7 Gorgeous Preset Engagement Rings

Adore by Gabriel & Co. is a collection of complete engagement rings for young couples highlighted by refreshing and inspired reinterpretations of classic bridal styles. Because these romantic rings have been created to reflect the everlasting love between two individuals, an Adore ring will effortlessly become an integral part of this couple’s exciting milestone and achievement filled future. Like each relationship, every Adore Collection Gabriel & Co Engagement ring glows with its own delicate and unique details. A design that will forever show a bride how much she is loved.


Style #: ER912215C2T44JJ

Cushion Cut Double Halo Engagement Ring

Double the diamonds is the secret of this ring that charms with romantic elegance with the added luster of a delicate blush setting. This nostalgic 1.02 ct diamond engagement ring is a part of our Adore Collection with a suggested retail price at $3,960.




Emerald Cut Halo Engagement Ring

Style #: ER912179E2W44JJ

For the bride who always wants to dazzle with glamour will delight in wearing this .99 ct contemporary stunner. This strikingly bejeweled diamond engagement ring is a part of our Adore Collecton with a suggested retail price at $4,905.




Style #: ER912225M2T44JJ

Marquise Halo Engagement Ring

This Marquise Halo Engagement ring is uniquely enchanting. The Rose Gold Halo enhances the cut and shine of this ring. This fancy Marquise cut catches a bride’s eye with its long shape lengths and 0.84 total ct. The mix and match of metals contrast beautifully together on this $4,310 Adore Collection Ring.


Style #: ER912173O1W44JJ



Oval Halo Engagement Ring 

This solitary Oval Cut Diamond shines brilliantly within its perfect halo. Its sophisticated design features clusters of three round diamonds on both sides of the oval cut center stone plus a pave diamond band, adding to the total ct of 0.69, This artistic ring is a part of our Adore Collection with a
suggested retail price of $2,320.


Style #: ER911319O0W44JJ

Oval Double Halo Engagement Ring

With its Oval Diamond centerpiece  surrounded  by these captivating shapes in detailed diamonds this ring is perfect for the woman with smaller, more delicate hands. This innovative .72 ct ring from the
Adore Collection has a suggested retail price of $2,695.


Style #: ER911315O0W44JJ




Oval Halo Intertwined Engagement Ring

Just as marriage weaves two lives together harmoniously, so does this exquisite Oval Halo Engagement ring in our Adore Collection. Two diamond bands of round pave diamonds join together, separately only to wrapping sensuously around the lovely .83 ct. Oval center stone.  Bold and bewitching this ring from our Adore collection has a suggested retail price of $3,455.

White/Pink Gold Oval Double Halo Engagement Ring

Style #: ER912137O0T44JJ

This White/Pink Gold Oval Double Halo Engagement Ring is for that creative princess. With it’s hidden Rose Gold accents beneath; this bride is a true princess inside. The double diamond halos encompass the beauteous Oval center stone. This Adore Collection Ring, totaling 1 ct, has a suggested retail price of $3,750.

Another Gemstone Of Your Own

Did you know that you have more than one birthstone? 

Color Stone Group Shot_5Though a committee selected by the National Association of Jewelers created the traditional monthly birthstone list just over a century ago, another system was devised centuries earlier based on ancient Hebrew mythological interpretations of the signs of the Zodiac, which can be found in the book called The Curious Lore of Precious Stones. However, in the Hebraic system, it’s not the month that matters, but the day of the week, and the chosen stone for each day possesses singular mystical powers.birthstone-guide

So are you Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday’s child?

Birthstone Chart

  • Gabriel & Co. 14k White Gold Diamond And Sapphire Stackable Ladies Ring
    Gabriel & Co. 14k White Gold Diamond And Sapphire Stackable Ladies Ring

Click the images above for pricing information and where to shop!

So if you never really loved your birthstone, now you have another option.  And if you really do love your birthstone and have pieces that celebrate it, now you have an excuse to start a whole new collection!

The Rise In Rose Gold Everything

IMG_6051-Edit_editRight now rose gold is a tour-de-force in all aspects of modern design. Rose gold accessories, rose gold nails and just about everything else have become a slam-dunk sign of glam. From the darling of lifestyle bloggers to a recognizable guest in wedding registries, rose gold is one of the new best friends of girls and women everywhere.

