Beyond the Birthstone – Giving a Great “Push” Gift


From the moment you know a new life brings a new kind of love that will be drawn closer to you, your plans change. Even before you cradle your baby gently in your arms, you already know you adore him or her more than anything. Including a push gift in those plans isn’t usually a top priority in all the preparation and chaos but it is definitely worth adding one to the to-do list.

There is astonishingly little useful advice out there about what gift works best to commemorate a new child being brought into a family. Here is a brief, friendly guide to navigating the ins and outs of giving what has come to be known – despite the rise in Cesarean section birth – as a  “push” gift.

What Did People Do In The Past?

This isn’t a craftily devised gift-giving occasion created by conglomerates but a tradition that goes back centuries to the dawn of human history. Because giving birth was arduous and frightening, protective talismans and amulet jewelry were common among hundreds of cultures round the world in the hope of alleviating those fears. A married Tuareg woman in Africa will often be given a necklace of silver and semiprecious stones created by local artisans. The design is slightly different depending on whether she is having a boy or a girl. This gift is also a symbol of the woman’s value in Tuareg society.

In America, when it comes to giving jewelry after a delivery, there is a less formal history. There is a lot of talk of grand gestures and postings of celebrities getting 10-carat diamonds for having “pushed”. Ignore all that and celebrate the person you love who has ushered new joy into your lives!

Who Gives A Push Gift & How To Pick One

Personalization is the best criteria for choosing a push gift., so focus more on the person’s character and less on trying to impress. If you decide on jewelry for the infant, it should be designed to last which is why silver and gold work perfectly. A child will outgrow cute onesies but a silver piggy bank or pewter baby cup will stay in the family for generations.

The baby’s other parent or anyone within the immediate family are the usual givers of push gifts. If you are a lifelong mentor like a godparent or close friend, that’s ok too.

Other Push Gift Ideas

  • Opt for jewelry versatile enough to be worn with any outfit, since comfortable clothes are key post pregnancy.
  • Choose gold or silver based pieces because these will stand the test of time and appreciate in value as the years go on.
  • Personalize the gift with ‘mom’, an image of the child, or the child’s name.
  • And rare is the mom to be who would not appreciate the glamour of a spray of diamonds.
  • Do not make this an ‘investment’ piece, however, something one might stash for safekeeping in a jewelry box. What you’re giving is meant to be worn with pride, and worn often.

The Push Gift & Getaway Make A Perfect Gift Combo

How do you surprise someone who is obviously expecting? Combine this gift with another or the promise an additional one. One of the best ways is to present the jewelry with a card revealing a destination; A peaceful bed and breakfast getaway just a short train-ride away or a return to an exotic island locale where perhaps the baby was conceived.

Push Gift Etiquette

Rather than a medal for enduring 9-months and the pain of labor or for navigating the maze of adoption papers, this is a sweet and genuine gesture to celebrate a miraculous right of passage! Don’t hide your emotions. If you happen to be the mother reading this now, don’t be afraid to discuss what you like to the person who may surprise you with a “push” gift.

If You’re Choosing a Ring

Adding an anniversary band or a stackable ring featuring an inscription or the baby’s birthstone is a great idea! Just remember fingers can swell during pregnancy and postpartum, so getting a ring that can easily be resized or have a resizer placed inside it is the best call. Remember that rings can always be placed on necklaces. This can make it easier to see inscriptions placed inside. This style is sometimes called a posey ring necklace.

Pass It On

Push gifts can and should become multigenerational heirlooms. Necklaces and lockets are most treasured when passed along within a family or to the most meaningful people in your lives. Make sure to have the designs saved in case the piece ever does get lost so it can be recreated.