Ice Ice Baby: The Diamond Pieces You Want to Buy Now

With the snow, sleet and ice storms hitting cities and towns across the country and continuous ‘winter weather advisories’ on the news, and popping up on computer screens and smart phones, it’s much more enticing to think about a different type of ice–diamonds.  

While we’re stuck inside due to the pandemic and slippery road conditions and freezing wind chill factors,  it’s the perfect time to start scrolling through alternatives to classic styles in diamond jewelry.  These are styles that are designed with just enough of an edge or spin to suggest that you are adding something new to your jewelry wardrobe.  

If you have your diamond basics –your round brilliant studs, with or without halos, your diamond solitaire necklace, your basic prong set tennis bracelet, perhaps a riviere necklace, and at least one eternity band, then it’s time to get more experimental with diamond pieces.  You can have a little more fun and buy pieces that are more progressive in design.  

Here are some great ideas for updates on traditional diamond designs:

1. Figure out your style.

Are you drawn to more modern streamlined pieces or are you more bold and daring. You can find both types of styles at Gabriel & Co. and they can feel timely and relevant, yet neither are so out of the box that they won’t be as enduring as your round diamond studs.

2. Decide if your prefer statement or stacking pieces.

Statement pieces tend to be larger and these are pieces which you would wear one of at a time.  Such as a bold chain with a larger pendant or locket, a wide cuff, a pair of long chandelier or linear earrings.  Or, a larger signet, cigar band or cocktail ring vs. layering graduated or more delicate pieces.

3. Ask yourself what part of your body you want to start with.

Are you coveting a new diamond necklace or pair of hoop earrings? Would you prefer to start with your fingers and work your way down to your wrists. Think about what will give your jewelry wardrobe or collection that extra sense of style of fashion and start there.

4. Figure out your budget.

Before you start scrolling through diverse selections of jewelry, decide on how much you can spend at the moment. Setting a budget will not only keep you from going into debt, but will also help you make decisions on what you desire right now and what you want to purchase later.

5. Create a wish list. 

While you’re shopping, put everything you fall head over heels for in your shopping cart.  After you make your decision of the piece or pieces you want to purchase, you can order your wish list based on what will complement your new jewels. You might change your mind in the interim before you can go shopping again, but it’s always good to have that list so you can imagine how you’re going to curate and style jewelry pieces once you figure out your new favorite piece of “ice”.  

Here are some favorite spins and updates on diamond classics:

Diamond huggies are always timeless but these 14K White Gold 15MM Diamond Earrings adds a lot more bling to your look.

This 14K White Gold Diamond Station Bangle is both a cool chic update on a diamond bangle and tennis bracelet.

If you’re looking for a singular diamond statement necklace then this 14K Yellow Gold Bujukan Beaded Choker Necklace with Bezel Set Diamond Clusters is it.

This 14K White Gold Scalloped Diamond Bib Necklace is a wonderful delicate layering piece with a feminine touch.

This 14K White-Yellow Gold Five Row Bujukan Ball and Diamond Station Ring is a self-stacker. You can have five rings in one and slip it on without giving it a thought and it will look fabulous.

This 14K Yellow Gold 3 Strand Teardrop Diamond Pavé Necklace has high style and is an innovative spin on the classic diamond solitaire necklace.

A 14K Yellow Gold Pinky Signet Ring with Diamond Halo is the perfect touch to add when you’re stacking on your right ring finger. It adds a regal touch. And it’s engravable.

This 14K White Gold Split Bypass Diamond Bangle has just enough edge to evoke modernity without being over the top.

Every woman should wish on a lucky star and wear one around their neck. This 14K White Gold Diamond Starburst Pendant Necklace is one that will work on its own or layers well with other pieces.

Why not choose these 14K White Gold Pear Shape Diamond Stud Earrings for an easygoing and timely option for your everyday earrings.

If you want to add a little drama to your jewelry wardrobe, then choose a pair like these 14K White Gold Graduating Diamond Chevron and Chain Drop Earrings. They’re light on the ear, yet heavy on the glamor.

This 14K White Gold Round and Baguette Diamond Curved Bar Necklace is a must have for any woman who loves the way a bar necklace lays and layers on her neck, but prefers a more contemporary version.

This 18K Rose Gold Wide Diamond Cage Ring is ultra-wide and evokes a rock and roll vibe. It’s one that can be your go-to ring when you just want to show-off jewels on your hand.

So when you’re thinking about going out, wait until the wintery ice and snow melts and wear the type of ice that will melt your heart.

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