Rose gold has had a few different names in it’s short life, like pink gold, red gold and Russian gold. Red gold and pink gold are slightly varying shades of gold that have fallen under the catchall term rose gold, as time has gone by. There are many choices too when it comes this shimmering shade. Most jewelers now have rose gold versions for their engagement ring and wedding band designs.Gabriel-ER7527K44JJ-1

Rose gold is a blend of gold and copper that give it a complimentary blushing hue. Rose gold pairs well with all kinds of skin tones, giving a warm, youthful glow to all it touches. It comes in 14k or 18k gold. Rose gold also gives a great extra pop to gemstones and diamonds set within it. Translucent diamonds and pink sapphires get a dramatic facelift when set in rose gold. Mostly because we are so used to seeing them set in white gold.


The rise of rose gold’s popularity can be traced back to the simple fact that it was often seldom seen in jewelry stores or worn with as a fashion accessory. It made a fashionable appearance with some jewelry designers and watchmakers in the 1940s and 1950s but most times it had been on the sidelines compared with the popularity of white gold. Rose gold still has that maverick, fashion-forward, limited-edition quality that appeals to those who want something new while still being understated.

Rose gold was originally fromegg the age of Russian Czars, a time of decadence and turmoil. Rose gold is found on traditional Faberge eggs and Soviet engagement rings in later years. While the demand of rose gold has risen and fallen since it became more widely introduced in the 19th century, it has never had the kind of supercharged popularity it is enjoying at this very moment. Rose gold was known as an embellishment but never the headlining color that yellow gold has been. Until now, that is.

The secret behind rose gold’s stacksuccess comes from its versatility. Rose gold has the ability to pair beautifully with yellow gold and white gold. Any rose gold ring can fit right into a stackable rings set.


Rose gold can also be usedGabriel-ER12823C4T44JJ-2 discretely to distinguish the elegant details that might otherwise be missed, as seen in this ring from our Blush collection.

From tech companies Apple to Samsung, the color rose gold has taken the tech world for it’s perceived luxurious look and uniquely soft copper hue. Rose gold has become a defining color in the minimalist styling and athleisure attitudes of our decade. A trend that’s likely to continue for the foreseeable future, so don’t worry about rose gold going out of style, especially if it fits right in with yours.

Beyond The Birthstone – Giving A Great “Push” Gift

From the moment you know a new life brings a new kind of love that will be drawn closer to you, your plans change. Even before you cradle your baby gently in your arms, you already know you adore him or her more than anything. Including a push gift in those plans isn’t usually a top priority in all the preparation and chaos but it is definitely worth adding one to the to-do list.

There is astonishingly little useful advice out there about what gift works best to commemorate a new child being brought into a family. Here is a brief, friendly guide to navigating the ins and outs of giving what has come to be known – despite the rise in Cesarean section birth – as a  “push” gift.


What Did People Do In The Past?

This isn’t a craftily devised gift-giving occasion created by conglomerates but a tradition that goes back centuries to the dawn of human history. Because giving birth was arduous and frightening, protective talismans and amulet jewelry were common among hundreds of cultures round the world in the hope of alleviating those fears. A married Tuareg woman in Africa will often be given a necklace of silver and semiprecious stones created by local artisans. The design is slightly different depending on whether she is having a boy or a girl. This gift is also a symbol of the woman’s value in Tuareg society.

In America, when it comes to giving jewelry after a delivery, there is a less formal history. There is a lot of talk of grand gestures and postings of celebrities getting 10-carat diamonds for having “pushed”. Ignore all that and celebrate the person you love who has ushered new joy into your lives!

Who Gives A Push Gift & How To Pick One:

Personalization is the best criteria for choosing a push gift., so focus more on the person’s character and less on trying to impress. If you decide on jewelry for the infant, it should be designed to last which is why silver and gold work perfectly. A child will outgrow cute onesies but a silver piggy bank or pewter baby cup will stay in the family for generations.

The baby’s other parent or anyone within the immediate family are the usual givers of push gifts. If you are a lifelong mentor like a godparent or close friend, that’s ok too.


