Facets of Life: Dressing Up & Going Out Again


Cancelled parties, postponed weddings, bar  mitzvahs and cocktail parties reduced to zoom calls. For over a year, our social calendars were sadly wide open. There was no reason to zip up, step into, or slip on something that made you look elegant, feel very special, or gave you reason to add much sparkle.

But as shockingly fast and disorienting as our collective social shutdown was, our world is opening up again with startling speed and an eagerness to celebrate. So, get ready for all the ways in which you get mail to be studded with invitations to back on again nuptials, backyard cocktails, sit down dinners, extravagant anniversaries, in fact, almost any excuse to gather again surrounded by toasts and hugs. 

And you know what that means? It’s time to get dressed up! And by that we don’t mean your coziest silk or cashmere sweats no matter how comfortable they feel or what you spent on loungewear. No, throw open that closet and reach in for those neglected party dresses, once-favored gowns, sidelined tailored suits, dive into your jewelry case for favorite gleaming drop earrings and bangles, and, if you still can remember how to walk in them strap on those high heels. You may need to practice.    

To get you in the mood, for this month’s Designer Flash, Gabriel & Co. has chosen a return engagement with one of the red carpet’s favorite designers, Elie Saab, we can’t think of a more appropriate artist to seduce you into unwrapping those favorite outfits that’s been shrouded for too long in tissue paper from the dry cleaners. In fact, for this season, the Lebanese couturier has designed gowns so unabashedly bold and vibrant, you may want to grab your credit card to make a grand entrance in one of these eye-catching stunners.  

And how can you revel in a return to glamour without indulging in accessories, reacquainting yourself with favorite, cherished Gabriel & Co. pieces, or even better, checking out all the deliciously delicate jewelry we have crafted in anticipation of your return to glorious nights on the town, on the aisle, or across a crowded room. You’ll discover our website has never been more resplendent with options in both the fashion and bridal categories (we even have men’s pieces!) or easier to navigate than it is right now.   

So, book a facial, schedule a main/Pedi, get a new haircut, book a day of shopping with a friend, and go online at Gabrielny.com and, thanks to Elie Saab’s sweeping sense of drama and our swoon-worthy cascade of sparklers, get excited about returning a safer, healthier world, where you can shine again.  

Read the full interview with Hal Rubenstein & Elie Saab https://www.gabrielny.com/designer-flash-elie-saab-2021