How to Choose the Best Hoop Earrings for You

Every woman looks sensational in a pair of hoops. Hoop earrings are the best way to make any look sexier and will never go out of style, just like a black pump or your favorite LBD.

But How Do You Choose Which Pair Of Hoops Is Best For You?

You’ll either fall in love with a pair, put them on, and you’re done because you’ll never want to take them off. First step is to find which hoops look best on you. Whether you are channeling Rihanna with her XL diamond hoops or going for a subtler look like Emily Ratajkowski or Hailey Bieber, we’ve rounded up some of the tips our stylists use when trying on hoops that can be worn every day.

The Size Of The Hoop

The larger the hoop is, the more movement it will have, and the more it will frame your face, which will garner more attention.


Small hoops or huggies (less than 20mm) are perfect for everyday wear, as they aren’t over the top. They still showcase all the brilliance and elegance of a diamond hoop earring without taking too much attention. This is partly what makes small hoops perfect for transitions from day to night events. Small diamond hoops complement medium to longer hair lengths, and most face shapes.

Medium Diamond Hoops (20mm to 40mm)

A sparkling pair of medium diamond hoops really amplifies style, especially when worn with simple or casual outfits. Medium-sized hoops are dressier and add that extra touch of dazzle to your outfit. Thicker pairs go well with formal wear and have a statement look, whereas thin diamond hoops can blend in more seamlessly with a casual outfit. This is the most popular size of hoop earrings that are flattering on anyone.


Large Hoops ( 50mm to 70mm)

A brilliant statement set for a night out, large diamond hoops make a dazzling impression. Think wistful up-do, diamond hoops, heels, and red lipstick. These are a special occasion, investment set worn to make a strong impression. Large diamond hoops complement an up-do hairstyle nicely and draws focus to the face. They are for the woman is edgy while staying grounded.


XL Hoops (More than 70mm)

Currently, one of the biggest fashion trends is impossibly large hoops, trending across global fashion designer runways. An extra-large extravagant look favored by celebrities, and adopted by the modern woman with a taste in fashion. The XL diamond hoop will take your appearance to the next level but it does take some attitude to pull off. Choose the XL hoops when you want to make a 'I have arrived' statement.


The Weight of The Hoop

You want them to be comfortable enough for you to wear all day or all night!  Gabriel & Co. hoops are so light, it makes wearing every size a possibility.

The Length of Your Hair

Will a delicate and dainty hoop get lost in your long luscious locks? Is a big hoop going to overwhelm a short crop, or perfectly juxtapose a bob?  How does the effect of the hoop change when you wear your hair up or down?

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Gabriel & Co. are the only fine jewelers whose hoops feature a “screwback” closure, so the one thing you won’t have to think about when living in our hoops are them sliding out of your ear without your knowledge.