The Rise In Rose Gold Everything

IMG_6051-Edit_editRight now rose gold is a tour-de-force in all aspects of modern design. Rose gold accessories, rose gold nails and just about everything else have become a slam-dunk sign of glam. From the darling of lifestyle bloggers to a recognizable guest in wedding registries, rose gold is one of the new best friends of girls and women everywhere.

Rose gold has had a few different names in it’s short life, like pink gold, red gold and Russian gold. Red gold and pink gold are slightly varying shades of gold that have fallen under the catchall term rose gold, as time has gone by. There are many choices too when it comes this shimmering shade. Most jewelers now have rose gold versions for their engagement ring and wedding band designs.Gabriel-ER7527K44JJ-1

Rose gold is a blend of gold and copper that give it a complimentary blushing hue. Rose gold pairs well with all kinds of skin tones, giving a warm, youthful glow to all it touches. It comes in 14k or 18k gold. Rose gold also gives a great extra pop to gemstones and diamonds set within it. Translucent diamonds and pink sapphires get a dramatic facelift when set in rose gold. Mostly because we are so used to seeing them set in white gold.


The rise of rose gold’s popularity can be traced back to the simple fact that it was often seldom seen in jewelry stores or worn with as a fashion accessory. It made a fashionable appearance with some jewelry designers and watchmakers in the 1940s and 1950s but most times it had been on the sidelines compared with the popularity of white gold. Rose gold still has that maverick, fashion-forward, limited-edition quality that appeals to those who want something new while still being understated.

Rose gold was originally fromegg the age of Russian Czars, a time of decadence and turmoil. Rose gold is found on traditional Faberge eggs and Soviet engagement rings in later years. While the demand of rose gold has risen and fallen since it became more widely introduced in the 19th century, it has never had the kind of supercharged popularity it is enjoying at this very moment. Rose gold was known as an embellishment but never the headlining color that yellow gold has been. Until now, that is.

The secret behind rose gold’s stacksuccess comes from its versatility. Rose gold has the ability to pair beautifully with yellow gold and white gold. Any rose gold ring can fit right into a stackable rings set.


Rose gold can also be usedGabriel-ER12823C4T44JJ-2 discretely to distinguish the elegant details that might otherwise be missed, as seen in this ring from our Blush collection.

From tech companies Apple to Samsung, the color rose gold has taken the tech world for it’s perceived luxurious look and uniquely soft copper hue. Rose gold has become a defining color in the minimalist styling and athleisure attitudes of our decade. A trend that’s likely to continue for the foreseeable future, so don’t worry about rose gold going out of style, especially if it fits right in with yours.

HOW TO: Choose Hoop Earrings

Things to remember when it comes to hoop earrings:

  • The best way to make any look sexier is to put on a pair of hoops
  • EVERY woman looks sensational in a pair of hoops
  • Hoops never have, and never will go out of style, just like a black pump or your favorite LBD.

hoopWhich pair of hoops is best for you?

You’ll either fall in love with a pair, put them on, and you’re done because you’ll never want to take them off. Or, you’ll want to acquire a small collection of hoops for different occasions, outfits and moods. Either way, you first need to find which hoops look best on you.  

What to look for when trying on hoops:

The weight of the hoop

You want them to be comfortable enough for you to wear all day, or all night! Gabriel & Co. hoops are so light, it makes wearing every size a possibility.EG12901_edited

The size of the hoop

The larger the hoop is, the more movement it will have, and the more it will frame your face, which will garner more attention.

The metals and details

Do you prefer gold or silver, diamond adorned or other precious stones? Do you like a sleek style or more ornate, perhaps with a filigree detail? Try on a few styles; you never know which pair, (or pairs) work for you!

The length of your hair

EG12897_editedWill a delicate and dainty hoop get lost in your long luscious locks? Is a big hoop going to overwhelm a short crop, or perfectly juxtapose a bob?  How does the effect of the hoop change when you wear your hair up or down?

