You Can Thank ‘The Academy’

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Author: Hal Rubenstein, Global Style Director

The Golden Globes, SAG Awards, Grammys, The Critics’ Choice, BAFTAS and finally The Academy Awards.  For two months, those of us who can’t get enough of the red carpet parade have swooned, applauded, winced, craved and daydreamed over the glorious wardrobes of Penelope, Charlize, Cate, Nicole, Taylor, Jennifer and the other Jennifer.  And regardless of whether we praise or criticize their choices, there is no denying that no matter how casual trendsetters claim today’s collective style is becoming, it is impossible to deny that “dressing up” is still pretty darn great.

So why don’t you join in? Because you’re not nominated for anything?

Why should that stop you? Here’s what you should do.

First, look at this month’s Designer Flash which features the sensational designs of Oscar de la Renta.  If you don’t already know it, they will make you realize that you don’t need to be walking a scarlet runner to have your own red carpet moment.


Instead, find an appropriate one;  Your birthday. Anniversary. Valentine’s Day, Easter Sunday, Mother’s Day. Or just pick any date: President’s Day, Super Tuesday, or simply Saturday. Arrange to go somewhere lovely for dinner, for a glass of champagne or two, somewhere you can dance till 3, or even a romantic moonlit stroll to a fountain where you can throw in a coin and make a wish, actually anywhere, as long as you decide you are going to ‘do it up’ as glamorously as possible.

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To do that, I want you to head to your closet and reach for that dress, gown, or whatever it is you love and adore wearing but for some reason keep saving it, wrapped in the dry cleaner’s plastic, for some special occasion.  Guess what?  Today can be special as long as you desire to see yourself looking and feeling your best.   Now, grab those shoes you still keep in their original box.  Get a manicure. Get your hair done. Turn your makeup mirror to ‘night’ and don’t hold back.  Then, for that radiant finishing flourish, reach for your jewelry case and find your favorite Gabriel diamond hoops or drops, slide on a Bujukan bracelet or three, slip on as many stackable rings as you can get on one finger and then fill up another.

Now, stand in the mirror and see the star you truly are. You are ready for your close-up and for the world to ask enviously, “Who is she?” as you glide by. Isn’t it fun feeling amazing? So what if you never win an Oscar. Who wants to drag that heavy thing around all night anyway?

Hear from Hal himself about the Oscar De La Renta brand and go behind-the-scenes of our photoshoot.

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