Other Push Gift Ideas:

  • Opt for jewelry versatile enough to be worn with any outfit, since comfortable clothes are key post pregnancy.
  • Choose gold or silver based pieces because these will stand the test of time and appreciate in value as the years go on.
  • Personalize the gift with ‘mom’, an image of the child, or the child’s name.
  • And rare is the mom to be who would not appreciate the glamour of a spray of diamonds.
  • Do not make this an ‘investment’ piece, however, something one might stash for safekeeping in a jewelry box. What you’re giving is meant to be worn with pride, and worn often.


The Push Gift & Getaway Make A Perfect Gift Combo:

How do you surprise someone who is obviously expecting? Combine this gift with another or the promise an additional one. One of the best ways is to present the jewelry with a card revealing a destination; A peaceful bed and breakfast getaway just a short train-ride away or a return to an exotic island locale where perhaps the baby was conceived.


Push Gift Etiquette:

Rather than a medal for enduring 9-months and the pain of labor or for navigating the maze of adoption papers, this is a sweet and genuine gesture to celebrate a miraculous right of passage! Don’t hide your emotions. If you happen to be the mother reading this now, don’t be afraid to discuss what you like to the person who may surprise you with a “push” gift.

If You’re Choosing a Ring

Adding an anniversary band or a stackable ring featuring an inscription or the baby’s birthstone is a great idea! Just remember fingers can swell during pregnancy and postpartum, so getting a ring that can easily be resized or have a resizer placed inside it is the best call. Remember that rings can always be placed on necklaces. This can make it easier to see inscriptions placed inside. This style is sometimes called a posey ring necklace.

Pass It On: 

Push gifts can and should become multigenerational heirlooms. Necklaces and lockets are most treasured when passed along within a family or to the most meaningful people in your lives. Make sure to have the designs saved in case the piece ever does get lost so it can be recreated.


Engagement Rings & Wedding Bands – Where did it all begin?

March 4, 2016

No matter what era of history, all engagement and wedding rings have one shared element  – the perfect circle through which the finger is slipped. At its heart, an engagement ring symbolizes eternity, a love that has a beginning but has no ending.













When any person imagines an engagement ring, what usually comes to mind is a simple gold band with a white round diamond at its center. This iconic image, featured everywhere from emoticons to bachelorette party decorations,  is called a solitaire. But where did it all begin? It was only natural that once humans learned how to master the art of metalworking that they would make a perfect circle for the finger. The ancient Egyptians started the tradition of wearing a ring for weddings. It was always worn on the third finger of the left hand to show a marriage that was close to the heart. The left hand was associated with a woman who was expected to have an unwavering dedication to her spouse.

Marriage rings of the Greeks and Romans also featured center stones and there were rings that had them back then that are commonly found in the modern era.  Two very different styles that were extremely popular from marriages at that time. The first one we are very familiar with – the simple gold wedding band or the unadorned metal band. The other motif is less known. Roman rings often-featured two hands clasped together. Sometimes this was incorporated into the band and other times the image of hands holding each other was carved into a center charm often accompanied by an inscription, the idea being the couple would hold hands for eternity.

For a long time, Christianity viewed wedding rings as a slightly pagan idea before fully embracing them in ceremonies. When they did, they often followed in the path of ancient rings, and were made of gold, iron and bronze.

During all these eras, diamonds used for decorating rings was not uncommon but they were different from the ones we covet now since they were often raw, uncut stones. Many ancient Romans believed that diamonds were the shards from falling stars. However, with the discovery of the mines in Africa, diamonds became as numerous as the stars in the heavens and began being used in all rings.

ER6002W44SA-1 ER11932R0W44SA-1













Prior to the mid-19th century rings often featured sapphires, rubies and birthstones as center stones before diamonds became more widely available. In Europe, broken rings were considered a bad omen so there was a considerable amount of effort put into making them the earthly representation of an unbreakable bond. Gold is one of the most precious metals in existence and gold was used to show that couples had made a serious investment in their relationship. Diamonds fit right into that mindset.

The modern diamond engagement ring takes all of this in account and lets people get creative with that rich history. The modern does not symbolize someone who has been taken. It symbolizes someone who is shared. It is a perfect circle of love.


