Exquisite Pave Engagement Rings


Pave, French for paved, is a term used to describe many small stones set close together, creating what looks like an unbroken surface of diamonds or other gems. Pave engagement rings enhance the appearance of the center stone and add to the overall brilliance of the ring. A pave diamond ring can even give the illusion that the entire shank is made of diamonds. 


Style #: ER4363-6W83JJ

There are many ways to incorporate pave detailing into an engagement ring setting. A halo made of pave diamonds is a clever way to make a center stone appear larger, especially for budget-conscious couples. Micropave, which utilizes even smaller stones, can add brilliance to unexpected areas. And pave designs with milgrain edges lend a ring a more antique feel.


Style #: ER12002R6W83JJ

From luminous pave halos to skillful micropave bands, pave engagement rings are valued for their delicate appearance and dazzling sparkle. The technique is so versatile, pave rings are beloved by brides of all styles, from vintage to classic to modern. Discover the perfect Gabriel & Co. pave diamond ring to pledge your love and commitment to the woman of your dreams.