Beautiful Rose Gold Engagement Ring Settings for Every Budget

Engagement ring metals go through trends much like any other commodity, albeit at a slower pace, but every twenty years or so we see a resurgence in popularity of a new (but actually old) metal color.  Before the 90’s yellow gold was definitely all the rage, just look at your mother and grandmother and it’s likely they hopped on that bandwagon.  As a friend commented once, unless it was yellow, my grandmother did not consider it real gold.  Well in came the 90’s, and platinum and white gold exploded on the scene in a big way; suddenly every young blushing bride was sporting some sort of white tone, whether it was 14 or 18 karat white gold or the more popular platinum and yellow was now considered “old lady”. Ouch!  That said, it is now 40 years later and there is a new yet old friend who’s joined the party once again, and that’s the uber-feminine and tres romantic rose gold.  These days rose gold feels far from dated, in fact it feels fresh and unique though in reality it was introduced to the United States market in the beginning of the 20th century. 

In truth, there is something so romantic about this metal tone and forward thinking ladies of a certain age are committing to it more and more.  So if you’re reading this we can safely assume you are intrigued by this metal choice for your engagement ring which you will hopefully wear till death do you part.  Let’s explore some fabulous engagement ring options in this ultra-feminine metal tone.  To read more about what rose gold actually is and its history click here.

Settings Under $1,000

A no fuss setting in rose gold will bring the main focus to your center stone.  Spending less on the setting itself also comes with its own advantages. Firstly, it allows the money to be focused on the quality, cut and color of the center stone, which will really pop against the rose gold tone.  Secondly you can build on later with and interesting wedding band and later an anniversary band. 

A simple setting is like the little black dress, you can dress it up or down depending on your mood that day.  This solitaire 14K rose gold setting wins for both simplicity and sophistication. 

Style: ER15702R4KJJJ
Emma Solitaire Engagement Ring Setting
Suggested Retail: $850

If you appreciate elaborate details and vintage style, the intricate engraving on the shank gives a unique upgrade from the clean solitaire while still retaining a classic aesthetic that will stand the test of time.

Style: ER7222T4JJJ
Alma Vintage Inspired Round Engagement Ring Setting
Suggested Retail: $825

As rose gold is considered a very feminine and romantic metal, the diamond encrusted leaf detailing on this engagement ring hugs the sides of the center stone beautifully, giving an extra touch of sparkle to the shank.  Delicate and feminine, this style is guaranteed to be loved by even the pickiest ladies.

Style: ER11747R4T44JJ
Eliza Vintage Inspired Round Engagement Ring Setting
Suggested Retail: $900

Settings Under $1,500

If your budget is a bit higher you can add more bling to your setting to really make it stand out.  Whether on the shank or on a halo that frames your center stone there are many options to spice things up.

The millgrain details on this marquise station shank work beautifully with the round prong set diamonds set within them.  The result is a subtle hint of vintage charm without going overboard on the Victorian look.

Style: ER4122T44JJ
Sadie Vintage Inspired Round Engagement Ring
Suggested Retail: $1,040

A starburst halo frames this oval center stone beautifully giving the appearance of a much larger stone.  Set with a  clean polished shank the focus is squarely on the main attraction.

Style: ER14472O3K4JJ
Fergie Rose Gold Oval Halo Engagement Ring Setting
Suggested Retail: $1,315

If romance is your preference, rose gold is the perfect tone for this floral motiff engagement ring.  Reminiscent of a beautiful garden, this ring is both feminine and unique.  Winding vines of polished, milgrain-accented 14K rose gold twist their way up the cathedral style shank of this intricately sculpted engagement ring setting. Marquise shaped diamond buds are stationed throughout, emphasizing the floral motif and providing lovely touches of sparkle. 

Style: ER15207R4K44JJ
Martedi Floral Rose Gold Engagement Ring
Suggested Retail: $1,365

Settings Under $2,000

For those with a higher budget, more diamonds on the setting will really make that left finger sparkle.  This twisted shank set with brilliant round diamonds frames the center oval in a sparkling halo.

Style: ER14582O3K44JJ
Amari Rose Gold Engagement Ring Setting
Suggested Retail: $1,825

A three stone setting featuring bigger side diamonds is a great way to commemorate the past, present and future.

Style: ER14745R4K44JJ
Sanaa Rose Gold Three Stone Engagement Ring Setting
Suggested Retail: $1,800

Accentuate your 1ct pear shaped center stone in a new and unexpected way with this 14K rose gold chevron setting. The apex of the v-shaped band is adorned with a cluster of round shaped accent stones while smaller pavé diamonds line the upper shank.

If you’re settled on a rose gold engagement ring rest assured you are making a great choice.  For these and other rose gold engagement rings browse our vast online selection or contact our customer service team to design your very own unique ring.