Facts About Choker Necklaces

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After a long history dating back through ancient civilizations, choker necklaces have re-emerged as an on-trend accessory. Read on to learn about the history of chokers, why we’re glad they’re back, and styles to choose now that look better than ever.

According to historians, choker necklaces have been around for thousands of years. Evidence indicates that women in ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt wore chokers as emblems of protection and power. Since then, chokers have periodically come in and out of fashion. Portraits show that during the Renaissance (15th & 16th centuries), short necklaces were again worn high on the throat. In the late 19th century, chokers were favored by European royalty, particularly the fashionable Princess of Wales. Chokers also flourished during the Art Nouveau & Art Deco eras (1920s and 1930s), often crafted with pearls or velvet ribbons.

Nowadays many women associate choker necklaces with the ‘90s, when less expensive iterations like the plastic tattoo choker enjoyed widespread popularity. Fortunately, today’s chokers are significantly more sophisticated. From simple and delicate to dramatic look-at-me styles, the finer versions available today offer a return to form for this beloved accessory.

A horizontal pavé diamond bar cinches this mixed metal lariat choker necklace, finished with two dangling diamond spikes.

This delicate choker with a curved diamond bar and marquise diamond charms is a versatile option for layering with other necklaces.

A series of dainty spikes bring an unexpected edge to this classic diamond choker necklace rendered in on-trend 14K rose gold.

In this luminous diamond choker, alternating round and kite shapes create a simple yet striking geometric silhouette.

Chokers can modernize office ensembles, set off a simple white t-shirt, or be the focal point when you’re dressed to the nines. With the diverse array of choker options at your fingertips, you’ll find endless ways to experiment and make this storied necklace style feel fresh once again.

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