Does Your Personality Match A Vintage Engagement Ring


When it comes to choosing a vintage engagement ring, we understand that one look doesn’t fit all. This is why we have provided a plethora of styles that reflect different periods of the past. What vintage inspired rings all do have in common—they are imbued with character, soulful elegance and charm. Like you they have certain personality traits and will align with your individual tastes. So which style is you?

Hopeful Romantic / Victorian Inspired

You lead with your heart, believe in soulmates and have found yours. But you also love the secret meanings and sentimentality of the Victorian era, during which time the three stone ring came into popularity with its symbolism of past, present and future. You prefer one that has a vintage look but is seamless in its design.

Platinum Round Three Stone Diamond Vintage Inspired Engagement Ring with milgrain detailing.

Au Natural /Art Nouveau Inspired

Your favorite hobbies are puttering around in the garden or taking a nature hike in the woods. You love fresh cut flowers and the greenery when winter turns to spring. On your wedding day you will wear flowers in your hair instead of a veil. You relate to the Art Nouveau period with its naturalistic motifs and rebellion against all things industrial.

14K White Gold Pear Shape Diamond Vintage Engagement Ring surrounded by leaves on the shank.

Feminine and Flirtatious / Edwardian/Belle Epoque Inspired

You like the finer things in jewelry as you do in life. You are all female and you don’t mind showing it off—your flirtatiousness and your ability to be detail oriented and precise in your desires. For these reasons, you are drawn to a certain type of vintage inspired ring—one with intricate details and and ornate decorative feeling which might include piercing work, filigree , scroll patters and lace-like patterns, all reflecting the design details borrowed from the Edwardian/Belle Epoque era.

Vintage Inspired Engagement Ring in 14K White Gold. It has a round halo and scroll and piercing work all around the shank.

Streamlined Sophisticate / Art Deco Inspired

You are linear in your thinking, prefer your surroundings to be streamlined and pared-down. You don’t want too much “stuff”, instead you will opt for one amazing piece that takes your breath away. You are taken by geometric lines in jewelry, the clean-lines that are inspired by the Art Deco movement. Perhaps because you are a fan of many of the influences of the time period such as advances in architecture and speed in travel, women gaining the right to vote and choosing the clothes that looks best on them.

Art Deco 14K White Gold Halo Emerald Cut Diamond Vintage Inspired Engagement Ring with striking trapezoid side stones which are incorporated into the diamond halo.

Strong and Singular / Mid 20th Century Inspired

WWII ended and we take a lighter look at life as we enter the 1950’s cocktail party decade . After years of platinum going to the war effort and wearing subdued rings with smaller stones in yellow or rose gold. You have witnessed this as a child, playing with your mom or grandmother’s engagement rings. Now that you are getting engaged you want bigger, bolder and statement making rings that can be seen the minute you walk into a room.

14K White Gold Round Diamond Vintage Engagement Ring set into a wide band sparkling with white diamond accents that make for an awe-inspiring look.

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