Gabriel Everyday (TM) Jewelry: Daytime Diamonds


One of my favorite diamond scenes in a iconic jewelry film is when Marilyn Monroe as Lorelei is shown a tiara, as a she puts it on her neck and told “you wear on your head” and she says,” I just like finding new places to wear diamonds” In the film, she is a women who will loves to pile on a whole lot of bling. Although I’ve never been one to believe that “diamonds are a girl’s best friend”, they definitely create some classic cinematic moments and they are a girl’s best accessory. And, we all like ‘finding new places as well as new pieces and …new ways to wear them’

In real life, the type of diamonds you can wear every day and with most of your wardrobe are essential in creating your jewelry collection. Lively, alluring, and effortlessly chic pieces—that are also relevant takes on timeless looks are the diamond styles we recommend for keeping in you daily or weekly rotation.

Many of the pieces are self-purchase items that you can celebrate the special moments and commemorate the events that have had a role in shaping your life. Other pieces can be gifted to you—for your birthday, anniversary and any holiday that calls for the occasion of a beautiful yet highly versatile diamond piece.

Here are our picks for you daytime wear ever day, wear-anywhere diamonds:

Tennis Anyone: Our update on the classic tennis bracelet, which was once called a line bracelet before Chris Everett’s flew off her wrist on the court.

Style: TB4227W45JJ

Playing Solitaire: The lone diamond makes is the perfect independent piece. It doesn’t need any other jewelry to give it presence. Rather it stands on its own. But it can be the first in a graduated layered look. It’s a piece that should be a starter in you collection.

Style: NK5623W45JJ

All Around Necklace: Diamonds designed to surround the neck with sparkle—either in a continuous pattern or stations of different motifs or shapes. It’s the type of necklace you should invest in as it won’t go out of style and can be dressed up or down.

Style: NK5931W45JJ

The Perfect Stud: There are many studs out there these days but our perfect studs are easy to wear, can mix and mismatch with other earrings, and have charm and depending on the style, sex appeal.

Jumping Through Hoops: These earrings just keep circling around, taking on new dimension, textures, size and proportion. These hoops bespeak an unstudied style and are ready to go anywhere.

Style: EG13974M45JJ

Ring Me: This is when a stack of different width eternity bands or half eternity bands work well and don’t need much though when layering them on your fingers.

Going Long: Linear earrings have come a long way—the are no longer static but rather they have swing and movement yet are still minimalistic and streamlined in their design.

Style: EG13904W84JJ

Cuff it Up- Cuff bracelets, whether narrow or wide are getting a large dose of sparkle—diamonds mixed with yellow gold and they are seasonless, statement making and can be worn on one wrist or stacked on both.