Bracelet Stacking for an Iconic Bohemian Chic Look



the weather being the perfect temperature, that sweet summer turn fall
contentment, allow yourself to don your bracelet collection that might have
been neglected in the heat of summer. The sound of jingling bangles offers just
a glimpse into the personality of the wearer: Is she a gypsy at heart? Or maybe
you’re someone that needs a little more playfulness to your everyday
professional look. The right combination of bangles offers a story to tell. Gabriel
& Co. carries limitless possibilities of bangles and bracelets that are
made for mix and matching.

Demure collection offers the best styles that are ideal for pairing with many
others to create a symphony of mixed metal colors of white, yellow, and rose
gold. With additional glamorous touches of diamonds and other vibrant
gemstones, creating the perfect bangle collection is like curating an artistic
touch to your outfit.

vintage Bohemian looks – silk caftans, embellished tunics, crochet dresses,
leather sandals, or maybe tall leather boots for the fall. These style notes
are all ideal for stacking many of our Demure bangles. Take after the likes of
the Olsen twins or Vanessa Hudgens, who always nail their signature Boho-chic
looks with effortless jewelry accessorizing. After all, the term “festival
fashion” isn’t bound to the festival anymore. As with any creative styling
process: high risk, high reward. Go for a bold assortment of bangle varieties.

are a few of our favorite Demure collection bangles that offer versatile
styling for every uniquely fashionable woman:

For the woman who
appreciates the luxurious side of life, this Demure collection bangle is a
glamorous addition to any bangle collection. Its 14K yellow gold foundation
offers beautiful segmented chevron shapes covered in twinkling diamonds. A
split enclosure allows for easy accessorizing and an effortless look.

Another example of clean
lines and attention to detail, this delicately styled bangle is comprised of a
14K yellow gold chevron foundation. Like our aforementioned design, the braided
look of chevron shapes takes over this bangle in an appreciation for geometric
composition. With a subtle diamond attribution, this Demure collection bangle
is the perfect addition.

Style: BG4227-7Y45JJ

This standout design offers hints of
vintage Bohemian style that could be seen on the likes of Cher or Liz Taylor’s
iconic Egyptian wardrobe in Cleopatra.
With a delicate design of segmented 14K yellow gold, its foundation wraps
around the arm in a spiraling motion with an open style center. 

Bring a touch of color into
your bangle stacking with deep hues of sapphire blue. With a foundation of  minimal 14K yellow gold, the centerpiece
focuses is on 11 gorgeous sapphire gemstones with twinkling diamond halos. This
style also comes in striking white gold and a blush rose gold foundation.

Style: BG4224-7Y4JJJ

For the edgy personality, this
delicate cuff style bangle offers a 14K yellow gold foundation with pyramid
studs all over the circumference.  Sexy,
sleek, with a touch of rocker-chic vibes, this bangle is another great addition
to stacking many bangle styles.

Every jewelry collector should have this minimal staple. Part of our Demure collection, this piece is essential in bracelet stacking. With a delicate 14K white gold foundation, the entire circumference is covered in a single row of diamonds making this stacking bangle style a sparkling addition.

Add a touch of sass to your look
with this open style bangle with a spiked centerpiece. A demure bangle with
notes of edginess, its 14K white gold foundation pairs perfectly with the
subtle diamond detailing. The duality of its diamond-encrusted spike design
makes this a chic style for the free-spirited personality.

For someone who appreciates
geometric design, this band of 14K white gold is comprised of hexagonal pyramid
shapes. Every other few shapes note an outstanding hexagon of pave diamonds
giving this bangle touches of sparkle at every turn. Mix with a variety of
color palettes with our other color options of yellow and rose gold styles as

Style: BG4075W4JJ

With an air of sophistication and
minimalism, this open style bangle is the ideal for stacking bangles. For the
personality of a more modest nature, maybe diamonds and gemstones are left for
another occasion – this segmented 14K white gold bangle shines a light on the
stunning sheen of its polished mirror-like foundation.

Add a touch of playfulness to your
jewelry styling with this 14K white gold bangle. Part of our Demure collection,
this bangle style is ideal for stacking with others giving its unique
construction. With diamonds all over the foundation, it offers three quatrefoil
diamond stations that resemble sparkling clovers. Appreciate this geometric
design in yellow gold and rose gold, as well as a variety of gemstone colors.

With endless possibilities,
our Demure collection of bangles offers
versatile styles for every type of personality. Feel reminiscent of vintage
Bohemian fashion by stacking just the right amount of bangles to your everyday