost any bakery you choose can take both your favorite flavors and mix them together in a cake or a batch of cookies. If you want to be sneaky about it, try playing Google detective or checking out your intended’s Pinterest page. Don’t be afraid to incorporate one of your inside jokes or something purely unique to your relationship. Asking with a reveal cake or cookies can be fun especially when surprising everyone at a family gathering by offering a delicious ‘I Do.’


The Lucky Penny Proposal:


There is nothing more romantic than passing someone a surprise keepsake that they can hold onto for a lifetime. You know those coins that wind up in the take-a-penny, leave-a-penny tray?  Well, they can carry such a sweet secret message. Find one with the year you fell in love or for the date you plan to get married. We recommend pretending to find it on the ground and getting down on one knee. Another way is to simply put it in your lover’s hand while telling them all that you love about them. You can buy pennies and coins like this created by craftsman for less than $10 online and at artsy boutiques all across the USA, or you can make it yourself.



Charm of a Bygone era

February 23, 2016

Sometimes we see a stunning new style of ring, and because we’re caught up in the sparkling moment, it takes us a few seconds before we realize that the style isn’t actually new at all  (Note the Victorian era is 150 years old, not hundreds so it’s misleading).

The Victorian era often conjures up images of gas-lit streets with horse drawn carriages, romantic prose, and idyllic paintings of English gardens. One of the most lasting things from this by-gone era of the British Empire are the rings developed under the reign of Queen Victoria from 1837-1901, featuring gorgeous scrollwork and design flourishes.  Many even had halos.  In fact, they aren’t too different from modern rings.

There are so many sweet meanings behind many of the engraved design elements in the rings from this era. Laurels were a statement of peace and promise against divorce. Stylized oak leaves in an engagement ring meant the bride and groom had a strong relationship. Ivy meant that the couple had a strong devotion to one another to a point of being clingy. Doves, which are rare now, meant for love and fidelity.


The diamond’s beloved status hasn’t changed much since the Victorian days. Having a diamond meant having the best of everything.  Even the Romans used diamonds, except they favored stones were uncut in their gold rings. Diamonds were even more rare back then. The desire was always there, but it was the demand that often couldn’t be met. What changed for the Victorians was the stone’s accessibility. When diamond mines opened up in Africa, diamonds began to appear in many more engagement rings. These did not exhibit the round cut brilliant diamonds or gemstones commonly seen today. The old mine cut or the European cut were popular and although the faceting isn’t the same as a modern brilliant cut, they have an originality and charm all their own. Such diamonds easily fit into the modern settings.

How to Bring a Victorian Touch to a Modern Piece?

  • If you want to do something in keeping with the time period, try having your jeweler engrave the initials A E I into your band. The A E I stands for “Amity, Eternity and Infinity” which was one of the popular ways of symbolizing eternal love at the time.


  • Create a group of stackable rings whose stone names spell out a message. Called Acrostics, this secret use of language was common in the Victorian jewelry.  Get creative and come up with your own combination.  For example, if you wanted to spell out the word “REGARD” stack your rings in this order:  Ruby-Emerald-Garnet-Amethyst-Ruby-Diamond.  For the word “DEAR “stack this quartet of rings:  Diamond-Emerald –Amethyst-Ruby