How to Wear Chokers: An Unconventional Guide

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The ready-to-wear runways were full of all different styles chokers during the international fashion shows. They first came back into style approximately three years ago in fashion and on mega-stars like Rihanna. Now they are back with a ultra-chic, uber modern style that has little to do with the once popular frilly and ornate styles inspired by the Rococo period during the Belle Epoque time period. Although we do like the eclectic mix of an antique inspired pendant on a thin velvet or grosgrain ribbon or chain every now and then as long as it’s combined with graduated necklaces that are more contemporary in feeling.

That is what wearing chokers these days is all about—more important that the actual looks themselves is how to style and curate them with other necklaces. Layering is key. Juxtaposing soft delicate pieces with more sculptural looks and wear a mix of metals all create a look that is relevant and current and anything but conventional.

Graduating Class

A statement in 14K yellow gold, this look starts with a more delicate choker length necklace and then graduates to another similarly styled necklace. The third necklace in the group features elongated tear drop shapes and that add a bit of drama. To achieve this look, always start with smaller charms or medallions hanging off of the chain and work with the same size and go larger from there.

Get Into Shape

A range of shapes imbues a simple 14K choker with maximum style. This beaded circle length pendant on a choker length chain forms the backdrop for the other necklaces and create an off-handed seemingly unstudied look. Add an horizontal diamond bar and a linear long beaded thin teardrop shaped drop and create a nonchalant combination that combines metal tones and diamonds.

Raising The Bar

The styling of the chokers in this photo offers a youthful appeal. One lightning bolt and two horizontal diamond bars styles in 14K white gold rest gracefully on the neck and accent the clavicle to the collarbone, a look that is more delicate and feminine and on target with the trend toward wearing of the more pieces, our symbolic chokers like this anchor which means hope, offer significance and sentiment. Here, we layer it with a 14K gold and diamond necklace so that you can wish upon a number of stars twinkling with diamonds. Add in a little luck and protection with some of our other motifs and you will be covered.

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