HOW TO: Stack Gabriel & Co. Rings

That classic fashion rule of “less is more” is temporarily suspended.  Instead, we believe in ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES, especially when it comes to layering, mixing, matching our infinitely exciting stackable rings.


Mix & Match

The fun and beauty of stackable rings are that they give you choice, variety, and even spontaneity so that you can add a more personalized touch to your individual look. You can create a set that serves as a cohesive design to wear on a daily basis, but then, when the mood hits or the occasion arrives,  mix and match them with more distinct rings. Choose from an array of geometric designs for a bold and edgy look, or a mix of ornate filigree detailed bands with a feminine flair to help get you in the mood for a romantic evening.


Pops of Color

Stick with one color gold’ is another rule that we are officially and this time permanently breaking.  Mix yellow with white, rose with yellow, plus add a pop of color by inserting some colored gemstones in between rings with diamonds.  Why shouldn’t your fingers have a wardrobe of rings too?

How many?

As long as your hands appear visually pleasing, and your choices don’t hinder you from getting work done, no number is too many!  However, here are a few things to consider when putting many rings together:

  • Are you going for a free-spirited image, or a sleek and sophisticated date night look?
  • Are you wearing other jewelry, like chunky bracelets, or large drop earrings?
  • The sizes of the rings in relation to each other also make a difference.  Are the rings you picked all chunky, or you’re mixing in a few thinner ones? Variation is the key to multiples.
  • Can you bend your knuckle?  Does it catch on your knits?   
  • And most important, do you like the way you feel when you wear all you’ve chosen.


Our unparalleled array of stackable rings lets you mix metals, colors, and styles to create a look all your own. View our entire Stackable Collection here