Three Creative & Simple Ways to Propose

November 20, 2015

Are you getting ready to propose but not sure how to make it something special? Planning a great proposal doesn’t have to be that hard or stressful!  First of all, if you are deeply, madly and truly in love, no matter what you do that love will shine through. However, it’s easy to avoid the rose petal and votive candle clichés while still doing something super romantic. Here are a few ideas that you can customize to create either a personal, at home proposal or a jaw-dropping, show-stopping public proposal ready to post on YouTube. These are ideas designed for any budget and you can purchase all the necessary items or create them yourself if you have that can-do DIY spirit. The best part is that they are guaranteed to make for an unforgettable moment that will be talked about among family or friends for years to come!

The Marry Me Kite Proposal:

Pop the question by taking to the skies! There is nothing more innocent and joyous than watching a kite soar. You and your sweetheart will be holding hands while you real him or her into your future together.

Whether you’ve taken a trip to a tropical island or a drive to the nearby park, a kite is easy to pack and conceal. You can even contact some local kite flying associations if you want a fancy one or purchase one custom made for proposals from independent artist like Uplift Artisan Studios. That’s right – They specifically make kites just for proposals.


The Local Bakery Proposal:

Could this indelible moment really be as simple as having a cake or baked goods made with Will You Marry Me written on it?  You can serve up a magical proposal at a private dinner for two or at a big party this way – weddings begin with a cake, so why not an engagement? Almost any bakery you choose can take both your favorite flavors and mix them together in a cake or a batch of cookies. If you want to be sneaky about it, try playing Google detective or checking out your intended’s Pinterest page. Don’t be afraid to incorporate one of your inside jokes or something purely unique to your relationship. Asking with a reveal cake or cookies can be fun especially when surprising everyone at a family gathering by offering a delicious ‘I Do.’


The Lucky Penny Proposal:


There is nothing more romantic than passing someone a surprise keepsake that they can hold onto for a lifetime. You know those coins that wind up in the take-a-penny, leave-a-penny tray?  Well, they can carry such a sweet secret message. Find one with the year you fell in love or for the date you plan to get married. We recommend pretending to find it on the ground and getting down on one knee. Another way is to simply put it in your lover’s hand while telling them all that you love about them. You can buy pennies and coins like this created by craftsman for less than $10 online and at artsy boutiques all across the USA, or you can make it yourself.



Charm of a Bygone era

February 23, 2016

Sometimes we see a stunning new style of ring, and because we’re caught up in the sparkling moment, it takes us a few seconds before we realize that the style isn’t actually new at all  (Note the Victorian era is 150 years old, not hundreds so it’s misleading).

The Victorian era often conjures up images of gas-lit streets with horse drawn carriages, romantic prose, and idyllic paintings of English gardens. One of the most lasting things from this by-gone era of the British Empire are the rings developed under the reign of Queen Victoria from 1837-1901, featuring gorgeous scrollwork and design flourishes.  Many even had halos.  In fact, they aren’t too different from modern rings.

There are so many sweet meanings behind many of the engraved design elements in the rings from this era. Laurels were a statement of peace and promise against divorce. Stylized oak leaves in an engagement ring meant the bride and groom had a strong relationship. Ivy meant that the couple had a strong devotion to one another to a point of being clingy. Doves, which are rare now, meant for love and fidelity.


The diamond’s beloved status hasn’t changed much since the Victorian days. Having a diamond meant having the best of everything.  Even the Romans used diamonds, except they favored stones were uncut in their gold rings. Diamonds were even more rare back then. The desire was always there, but it was the demand that often couldn’t be met. What changed for the Victorians was the stone’s accessibility. When diamond mines opened up in Africa, diamonds began to appear in many more engagement rings. These did not exhibit the round cut brilliant diamonds or gemstones commonly seen today. The old mine cut or the European cut were popular and although the faceting isn’t the same as a modern brilliant cut, they have an originality and charm all their own. Such diamonds easily fit into the modern settings.

How to Bring a Victorian Touch to a Modern Piece?

  • If you want to do something in keeping with the time period, try having your jeweler engrave the initials A E I into your band. The A E I stands for “Amity, Eternity and Infinity” which was one of the popular ways of symbolizing eternal love at the time.


  • Create a group of stackable rings whose stone names spell out a message. Called Acrostics, this secret use of language was common in the Victorian jewelry.  Get creative and come up with your own combination.  For example, if you wanted to spell out the word “REGARD” stack your rings in this order:  Ruby-Emerald-Garnet-Amethyst-Ruby-Diamond.  For the word “DEAR “stack this quartet of rings:  Diamond-Emerald –Amethyst-Ruby