The shape of your jawline

Varying sizes in hoop earrings can accentuate your natural features. They can elongate the face, giving the illusion of strengthening a softer jawline or highlighting a cheekbone, depending on where they fall around your face.

The sparkle and size of the stones

intricate_hoopsGabriel & Co.’s diamond hoops have a beautiful glimmer of sparkle, which can add a subtle touch of shimmer and elegance to any look, be it weekend casual, or evening glamour.

Gabriel & Co. are the only fine jewelers whose hoops feature a screwbackclosure, so the one thing you won’t have to think about when trying on our hoops are whether you will lose them. 

Summer Jewelry By Hal Rubenstein

BG3883Y45JJ_BG3851W45JJ_BG3850W45JJ~IG~SMALL~FASHION EG13185Y45JJ_LR51127Y45JJ~edited summer jwlry

As someone who has always loved shiny, pretty things, and believes minimalism is highly overrated, I find it unimaginable that anyone would prefer to face the day without adornment.

But even my exuberant faith needs some adjustment in the good old summertime, when jewelry takes on a different glow, a more noticeable profile, a different temperature, and some curious challenges.  So here are points to consider when you want put a shine on in the sunlight.

  • Diamonds appear twice their size in summer sun. So adjust accordingly depending on whether you want to stand out or stick out.


  • Favor colored stones that easily catch the light like aquamarines, peridots, citrines, quartz, morganite and fire opals over light absorbing gems like garnets, malachite, or onyx.BG3831_3888_3428_edited
  • Pearls may be white but on their own they look elegantly at odds in bucolic settings or along the shore and are often vulnerable if you are engaged in sports or strenuous activity.  The exception to this caution, however is any time you reach for a Little Black Dress.
  • Less precious metals like copper, brass or alloys heat up much more rapidly in the summertime. Stick to the good stuff.NK5565Y45JJ-1
  • The most obvious statement you may be making with a statement necklace, or any form of big link chain is “Oh, my word, this is making me sweat!” Summer is the season for jewelry that’s weightless and airy, that fluidly moves and swings.


  • Under a full moon, candlelight, the strung bulbs of an outdoor café, or Gabriel-EG13259W84JJ-2LED lights in a club, long earrings with faceted sparkle will act as you own
    personal lighting system, highlighting your face, enhancing your cheekbones and fresh tan
  • If you are wear jewelry to the beach, do not remove it to go in the water. A beach bag is too careless a place to put something so precious, for it is too easily mislaid or stolen.
  • Nevertheless, just as extreme heat makes fingers swell, the sudden plunge into a cold ocean or frigid lake can make fingers “shrink”. Make sure your rings are secure, or leave them at home.

In fact, do not wear your best jewelry to the beach, for, oh so many reasons:

  • It’s not only abrasive, it’s torture when it’s time to search for that lost earring, which is why we strongly recommend Gabriel’s patented screwback hoops.


  • an aggressive wave can be a jewlery thief
  • sweat and silver are not good friends
  • sun tan oil and bug repellent gets into links and setting, dulls metal’s shine and forms a film over stones
  • chlorine is no ally of pendants hanging from leather, or braided bracelets made from any fabric.  It can compromise their strength and discolor them.  Over-chlorinated hot tubs can even discolor silver.


  • NEVER wear jewelry while gardening. Besides getting it filthy, certain chemicals in soil can do damage, unknown buried matter can scratch or catch bracelets. Gardening gloves don’t necessarily solve the issue.  When you are done, you can easily pull off a ring without knowing it.  Take it off what matters before you get too close to nature.
  • Take into account that sunglasses with polished wire or metal counts as jewelry in the overall picture.
  • On one hand, it’s great to take your favorite pieces with you when you go on vacation especially if it’s going to be a romantic getaway. If that’s the case, either put them on and never take them off, or make sure the pieces you packed are insured. Hotel safes are not exactly Fort Knox, and hotels make it very clear that they not responsible for lossesIMG_9610 2


  • Summer knits are so appealing and sensual because of their seductively open loose weaves. But they are also a web just waiting to ensnare your jewelry and break your heart. Remove adornments with edges, catches unique geometry or easy movement before you put on or take off your knits.  We don’t want the sun to catch you crying.

