Everyday Necklaces That are Not Initial Necklaces

The modern-day woman has a very active lifestyle. For days packed with meetings to picking up the children, to happy hour drinks with girlfriends, there is everyday fine jewelry. Fashion necklaces handcrafted from precious metals and embedded with diamonds can be worn every day to look and make you feel great. While initial pendant necklaces have been very popular in recent times, there are exquisitely modern alternatives to choose from to express yourself and transform your look.

Raising The Bar

Bar necklaces are a great way to add sparkle that lasts all day, in a range of silhouettes from simple and straight to gracefully curved and modern ‘v’ shapes. Shimmering diamonds paired with a blouse and blazer for the 9-5 look adds a classic sophisticated touch. After hours, it becomes the center of attention playing against the candlelight or city lights.

Why Not Y-Knots?

Another excellent choice to take you from daytime to playtime is a versatile Y-knot, also known as a lariat, which means, “a long, light rope”. This style echos timeless perfection with a modern twist. Y-knot necklaces are reminiscent of the 1920’s, however, Y-knot necklaces are no longer your great-grandmother’s jewelry! Modern yet classic styles feature diamonds, gemstones and intricate details that speak to each woman’s unique taste. Lengths for Y-knot necklaces range from about 15” to 18” for a tailored just-for-you look. Because of their classic beauty, these necklaces are perfect for an on-the-go weekend running errands, brunch with the girls or just mommy spa time.

All Together Now

Like y-knots necklaces, station necklaces have long chains which are essential to creating one-of-a-kind looks. Station necklaces get their name because they feature a set pattern of diamonds or gems along the length of the necklace. Because station necklaces come in a variety of lengths (16 inches to 36 inches), they can be worn with their out-of-the-box length for one bold effect or doubled or even tripled around the neck to create a layered effect. Mix and match diamonds with gemstones, metal colors and lengths for just the right look for your mood. It’s a great way to play with your options - every day.


The everyday necklace needs to look effortless but still deliver that standout look. Chokers are versatile in shape and design details, making them an excellent choice to be worn with anything in your closet, any day of the week. From the classic choker that delicately adorns the neck to fancy shapes that highlight the delicate contour of the collarbone, choker necklaces can be worn as statements of individuality.

Close To My Heart

Like the personal touch of an initial pendant, the locket is another way to express your love for someone or something dear to you. The locket represents love and so they have been used as keepsakes to hold pictures or locks of hair of a loved one. These are often treated as symbols that we carry around every day to remind us of something or someone significant.

No matter how you wish to express yourself every day, there is a piece of jewelry that can tell your unique story. They say that you shouldn't wear your heart on your sleeve, we believe you should wear your heart, passion and individuality on your neck.

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