How To Layer Your Necklaces

Layered Necklaces Are Bold And Make An Impact

Layering necklaces has become as iconic as wearing a LBD. It’s been trending for several years and has become the way to wear necklaces. If you got into wearing multiple necklaces early on, today you will almost feel as if something is missing if you don’t have at least three styles graduated two or more inches apart of your neck. How you stack your necklaces is all about individuality but at Gabriel, we aren’t a fan of the hashtag on IG #neckmess. It suggests that you are putting so many necklaces on, you won’t be able to see the beauty of the charms, drops, stations, or medallions on the necklaces. We prefer that you wear them graduated so that they fall in a way you can see all the different shapes or symbols, depending on what you are layering. You can also become a tangled mess if you are wearing too many chains that are the same width at the same length.

Here is what we do suggest:

  1. Wearing necklaces two inches apart.
  2. Choosing one more statement style and surrounding that with more delicate looks.
  3. Wearing something meaningful mixed with different geometric shapes or combining different silhouettes such as a hard choker, multi-drop necklace and lariat.
  4. You can also mix your metals–yellow, rose and white gold all look beautiful when combined or if you are more traditional, then stick with one metal to start.
Maximize Your Best Jewelry To Wear Together

This is an area in which you need to play around and also see which styles work best for your neck. If you have a short neck, you might want to start your layers longer and vis versa.

Here are a few styles that will look chic and pulled together when worn in graduated layers:

Start with the 16” station necklace and work from there—the gold pyramid quatrefoil stations lend textural interest when worn in shorter and longer lengths around the yellow gold diamond halo pendant. This pendant with its gutsy look will be your centerpiece for this compilation.

14K Yellow Gold Pyramid Quatrefoil Station Necklace-Short

14K Yellow Gold Pyramid Quatrefoil Station Necklace-Long

14K Yellow Gold Round Diamond Halo Pendant Necklace With Bezel Frame

It All Comes Together Brilliantly

For this grouping, why not start with the twinkling constellation diamond necklace –it’s delicate, feminine and sparkly and then add on the pave diamond heart pendant which you can wear close to your own heart. The white gold teardrop-shaped diamond pendant will look best as the longest necklace and will imbue this curation with balance.

14K Yellow Gold Pave Diamond Pendant Heart Necklace

14K White Gold Diamond Constellation Necklace

14K White Gold Teardrop Diamond Pendant Necklace

This next group is all about shape and nonchalant elegance. A diamond choker is perfect to start with and then add a multi tear necklace. Together they give this more delicate combination a slightly bolder feeling. Add a longer bar necklace and a dainty station necklace all with diamond accents and this look can take you throughout the day right into evening with ease and without having to fuss. It’s a combination that is lightweight yet makes a powerful statement.

A Bold Layered Look

14k Yellow-White Gold Bujukan Beaded Choker Necklace With Diamond Pavé

14k Yellow Gold Bujukan Bead Station Necklace

14k Yellow-White Gold Bujukan Bead Y Necklace With Diamond Pavé Accent

14k Yellow Plan Gold 28″ Inches Bead Ladies’ Necklace

14k Yellow Gold Bujukan Bead Station Necklace

Explore all of Gabriel & Co.’s necklaces here and let’s start layering. Have fun!