Safeguarding the Public Trust in Diamonds By Bill Boyajian

This recent series on synthetic diamonds was designed to introduce these products to the consuming public, and to identify the ethical issues surrounding accurate promotion and representation of them. In a world focused on transparency, social responsibility, and truth in advertising, it is vital that man made diamonds are properly identified and accurately represented to the jewelry-buying public.

To facilitate this transparency and to eliminate the possibility of ambiguity, leading members of the diamond and jewelry trade have developed elaborate systems to clearly identify DSC_0733their gems and jewelry, and to safeguard the public’s trust in their products. For example, Gabriel & Co., a leading designer-manufacturer and supplier to thousands of retailers, assures its clients that the diamonds mounted in their jewelry pieces are compliant with the Kimberley Process, which ensures they are conflict-free. In addition, all natural diamonds that Gabriel & Co. uses can be verified through its stringent sourcing and tracking processes, ensuring proper identification.

Many retailers are hesitant to offer synthetic diamonds to their customers as a less expensive alternative to natural diamonds. A big part of their concern is whether increased production of manmade diamonds will drive the price (and the value) of the product down, and not serve the long-term interests of their customers. Time will tell whether synthetic diamonds will make a significant impact in the marketplace. For now, manmade diamonds represent only a fraction of 1% of the total diamond jewelry market, although that percentage is growing annually.

HOW TO: Wear Stackable Bracelets

Wear your stackables with everything you own, they go with anything from your tees & jeans, to formal wear, to whatever you love lounging in. There’s nowhere your Gabriel & Co. bracelets won’t look and feel sensational.

There are no rules when it comes to choosing stackables, but here are some great tips on how to make them look even better!


(Pictured above: BG3912Y45JJ, BG3968Y45JJ, BG3985Y45JJ)

On The Look:TB3899W45JJ_TB3900W45JJ_TB3897W45JJ~IN~Small~Fashion
Stackable Bracelets come in two looks:

  • Carefree and casual, they move up and down the arm.
  • Polished and sophisticated, they stay where they are positioned

(Pictured to the right: TB3899W45JJ, TB3900W45JJ, TB3897W45JJ

When choosing to wear a few bracelets together, it’s best to choose within the same look. 

On Mixing:BG3913W45JJ_BG3976W45JJ_BG3972Y45JJ_BG3915Y45JJ_BG3979W45JJ~IG~SMALL~FASHION

  • Of course, similar metals, or similar stones, (all diamonds, or all sapphires, for example) give a clean and harmonious look.
  • However, mixing metals and colored stones in your stack adds a fresh touch, and creates a greater visual variety.

Mixing tends to work better with stackables that move more fluidly, to accentuate the carefree and casual look you are going for!

(Pictured above: BG3913W45JJ, BG3976W45JJ, BG3972Y45JJ, BG3915Y45JJ, BG3979W45JJ)

On Caring:

  • You put a lot of thought when putting together your favorite stackables, so put some thought into taking care of them too.
  • Avoid pairing bracelets whose design features may damage each other.
  • While wearing bracelets, be careful when putting your arms in sleeves—if they snag on your clothes, it’ll ruin both your bracelet and your favorite top. In fact, wear them last after you get dressed.
  • Regularly check your bracelets for scratches, loose stones, worn clasps, and faulty safety catches. It’s a natural precaution for jewelry with a lot of movement.

Think about these three practical elements of wearing these bracelets:

  • How many of these can I wear that it won’t affect my ability to do day-to-day tasks?BG3992Y45JJ_BG4001Y45JJ_BG4003Y45JJ~IG~SMALL~FASHION
  • Will any of my daily activities cause any wear and tear to the bracelets?
  • How much noise does the stack I have on make, and does it bother me? Will it bother others around me?

