Butterfly Necklace – Ways to Style This Charming Jewelry Piece

Butterfly Necklace

Butterflies are the embodiment of spiritual growth and transcendence. Many believe that the life of a butterfly symbolizes great change, rebirth, and renewal. The metamorphosis from caterpillar to butterfly reminds us to let go of old cycles and limitations and embrace a new way of being. In jewelry, the sentiment surrounding the butterfly holds great value. If you’re a fan of continuous growth and learning, then manifesting a butterfly pendant is a meaningful choice.  It’s a tangible way to stay connected to the aspirational symbolism of the butterfly – boundless dreams, a colorful palette, and living life to the fullest. Truly, what is life if not filled with dreams and possibilities. The one who can dream it, can achieve it!  So, Gabriel & Co. has created an array of butterfly necklaces to help you stay connected to your dreams.

Meaning Behind the Butterfly Design

Considering a butterfly’s life stages can be quite instructive to our own life journeys. Metamorphosis is the growth process during which a butterfly transforms from an egg to its adult form. Interestingly, this Greek word means transforming and embracing changes, something we do all our lives and that eventually leads to greater success. The butterfly’s egg stage is all about survival, as caterpillars eat most of the eggs laid by female butterflies. The second, caterpillar stage, is focused on eating and growth. The third stage, ‘chrysalis,’ occurs when the caterpillar has fed itself enough, and goes into a reclusive state; this is the stage of immense growth. Nothing on the outside is changing, but a lot is happening on the inside. For the caterpillar, this stage begins the creature’s metamorphosis into its adult state, the colorful butterfly we prize. For us, this stage is similar to looking within and embracing one’s self. Profound self-reflection and self-awareness lead to unfathomable growth in life. The life of the butterfly reminds us to be willing to put aside everything previously known and embrace new ways of being. 

Most people wear a butterfly necklace to connect to this idea of growth and endless possibility. Isn’t it great when jewelry not only dazzles but also holds a deep meaning or positive affirmation? The gracious butterfly necklace represents new life, letting go of old habits and patterns, and finding inner strength.

Butterfly Necklace Designs at Gabriel & Co.

Gabriel & Co. has crafted an assortment of elegant butterfly necklaces as varied as the butterfly’s beautiful colors. Wear the butterfly as a symbol and express your personality and individual journey of strength, perseverance, and growth.

1. The 14K Yellow Gold Blue Topaz Butterfly Pendant Necklace is a gorgeous way to wear your zest for life around your neck. Since blue topaz is the December birthstone, this necklace is a thoughtful gift for a loved one born in the month. Wear the necklace with monochrome outfits or easy, breezy, summer floral dresses, adding a subtle feminine elegance to every look.

2. Both diamonds and butterflies are synonymous with elegance and beauty. What  better pairing than combining the two in this stunning butterfly necklace? As the diamond-studded pendant inclines to one side, the design draws attention to its creativity and brilliant craftsmanship. A celebration of growth and an unflinching spirit, we suggest gifting this vivacious necklace to yourself, to mark an achievement in life, big or small. After all, it’s not just successes, but efforts toward the goal that make the journey what it is. This necklace is an apt way to reward those efforts.    

3. This 925 Sterling Silver Butterfly Necklace embodies a youthful spirit. It is an openwork design, featuring a sideways butterfly in flight with a white sapphire embellishing its head. With its charming appeal, this necklace will give wings to your dreams, figuratively! You can wear this fun, modern design solo or layered with other charm pendants or silver link chains.

4. This 14k Yellow Gold Butterfly Necklace is a contemporary take on the butterfly that aesthetically reinforces your love for minimalism and an optimistic outlook. Youthful and carefree, the 14k yellow gold butterfly pendant is eye-catching. It is an effortless accessory that really does not need much thought when styling it. Flaunt it with your casual tee and denim look as easily as with a formal dress or office pantsuit. Layer up for a maximalist jewelry statement, or for a minimalist, wear it solo.   

Women love jewelry unconditionally, but when a jewelry piece encapsulates such strong meaning, the affection for a piece grows multifold. Keeping elegant tastes in mind, Gabriel & Co. has an exquisite collection of butterfly necklaces. Browse to discover the one that best captures your spirit!

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