Gabriel Everyday (TM) Jewelry: Going For The Gold

When it comes to jewelry women can wear every day, nothing beats the glow of yellow gold. It is a metal that works with almost all complexions and it can range from smaller layering pieces to bold statement styles. Looks can be inspired by the antique jewels of Victorian times such as lockets or vintage 70s and 80s looks such a large hoop earrings and long chains. When it comes to silhouettes—everything from sculptural, organic, geometric to openwork and filigree all look equally striking in yellow gold. And, textures and finishes are equally appealing –brushed, hammered,  or polished in  patterns such as chevrons, studs and twisted, granulated reveal the versatility of yellow gold.

Here are our choices for what you might want to invest in this season and beyond:


Yellow gold on the ear lends a soft glow around the face. Hoops in different shapes and sizes are an iconic style in yellow gold. Studs and drops offer a delicate, stackable look.

14K Yellow Gold Beaded Ball Criss Cross Huggie Earrings

Style: EG14001Y4JJJ

14K Yellow Gold 30mm Geometric Hoop Earrings

Style: EG14183Y4JJJ

14K Yellow Gold 30mm Geo Cube Hoop Earrings

Style: EG14063Y4JJJ

14K Yellow Gold Diamond Cluster Triangle Huggie Drop Single Earring

Style: EGS13332Y45JJ

14K Yellow Gold Three Pyramid Stud Earrings

Style: EG13746Y4JJJ

Necklaces and Pendants

Necklaces and pendants can be layered or worn alone. A versatile wardrobe of gold pieces will include an engravable pendant, lariat or long Y necklace, choker with movement, a textured long chain and  a solid heart necklace.

14K Yellow Gold Round Engravable Pendant Necklace with Bujukan Bead Frame

Style: NK6462Y4JJJ

14K Yellow Gold Bujukan Bead Station Y Drop Necklace

Style: NK6395Y4JJJ

14K Yellow Gold Bujukan Bead Station Necklace

Style: NK6485Y4JJJ

14K Yellow Gold Puff Heart Pendant Necklace with Diamond Star

Style: NK6501Y45JJ

14K Yellow Gold Twisted Rope Oval Link Chain Necklace

Style: NK6064Y4JJJ

14K Yellow Gold Engravable Oval Locket Necklace with Twisted Rope Frame

Style: NK6504Y4JJJ


Bracelets range from different pattern cuffs and bangles that create a textural stack you can wear together piled up your arm or split up and wear two or three on one wrist and one or two on another. To offset the look, throw in a chain or bracelet with a charm dangling from it. When it comes to a modern curation of bracelets, anything goes.

14K Yellow Gold Pyramid Cuff Bracelet

Style: BG4224-65Y4JJJ

14K Yellow Gold Bujukan Bead Cuff Bracelet with Pyramid Stations

Style: BG4421-65Y4JJJ

14K Yellow Gold Chevron Pattern Cuff Bracelet

Style: BG4391-65Y4JJJ

14K Yellow Gold Twisted Rope Bangle Bracelet

Style: BG4401-65Y4JJJ

14K Yellow Gold Bracelet

Style: TB4499Y4JJJ


Three rings that stack perfectly create an easy way to get out of house in the morning. To add a personalized twist, add in an engravable signet ring on another finger, one which you can inscribe with initials, word, or name.

14K Yellow Gold Pyramid Ring

Style: LR51851Y4JJJ

14K Yellow Gold Oval Station Ring

Style: LR51927Y4JJJ

14K Yellow Gold Bujukan Bead Ring

Style: LR51945Y4JJJ

14K Yellow Gold Round Signet Ring with Twisted Rope Frame

Style: LR51829Y4JJJ