(Pictured to the right: BG3992Y45JJ, BG4001Y45JJ, BG4003Y45JJ)

Wear your stackables with everything you own, they go with anything from your tees & jeans, to formal wear, to whatever you love lounging in. There’s nowhere your Gabriel & Co. bracelets won’t look and feel sensational.

HOW TO: Choose Necklaces for Specific Necklines

One of the brightest ways to celebrate personal style is to simply clasp on a gold or silver necklace with a shot of sparkle.

And the easiest way to choose the most flattering chain is by working with the neckline of your day’s (or night’s) outfit.




  1. 1. Crew or Jewel(NK5795W45JJ, NK5800W45JJ):

So called because it reflects the same circumference as a classic strand of pearls. But don’t limit yourself. It’s a smart backdrop for a metal link chain or to loosely layer a combination of chain and bejeweled ropes for a fresh, informal take on glamour.


  1. 2. Off the Shoulder(NK5869W45JJ):

You could wear a choker similar to one described under “strapless’ but the strongest look for this sensual neckline is ropes and ropes of gold and silver, of varied widths and lengths as many as you can handle. Just note – this can be dangerous if the evening includes a night of dancing.


  1. 3. Strapless(NK5785W45JJ):

There are several options and each can be incredibly eye-catching.
• Set a single solitaire pendant on a thin chain to lie right in the dimple of your clavicle.
• Choose a brilliant and bold statement necklace. All diamonds have incredible impact, especially when the dress is monochromatic. Multi-colored stones look impressive against a black gown as well.
• Choose a delicately crafted choker that is either centered on one large centerpiece stone, or highlights intricate artisanry with small set stones.


  1. 4. Boat neck(NK5787-18W45JJ, NK5777W45JJ):

To contrast the horizontal neckline, pick two long vertical lengths, one that ends with a specific pendant or drop, and the other that frames the drop with a longer, more graceful curve.


  1. 5. Halter necks(NK5816W45JJ, NK5832W45JJ):

Most effective when worn with a long pendant on a dense but not wide link that sports a sparkling drop that is shaped in such a way as to point, however, obviously, to your cleavage.


  1. 6. Button down shirt(NK5861W45JJ):

By the nature of the blouse’s silhouette, necklace placement is both understated and partially hidden. Consequently, it’s best to choose one of uniform design and detail (same sized stone or link all around) long enough to drop below the clavicle but short enough to display the bottom curve before the highest closed shirt button.  Y necklaces are a nifty option provided you open one extra button than you may be used to.


  1. 7. Turtlenecks(NK5787-36W45JJ):

Because turtlenecks represent a more causal style and tend to be bulkier than the other options, choose necklaces that are lightweight, not too grand and move freely. A pendant on a long chain, or layered with another one elongates the body as the sweater does and won’t get tangled in the weave. Remember remove your necklaces BEFORE you take off the sweater.

The ‘Secret’ of Redefining Engaged By Hal Rubenstein

The way you see it, there’s no other love like yours.

No matter the fairy tales you’ve sighed for, songs you’ve swooned over, or movies that needed tissues handy, none can match the combination of shared dreams, exhilarating chemistry, unabashed attraction, special dates, never-to-be IMG_8732editedforgotten getaways, saved notes, surprise gifts, ceaseless curiosity and unequivocal trust the two of you share. Love is the ultimate marvel and mystery because it ignites and develops a unique form of communication between a couple – a system of knowing glances, private touches, whispered signals, and explainable telepathy that sets both of you apart from the rest of the world. We call them “SECRETS”.

Well, if you are blessed with these secrets of love, why shouldn’t the ultimate symbol of your union – your engagement ring – have a few secrets of its own?

