How to Enjoy a Sparkling Summer by Hal Rubenstein

By now, you know that at Gabriel, we’d no sooner leave the house without jewelry than we would without shoes, mascara, or money.  But we have to admit that when it’s time to savor the glorious rays of summer, adjustments must be made to make a statement.

Now is the time you choose cotton sweaters instead of wool, and pants more likely to be woven in linen than flannel.  Well, we believe in having a summer jewelry wardrobe as well.  These are some of the ways you can look and be smart this season.

  1. Muslin, poplin, washed cotton, chambray and georgette. What do all these summer fabrics you favor have in common? They’re practically weightless.   Why shouldn’t your jewelry be just as light and airy?  Exchange your thick cuffs for slim but distinctive bangles like our new Bujukan gold beaded circlets.  Try our new create-your-own-one-of- a-kind-charm-capturing Gaby pendant. Set aside that cocktail stunner for the fun in assembling our Stackable and Midi Rings. Imagine the appeal of a bare shoulder to bare shoulder golden tan broken only by the radiance of a single Kaslique diamond shard.   In fact, all of Gabriel’s Fine Jewelry Everyday Collections offer similarly sophisticated and perfect choices for the season.   That’s what’s so cool about summer.  You don’t need a statement necklace to make statement.
  1. While it’s cool to favor these open weave, gauzy, and fluid fabrics when the thermometer climbs, it’s that much easier to catch these clothes on a prong, a hook, or a deliberately stray design flourish. So regardless of your normal routine, put your jewelry on last, and take it off first.  And because the body part we like to adorn that moves the most is your arms, test out those bangles before leaving the house so that so that they don’t readily get caught in your top or skirt, because an oversight so seemingly small can wind up as distracting as that horsefly that just won’t leave you alone on the beach.  Details always matter.
  1. Once you have your jewelry on, DO NOT take any of it off for any reason until you return home. Avoid removing favorite baubles for the sake of a sport, garden work, suntan oil, dive into the pool or dip in the ocean.   You are simply asking to lose, misplace, or forget about it, or even worse, have it stolen.  A beach tote (the bags may be light and fun, but because you tend to toss everything in them they wind up a Black Hole of vital belongings), a golf bag, or the inside of your espadrilles is not a safe.  One of the best advantages of our Gabriel hoop earrings is their patent pending screwback which insures you will never lose that hoop whether you catch the wave or not.  Our most recent demure bracelets have a brand new, incredibly secure latch.  And our bangles actually curve to be more ergonomically secure.  Sun tan oil only makes fine jewelry sticky.  (It’s a myth that it discolors it).  Too much chlorination can temporarily dull gold or silver’s finish.  Nevertheless, keep your jewelry on.  However, keep a jewelry polishing cloth handy.
  1. Adjust your jewelry wardrobe to your travel destination. You wouldn’t pack the same dress for opening night of the Royal Shakespeare Company at Stratford-on-Avon as you would to go straight from the beach to a seaside taverna in Mykonos.  Be logical.  Should you be traveling with favored, sentimental or irreplaceable pieces (and there is no reason why you shouldn’t), instead of using room safe, inquire about a more secure and less accessible house safe supervised solely by the hotel manager and/or concierge.  Inquire at the front desk.   Additionally, check your insurance policy for limits on individual pieces.   It may be worth creating a separate policy for jewelry and watches.  Either way, always individually photograph, all the jewelry you are packing. 
  1. Because diamonds can scratch pearls, prongs can link and chains may intertwine, pack each piece of jewelry in small, individual plastic bags and thread your chains through bendable paper straws if you don’t already have a jewelry roll. The original boxes take up way too much room.
  1. No matter what the TSA agent will tell you, solid gold and sterling silver will not set off the security buzzer. However, if you have jewelry other than Gabriel, clasps and catches constructed of other metals could be the reason.  You may wind up trying this out through trial and error.
  2. I think ankle bracelets are as sexy as a light kiss on a sunburned cheek. Though they aren’t listed that way on our Gabriel site, measure your ankle circumference (it probably isn’t that much larger than your wrist) and select the appropriate size from either Gabriel’s chain or threaded beaded bracelets.  Try it.  You may be bewitchingly surprised
  3. All stones glisten under the August sun or when bathed in full moonglow. But no gems catch the light better than diamonds