Citrine: Gem of Motivation


Citrine is a variety of quartz. The color ranges from a pale yellow to brown. Natural citrines are rare. Most commercial citrines are heat-treated amethysts or smoky quartzes, which produces small lines in the crystal. Natural citrine has a cloudy or smoky appearance. “Ox Blood” or “Madeira” citrine is a dark, intensely saturated orangey-yellow.

This quartz stone is made up of two of the most common materials on earth, silicon, and oxygen. Citrine, like its sister quartz, amethyst, is found inside geodes all over the world. A geode is formed by bubbles trapped within volcanic rock or lava. The outer rock hardens, often in a circular or oval shape leaving an empty space inside. This hollow is filled over millions of years by liquids rich in silicon dioxide (and in the case of citrine, elements of iron) that slowly crystallize into the quartzes we all love today.

Citrine is naturally found in the USA, Spain and can be found in Russia, France, Scotland, Africa, the island of Madagascar and Brazil. They are all slightly different and have different characteristics depending on where they are come from.

November Birthstone

For the November baby citrine supports generosity, yet at the same time, helps you hold onto your wealth and support success. It is said that the stone will draw all the good things in life to you.

This popular gemstone has been around since ancient times and has shared a history of mistaken identities with the other November birthstone, topaz. As a result, people thought citrine had the same powers as topaz. They believed the citrine birthstone could soothe tempers and calm the wearer.

History and Fun Facts

  • Soldiers in Caesar’s army wore citrine on their armor believing it to have life-saving properties.
  • Citrine quartz has been worn since ancient times. Citrine was first recorded in English as early as 1385. However, since Citrine looked so much like Topaz, these two gems birthstones shared a history of being misidentified very often.
  • Chinese legends suggest that citrine is a “Stone of Success”, and that should only be given to generous people. 
  • The gemstone is attributed to two different Gods of the past, one being Demeter, the Greek goddess who is linked with productivity and harvests, as well as Sekhmet, the Egyptian goddess connected to power and war.
  • Hardness at 7 on the Mohs scale.
  • Citrine has been called the ‘Merchants Stone’ as it has the power to increase business and profits, helping not only to acquire wealth but to keep hold of it.
  • Derived from the French word citrin, meaning “yellow.”
  • Gem for 13th wedding anniversary
  • The largest citrine ever discovered weighs in at 2258 carats, originates from Brazil, and is displayed at the Smithsonian in Washington.
  • The famed ‘Jolie Citrine Necklace’ is an exciting citrine exhibit in the Smithsonian museum. It features a 177.11 carat pear cut citrine drop in further complemented by 64 graduated bezel set cushion cut citrines, all set in 18 karat yellow gold. The necklace was created in 2015 as part of the ‘Style of Jolie’ jewelry collection, which is a creative collaboration between the American actress Angelina Jolie and noted American jeweler Robert Procop.
  • One of the most spectacular vintage pieces with citrines is the necklace and bracelet suite created in 1940s by Trabert & Hoeffer – Mauboussin. The neck piece is embellished with a removable bow brooch/pendant with graduated rectangular cut citrines, while the bracelet showcases citrine ribbons that surround a large claw set yellow quartz in the center. 
  • Citrine enhances mental clarity, confidence, and will power. 

November-Born Celebrities

Here are some of your favorite celebrities born in November: Jenny McCarthy; Diddy; Emma Stone; Sally Field; Grace Kelly; Miranda Lambert; Anne Hathaway; Ryan Gosling; Neil Young; Goldie Hawn; Prince Charles; Scarlett Johansson; Jimi Hendrix; Tina Turner; Chrissy Teigen; Rita Ora.

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