Beautiful Ring Enhancers for Every Budget

Ring jackets are one of the most exciting jewelry trends of the past few years. Also known as a ring wrap or a ring enhancer, a ring jacket is made to be paired with an existing engagement ring to augment its size and appearance. They simply slip on around the engagement ring, partially or fully encircling the band and center stone. Together, the engagement ring and ring jacket create a more dramatic silhouette with look-at-me sparkle. Their combined appearance can also mimic the look of a ring stack, another one of our favorite trends.

There are several different reasons to shop for a ring enhancer. When a couple has been married for years, the enhancer can commemorate an anniversary or vow renewal. Ring jackets are especially beneficial if you’ve been longing for an upgrade but can’t bear to part with your original ring. On the other hand, ring enhancers may be purchased before the wedding (or even the engagement) in order to serve as the wedding band. In this case, the two rings can be perfectly coordinated and blend seamlessly when worn together. Another possibility is to add a ring jacket to a family heirloom such as a mother or grandmother’s ring, creating a totally unique combination of something old and something new.

When choosing a ring jacket, it’s crucial to consider the size and shape of your engagement ring’s center stone and the color and design of the setting. Matching the engagement ring’s metal, width, and accent stones allow for a unified look — as if the two rings were meant for one another. Of course, you can also opt for intentional differences, like mixing metals for a charming two-tone look. It’s all a matter of preference, and ring enhancers’ versatility is one of their best assets!

Just like the engagement ring, a ring jacket’s price will vary depending on features like the metal type and the quantity and quality of diamonds or other gemstones that adorn it. Here are some of our favorite ring enhancers to suit a variety of styles and budgets.

Sporting lush blue prong-set sapphires, this 14K white gold ring enhancer is perfect for celebrating fifth wedding anniversaries or September birthdays. Plus, sapphires symbolize wisdom, loyalty, and trust. Radiant 0.33ct pavé diamonds also adorn this design for sophisticated sparkle.

This gracefully contoured ring jacket features two curving strands of 14K white gold encrusted in brilliant 0.49ct pavé diamonds to expertly enhance your ring’s sparkle. Simple and classic, this enhancer will pair beautifully with an array of different engagement rings.

Sweeping tendrils of 0.34ct pavé diamonds and scrolling ribbons of polished 14K white gold create a magnificent frame for your engagement ring. This ornate, romantic ring jacket also features an opening at the top and bottom, accommodating a wider range of center stone shapes and sizes.

If you prefer a clean contemporary style, look no further than this criss-cross diamond ring enhancer. Bands of delicate pavé diamonds overlap bands of polished 14K white gold accented with larger round diamond stations. This 0.51ct diamond ring jacket works equally well with solitaires and diamond-accented engagement rings.

A twinkling crown of prong-set round diamonds ornaments on either side of this resplendent pavé diamond ring enhancer. Crafted with delicate curves, this 14K white gold and 0.97ct diamond ring jacket is well suited to round center stones, but also beautifully enhances oval cut engagement rings. 

Feminine 14K rose gold pairs perfectly with this ring enhancer’s floral motif. The French pavé diamond-encrusted branches blossom with sparkling marquise diamond buds. Add a memorable twist to your engagement ring style with this blush-hued beauty.

Selecting a ring jacket is the perfect chance to add a little something extra, without diminishing the sentimental value of your original engagement ring. Our collection encompasses a variety of price points from simple and modestly priced to opulent and ornate.

Explore all of our ring enhancers, jackets, and wraps to discover your engagement ring’s perfect pair.

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