Gabriel & Co.’s Ten Jewelry Essentials

Always Have a Shine On


The Little Black Dress, The Crisp White Button Down,The Pencil Skirt, The Belted Trench, The Leather Motocross Jacket,The High Heeled Boot, and The Ballet Flat: These are just some of the basic wardrobe essentials that every woman can rely on when building a ready-for-anything wardrobe. 

Well, at Gabriel& Co, we believe in the power and persuasion of accessorizing with Fine Jewelry Everyday, so what better way to make that effortless reality than to create a wardrobe of jewelry essentials as well.  Since our online catalog of options is as staggering as it is appealing, we thought it is best to guide you in determining what 10 pieces you absolutely need in your jewelry box:


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Most women have their ears pierced while in elementary, so it’s not surprising why stud earrings are at the top of our list.  From a timeless diamond stud, to birthstones, to elaborately mixed metals, you’re bound to find a favorite pair.


The hoop may be the sexiest earring that goes with simply everything. From T-shirt and jeans, to a strapless velvet gown, the same hoop can hit a bullseye however you target your style. The only question is, how big of a hoop are you comfortable wearing on a regular basis? Be sure to take in account, the length of your hair, daily activities, the weight of the hoop, and particular facial features. The stronger and more dramatic, the wider the hoop, whereas delicate features would take a thinner hoop. And does your wardrobe favor gold, silver or white gold?

For women who are hesitant to try a large hoop earring, the best way to understand their scale is to try them on in front of a three-way mirror. A head-on mirror distorts the scale. Gabriel & Co. also features incredible detailing inside and around some of our hoops. If you still think it’s too much for an everyday wear, try opting for the little sister of the hoop, which is the Huggie. These are small hoops that fit closely around your earlobe. So while they might appear more reserved, there is something very sensual about the way they “hug” the ear.

most-bot2ONE SMASHING TIP YOU WILL THANK US FOR – Gabriel & Co. is the ONLY fine jeweler that offers a screwback hoop earring. You will NEVER lose another hoop again.

Midi rings started out as a faddish piece of ornamentation but their instant acceptance and success now deem them a staple in women’s jewelry boxes. Midi rings sit on your finger above the lower knuckle. It’s a quirky enough addition to any look, either casual or professional. Gabriel & Co. has a vast collection of midi rings. From solid gold, to diamond studded, to colored gems, midi rings not only look different, they boast the advantage of being conversation starters.


A striking essential, the statement ring is the final touch, the confirmation to one and all, that you heading out there looking your best.  That doesn’t mean you can’t wear one with jeans as easily as a gown. But it does mean your hair and makeup have to be flawless.  What makes Gabriel & Co. statement rings so uncommonly special is that they don’t necessarily rely on size or overwhelming volume to create impact.  Instead, our rings boast ergonomic ingenuity, unexpected geometry, and incomparable detail to make their mark.

They are fun, playful, eye-catching, intricate and one of the most playful ways we know to show off your individuality. Gabriel & Co. offers an unparalleled array of Stackable ring choices. If you can imagine it, we probably have it. And if you can’t, we probably did it anyway. Wear as many or as few as you like, on as many fingers as you dare. Stackables can make an infinite number of one-of-a-kind combinations.

An everyday necklace is as essential as your favorite pair of stud earrings.  It’s a piece you may never take off or even one that’s so natural to wear you may forget it’s on, until you have to respond to the inevitable compliment.  A simple triangle pendant or, an amulet, a faceted birthstone on a chain, even a personalized initial necklace can easily become as much a part of you as your daily skim latte.

The timeless classic has had an update. In fact, check out our Gabriel & Co, best-selling Demure bracelets and marvel at how the options are now so varied, graceful and fluid that we hesitate to call them “tennis” bracelets anymore because you are going to want at least one of these even if you have never held a racquet, let alone landed a drop shot.

Whether you wear one or half a dozen, bangles are fun.  They’re jaunty, musical, a bit boho, and they readily respond to movement. What makes Gabriel & Co. bangles so wonderful is the incredible variety of weights, shapes, and sizes we offer: open ones are often capped by multi-colored semi-precious stones, many wide ones have hinges for easy slipping on, the body-conscious sculptural diamond ones are jaw-dropping spotlight catchers. We even have one that can wrap around your own wrist like a Slinky. Our advice — Don’t leave home without one.

They could be two straight drops of stones, loop de loops of diamonds, jeweled feathers sporting movable hinges, or a sapphire centered in matching arrowhead of brilliants. Find an earring design that combines delicacy with drama, individuality with intricacy, and whose beauty kindles a desire to call them your own. Wear them when you feel extra special or just because it’s Tuesday.

Add a dash of daring, maybe even edge to your jewelry arsenal with a diamond-studded wing pendant necklace, a white gold collar that wraps around your neck ending in two showers of diamonds or a spiked one like our 14k White Gold Kaslique necklace. You don’t need to change one element of your wardrobe to accommodate this singularity. In fact, the less fuss you make about wearing something so out of the ordinary, the more irresistible you are bound to look.