Gifting Without Tears

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A couple of gift giving suggestions you can actually use year round!

Style #: LR50533Y45JJ

Well believe it or not, you actually have more time than you think, provided you embrace the following strategy: a plan of attack that requires your complete focus in order to reduce endless hours of searching through limitless options. So instead of racing to the mall or jumping online to tear through sites, sit down, relax and read.

The key to buying the best gifts is paying attention to the people you want to please. Turn down your own speed and volume, and you will soon discover that they are constantly invoking their loves and likes, dreams and cravings, wishes and wants.

In case you are a little late to this realization, it’s easy to make-up for lost time. Try flipping through a magazine with them in arm’s reach. Show them something — an object, a store, a website — that you find intriguing and invite them to stick in their two cents. Or better yet, suggest a movie this weekend, making sure it’s playing at the multiplex cinema in the mall and suggest going early, so you can take your time and window shop. Find the mall’s site map online, and make sure you plot your ‘stroll’ past the clothing, home, and most certainly, the jewelry stores that are sure to peak interest. Take notes.  It’s that simple.

For the women reading this:


Style #’s: NK4780SVJBS & EG12521SVJBS

Don’t be coy. Help the guy out. He wants you to be happy. No, he wants you to be ecstatic. Rave about someone’s earrings you saw on a red carpet. Point out a bangle in a store window. You don’t have to be obvious, – no blatant outbursts of “I want that!” – but more of like a sweet off-handed comment like “Isn’t that pretty?” That’ll do the trick.

For the guys reading this:


Style #: NK5436Y45JJ

Channel your inner CSI fantasy: Investigate which means get a little sneaky. Pay attention to the clothes she wears over the next few days, the brands she favors and colors she chooses. But the real style tip-off is a woman’s preference of bags and shoes, the most reliable indicator of her taste because these two accessories are almost always ‘passion purchases.’Naturally, note the jewelry your intended giftee wears most often (by the way, is anything pierced?), and keep in mind the style of pieces that get repeated. Also, check her Instagram postings and Pinterest apps for noteworthy signs of cravings.

However, if you are fortunate enough to wake up next to each other and really want to play sleuth, snoop inside your lady’s jewelry case. Does she wear more gold than silver? Is she attracted to a certain color stone? What length are her necklaces? Have a small tape measure or ruler handy for the diameter of a bracelet. Don’t try to remember: write your findings down. Side Note: You can also take your lady by the wrist while walking and mark on your palm where your fingers touched. If you are thinking about purchasing a ring, “borrow” one of the rings she wears less often for sizing. Take smartphone pictures of everything.

Take your gathered information, and go directly to Gabriel & Co.’s website and give yourself enough time to explore the marvelous range of possibilities. To make things a little easier, here are some suggestions based on personality types you might find useful.

Ladies, please, jump to another entry now, as this is supposed to be a surprise, remember?


Feminine Casual: NK4974, LR50751, EG12935

Punk Chic: NK4698LR51038, LR51055, BG3883

Bohemian: LR50358, NK4414, EG12903

Classic Sophisticated: NK3532, LR51045, LR50477, NK5325

One last point of advice — Don’t buy what you think she will like because guessing rarely works in any situation. Buy her something that YOU like, a keepsake YOU would be delighted or even blush to give her. It doesn’t necessarily ensure success, but if you score a direct gush, it does guarantee you will enjoy seeing her wear it as much as she will always smile knowing that it came from you.

So, have you started agonizing over your gift list yet? Just about all of us are. It’s like a collective reflex that jolts us the moment the Rockefeller Center tree is lit. But nothing is more stressful than staring at a list with the names of people who matter the most to you.

For your holiday shopping, Shop By Personality or use our Holiday Gift Guide.

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