How to Layer Your Initial Necklaces

Layering initial necklaces is a fun way to add depth to your style, and is a great way to take pieces you already own and create a fresh, new look. It’s one of my favorite ways to style jewelry, and layering initial necklaces is quickly becoming so much more than just a trendy look!

However, sometimes it can feel challenging to figure out exactly HOW to layer your necklaces to create an effortless look. Wondering how to layer initial necklaces to create the style you want? Check out these tips on how to create your own perfect initial necklace stack with beautiful pieces from Gabriel & Co!

What is the best way to layer a necklace?

Layering initial necklaces is a fun way to create a variety of looks, and there are a few steps that make it even easier to achieve. One of the easiest tips is to mix and match the style of necklaces you are layering.

Start with a primary initial necklace as your focal point, and work from the top down, like this beautiful and classic white gold and diamond initial pendant.

18 inch 14K Yellow White Gold Round L Diamond Initial Pendant Necklace

You can pair this beautiful pendant necklace with a bold choice, like a choker necklace or another pendant necklace with a thicker chain. Use a pop of color with enamel or charms to add depth as well, or add a beautiful gemstone necklace to really create an eye-catching look.

Want to create a cascade effect that helps each piece stand out? We suggest layering necklaces of different lengths! Here’s a simple breakdown of necklace lengths for reference:

Standard layered necklace lengths

Choker: 14-16 inches

Princess: 18 inches

Matinee: 20-24 inches

Opera: 30 inches

Ropes & Lariats: 35 inches or more

Have two initial necklaces that you love, but they’re both the same length? Many Gabriel & Co. necklaces come with a 3 jump-ring feature, which allows the necklace to be layered from the following lengths: 15.5”, 16.5” and 17.5”! It’s amazing the difference a few extra inches added to a chain can make on the way your initial stack looks! 

Another tip is to use contrasting metals. While this was once considered taboo, mixing metals is a trend that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere! By combining different metals, you can create a look that pops and allows each piece to stand out easily.

As a mom, I love layering initial necklaces with the first initial of my children’s names! The yellow gold of this G initial necklace is perfect for my youngest, Grey:

14K Yellow Gold “G” Initial Necklace

While this white gold and diamond letter A initial necklace is a great option in a different metal to represent my older son, Archer:

14K White Gold Diamond “A” Initial Pendant Necklace

Want to make the mixed metal look even easier? This stunning yellow gold and diamond initial necklace does just that, and I love incorporating the letter B for my last name:

14K Yellow Gold Diamond “B” Initial Pendant Necklace

How many necklaces should you layer?

While the number of necklaces you layer is entirely up to you, most experts agree that you should wear at least three necklaces when you are layering. This gives you the best opportunity to mix it up with different varieties of length! I love to layer my two shorter initial necklaces with a third longer rope or lariat necklace.

How to layer necklaces without tangling

When you are wearing layered necklaces, there’s a chance they might end up intertwining during your day. If you’re concerned about tangles, one of the best ways to combat this is by choosing chains with different thicknesses. This makes your layered necklaces less like to become twisted together.

If you find a tangle that you are struggling to get out, the best way to untangle them is by using a pin or needle to gently release the tangles. 

Gabriel & Co has the perfect initial necklaces for your own necklace stack! No matter your budget or taste, you’re sure to find something beautiful to add to your jewelry collection. Check out all of Gabriel & Co.’s initial necklaces here.