Butterfly Necklaces To Make Your Heart Flutter

The butterfly many believe, are a symbol of great change, rebirth and renewal. The metamorphosis from caterpillar to butterfly reminds us to let go of old cycles and limitations and to embrace a new way of being. Butterflies are the embodiment of spiritual growth and transcendence.

Initially, this spiritual animal represents the birth of an idea, but the transformation to butterfly is the stage where we embrace self-reflection and self-awareness in order to spread our wings and release our inner joy. The experience of every butterfly is to put aside everything that was once known and embrace a new way of being. 

The strength of the butterfly helps us to establish order in our lives, to give weight to the decisions, and to realize what we believe.  In order to grow and transform, we must move beyond our own limitations and fears to realize our goals and an exciting new world.  This beautiful animal reminds us that change is inevitable in all our lives, and to embrace the transformation when a new opportunity arises.  Like the butterfly, we must have faith in the process of change and renewal to free ourselves. 

The journey of transformation is one of the reasons so many people will wear a butterfly necklace. It represents a new life, letting go of old cycles and habits, and finding inner strength. This elegant symbol makes us want to experience the wonders and joys of life and our beauty within.

As varied as the beautiful colors of a butterfly, at Gabriel & Co we have butterfly necklaces that will express your personality and individual journey

The 14K white gold openwork diamond butterfly necklace is perfect to spread your wings with.

The 14k yellow gold open diamond silhouette butterfly necklace truly symbolizes growth and renewal of life.

The sterling silver white sapphire sideways butterfly necklace is a fun modern design that will make you want to fly away and find your dreams.

The 14k yellow gold silhouette butterfly necklace is a contemporary look that expresses your inner strength and joy for life.