Gift Yourself: The Best Jewels You Can Self-Purchase After The Holidays


How many of you women out there were hoping for a little sparkle to wear during the holiday season but received instead new-fangled cookware that can roast a chicken or create an entire Mexican feast, perhaps an air fryer or one of the other highly rated appliances to keep your significant other and family happily fed. Although you may find them quick and easy to prepare meals while helping with your children’s schoolwork on Zoom or having your own WFH meetings on Zoom, they are the type of utilitarian piece you buy at 4AM when you can’t sleep, not the gifts you want to receive from your life partner. Cozy slippers and robes—ditto, the expensive sheets and new duvet you’ve been ogling—still didn’t cut it. While these are gifts you can buy for yourself –if you didn’t get the new pair of diamond drop earrings or the gold and diamond bangle you have been enraptured with online, if your hints didn’t make it past your iPhone left open on the table—then January is the perfect time to purchase a piece of jewelry for yourself.

We have split the types of jewelry into three categories and have suggested just a few pieces in each—hopefully leading you on to find your perfect piece

1. Updated classics such as the new tennis bracelets, edgy studs and chic diamond lariat or Y-necklaces:

14K White Gold Diamond Tennis Bracelet with Round Cluster Stations to wear with your basic tennis bracelet.

14K White Gold Five Row Diamond Station Ring a versatile look when you want the style of stacking rings.

14K White-Yellow Gold Diamond Bangle to wear alone or stacked.

18K White Gold Diamond Station Y Necklace that can be worn with a white shirt or deep V-neck.

14K White Gold Hexagonal Diamond Halo Stud Earrings are the perfect update to your staple round studs.

14K White Gold Spiky Diamond Hoop Earrings offer an edgy feel to more classic diamond hoops.

925 Sterling Silver Mother of Pearl Earrings with White Sapphire Accents as a feminine alternative to the more proper pearl earring.

2. Meaningful Jewelry that act as talisman or pieces that are significant to your life, goals, beliefs and dreams in some way:

14K Yellow Gold Diamond Infinity Heart Pendant Necklace which represents love that is continuous and never ending.

14K Yellow Gold Diamond Star Pendant Necklace to bring you good luck and guidance.

14K Yellow Gold Round Sapphire, Diamond and Ruby Evil Eye Bracelet to be worn for protection.

14K Yellow Gold Crescent Moon Diamond Pendant Necklace as a statement of female empowerment.

925 Sterling Silver Chain Bracelet with White Sapphire Anchor Charm which represents hope.

14K Yellow Gold Love Ring for all types of love.

3. Engravable jewelry that can say anything you want a pendant or ring to say or the memories and moments in time you want them to represent:

14K Yellow Gold Round Engravable Pendant Necklace with Bujukan Bead Frame for a textured look.

14K Yellow Gold Diamond Halo Engravable Heart Pendant Necklace which adds a little sparkle to your look.

14K Yellow Gold Chain Bracelet with Rectangular Diamond Framed Engravable ID the perfect blend of casual and chic.

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