Behold Gabriel & Co.’s new array of settings that go beyond IMG_8757editedsingular beauty.  Each collection offers rings harboring stunning, intricate and unexpected flourishes of romantic artisanry – a hidden infinity symbol in pave diamonds, a glorious diamond rosette tucked under the solitaire, spirals of pink gold nestled inside a band of white gold, a gallery of prongs that elevate the solitaire like a crown –  that are so discreetly and seductively engineered they’re obvious only to the lucky gent who proposed with it and the woman who accepted it and treasures this ring on her finger everyday. Of course, you can reveal Gabriel & Co.’s beautiful one-of-a-kind secrets to one and all if you so choose to show if off to an inevitable chorus of unanimous wonderment. Or perhaps, you may want to hold your ring close, with a quiet, selfish glee, knowing it holds yet one more marvelous, intimate secret you can cherish together forever.  And that’s how Gabriel is Redefining Engaged.

In Simplicity We Trust By Hal Rubenstein

April 20, 2016

Life demands change, but these days it feels like we’ve gone into hyper drive. Everything seems to move much faster. Yet, there’s always more to do. A staggering amount of information and options is right there at our fingertips, so there’s almost nothing we can’t know or try. But when do we ever have enough time? With so much going on around us, how can we make sure and be confident that we are putting our best selves out there. We’d rather not deal with anything complicated. In fact, simplicity holds the key to happiness.


Simplicity is not only modern, it’s refreshing, even invigorating, when you can streamline your life by seeking, discovering, trusting and embracing those precise elements that will insure looking and feeling one’s best without stress or second-guessing. It’s that smashing haircut you can wash and dry almost without glancing in a mirror, the fit and flare of a dress that makes you want to start dancing the moment its zipped up, the sexy heel you can strut in, that cropped leather motor-cross jacket you grab without thinking, instinctively knowing it works with everything.


And to top each day or night’s outfit off with just the right polish and shine, let’s go for eye-catching diamond and gold shard earrings, or a graceful chain that sports three, small, diamond triangles, the sensuous open star ring, the bracelet that embraces your wrist with a glinting spray of comet trails or any of the strikingly beautiful, effortlessly wearable, why-ever-take-this-off practical, new sparkling works Gabriel & Co. has added to its Fine Jewelry Everyday collections. As you can see from our beguiling new campaign, Fine Jewelry Everyday is more than a clever slogan. It’s Gabriel’s foolproof shortcut 09_085to stunning. How delicious it is to wear something expertly crafted, sure to last as long as your passion for it, and as valued as it is valuable. How inspiring it is to find jewelry that is this special without ever appearing precious. The irresistible brilliance of Fine Jewelry Everyday is that not only is every piece a perfect fit for the world we are rushing to strive and thrive in and feels so organic you’ll forget you’re wearing it, but that our fine jewelry’s subtle beauty is guaranteed to get you noticed every time you wear it, which – as we think you will soon happily decide – will be everyday.  How simply wonderful is that?


The Ethics and Transparency of Manmade Diamonds By Bill Boyajian

Growth in the production of synthetic diamonds in recent years has heralded new considerations for an industry focused primarily on selling natural, mined diamonds. At least one synthetic diamond company, Diamond Foundry, also supported by movie star Leonardo DiCaprio, is claiming that manmade diamonds are a more ethical alternative than natural diamonds.

Such claims raise questions about the way synthetic diamonds are currently marketed and whether it is misleading to present them this way to consumers.  Staunch supporters of “fair trade” diamonds and the millions of artisanal diamond diggers, whose livelihoods depend on natural diamond mining, take serious issue with such claims.

Notwithstanding the need for accurate promotion and marketing of synthetics, an even more fundamental issue is one of proper identification and transparency of the product itself. The natural diamond industry has throughout history been challenged by manmade look-alikes, numerous treatments and deceptions of the gem, and, more recently, the scourge of “conflict diamonds,”

To facilitate greater transparency, leading members of the diamond and jewelry industry have taken specific steps to protect themselves and the public. For example, Gabriel & Co. has maintained a serialized tracking system for all of its fine diamond jewelry pieces throughout its many years of doing business.

