Hoops Round-Up: All The New Styles

Hoop earrings are as ubiquitous to a women’s jewelry rotation as a LBD, white shirt or black pair of boots to her fashion essentials. Throughout the 20th and early 21st century hoops circled in and out of style like other pieces of jewelry but in the past five years they have become a staple of a woman’s wardrobe. In part this is due to the fact that we have kept our hoop earrings and pulled them out and have worn them again over the years. But more importantly, at Gabriel & Co, they are the earring style that are being revived and are available in an endless array of styles.

The ear-centric trend has turned up the creativity on how we design everything from huggies to our 70mm hoops. We have seen hoops on the red carpet over the last couple of seasons in everything from diamond to gold to colored gemstones versions and they have been all over the ready-to-wear runways which have inspired a collective demand among our clients for renewed and rejuvenated looks.

And then there are the hoop girls—Beyoncé, Rihanna have both rocked hoops but no one does it better than J. Lo. She wears them in almost every publicity shot and back in December 2019, she performed a humorous skit around her favorite earring styles when she hosted SNL Watch it on YouTube. You will never want to be without a pair of hoops again.

But before we get into our new styles we are featuring, let’s take a brief look at the history of hoops?

Hoops have been around for centuries and in all cultures and civilizations. They traveled to Africa, Asia Ancient Egypt, Rome and Greece, symbolizing everything from tribal identity to religious beliefs.

In the Georgian era, hoops consisted of all around foil backed stones set into gold, most popular were the flat cut garnets. Poissardes, which translates into fishhooks and were named after fish wives in French were also a popular hoop style that sat closer to the ear in the 1800s, closed back to front were offered in a variety of diamond, gemstone and paste styles. In the mid 19th century during the archaeological revival period, snake hoops which also closed from back to front with the snake head facing the lobe were shown in high karat gold in different sizes. Along with these, hoops with granulation (tiny hand-wrought beads) and other gold textural devices were used.

Perhaps the most popular time period before now were their welcome return during the free-spirited ‘60s and the feminist movement of the ‘70s with celebrities like Ali McGraw, Natalie Wood, Twiggy and Julie Christie often photographed in them and also wearing them in films.

They are one of the powerful looks of the ear-centric styles for every age and demographic. So take a spin around our website and find your favorite styles. Can any woman have enough hoops?

Pear Shape Diamond Huggie Earrings:

These 14K White Gold Open Pear Shape Diamond Huggie Earrings wrap around the ear in a sculptural teardrop offering a lot of style and sparkle. You will also Never lose an earring again with our patented screw back locking mechanism.

Diamond Baguette and Round Station Hoop Earrings:

These 14K White Gold 40mm Diamond Baguette and Round Station Hoop Earrings offer a streamlined and sophisticated look with baguette diamond stations.

Round Classic Inside Out Diamond Hoop Earrings:

These 14K White Gold 30mm Round Classic Inside Out Diamond Hoop Earrings are a fun take on diamond earrings –the type that you can wear during the day and they can also take you into the evening with ease.

Round Classic Diamond Hoop Earrings:

These 14K Yellow Gold Prong Set 20mm Round Classic Diamond Hoop Earrings feature little clusters of diamonds that twinkle like the constellations and will light up your face like stars light up the sky.

Split Diamond Bujukan Hoop Earrings:

These 14K Yellow-White Gold 30mm Split Diamond Bujukan Hoop Earrings are a ultra-modern take on diamonds and gold beadwork. They are textural and full of personality.

Chevron Diamond Station Huggie Earrings:

These 14K Yellow Gold Wide 15mm Chevron Diamond Station Huggie Earrings offers a tactile effect in small huggies or…

…in a larger version of the hoops in 14K Yellow Gold 30MM.

The smaller pair are more classic, while the larger more fashion conscious.

Twisted Rope Link Huggie Earrings with Diamond Pavé :

Style: EG13955M45JJ

These 14K Yellow-White Gold Twisted Rope Link Huggie Earrings with Diamond Pavé are the newest take on the Cuban link. Links have been trending in necklaces and bracelets and we have interpreted them into earrings as well as rings.

Shop all of Gabriel & Co.’s hoop collections here and find the perfect pair for you!