It’s a new dawn, and ethical issues need to be managed properly by every member of the jewelry industry. Every dealer, designer, and retailer must be responsible and accountable for the use of clear and unambiguous nomenclature with synthetic diamonds. Ultimately, it is the consumer’s opinion that counts, and that is why the trade must disclose properly, describe accurately, and demand equity and ethical behavior in order to maintain the public’s confidence and trust in diamonds.

Beyond The Birthstone – Giving A Great “Push” Gift

From the moment you know a new life brings a new kind of love that will be drawn closer to you, your plans change. Even before you cradle your baby gently in your arms, you already know you adore him or her more than anything. Including a push gift in those plans isn’t usually a top priority in all the preparation and chaos but it is definitely worth adding one to the to-do list.

There is astonishingly little useful advice out there about what gift works best to commemorate a new child being brought into a family. Here is a brief, friendly guide to navigating the ins and outs of giving what has come to be known – despite the rise in Cesarean section birth – as a  “push” gift.


What Did People Do In The Past?

This isn’t a craftily devised gift-giving occasion created by conglomerates but a tradition that goes back centuries to the dawn of human history. Because giving birth was arduous and frightening, protective talismans and amulet jewelry were common among hundreds of cultures round the world in the hope of alleviating those fears. A married Tuareg woman in Africa will often be given a necklace of silver and semiprecious stones created by local artisans. The design is slightly different depending on whether she is having a boy or a girl. This gift is also a symbol of the woman’s value in Tuareg society.

In America, when it comes to giving jewelry after a delivery, there is a less formal history. There is a lot of talk of grand gestures and postings of celebrities getting 10-carat diamonds for having “pushed”. Ignore all that and celebrate the person you love who has ushered new joy into your lives!

Who Gives A Push Gift & How To Pick One:

Personalization is the best criteria for choosing a push gift., so focus more on the person’s character and less on trying to impress. If you decide on jewelry for the infant, it should be designed to last which is why silver and gold work perfectly. A child will outgrow cute onesies but a silver piggy bank or pewter baby cup will stay in the family for generations.

The baby’s other parent or anyone within the immediate family are the usual givers of push gifts. If you are a lifelong mentor like a godparent or close friend, that’s ok too.


Other Push Gift Ideas:

  • Opt for jewelry versatile enough to be worn with any outfit, since comfortable clothes are key post pregnancy.
  • Choose gold or silver based pieces because these will stand the test of time and appreciate in value as the years go on.
  • Personalize the gift with ‘mom’, an image of the child, or the child’s name.
  • And rare is the mom to be who would not appreciate the glamour of a spray of diamonds.
  • Do not make this an ‘investment’ piece, however, something one might stash for safekeeping in a jewelry box. What you’re giving is meant to be worn with pride, and worn often.


The Push Gift & Getaway Make A Perfect Gift Combo:

How do you surprise someone who is obviously expecting? Combine this gift with another or the promise an additional one. One of the best ways is to present the jewelry with a card revealing a destination; A peaceful bed and breakfast getaway just a short train-ride away or a return to an exotic island locale where perhaps the baby was conceived.


Push Gift Etiquette:

Rather than a medal for enduring 9-months and the pain of labor or for navigating the maze of adoption papers, this is a sweet and genuine gesture to celebrate a miraculous right of passage! Don’t hide your emotions. If you happen to be the mother reading this now, don’t be afraid to discuss what you like to the person who may surprise you with a “push” gift.

If You’re Choosing a Ring

Adding an anniversary band or a stackable ring featuring an inscription or the baby’s birthstone is a great idea! Just remember fingers can swell during pregnancy and postpartum, so getting a ring that can easily be resized or have a resizer placed inside it is the best call. Remember that rings can always be placed on necklaces. This can make it easier to see inscriptions placed inside. This style is sometimes called a posey ring necklace.

Pass It On: 

Push gifts can and should become multigenerational heirlooms. Necklaces and lockets are most treasured when passed along within a family or to the most meaningful people in your lives. Make sure to have the designs saved in case the piece ever does get lost so it can be recreated.