Jewelry Myths: Throw Out The Rules


Do you follow rules when it comes to wearing your jewelry? If you do stop right now. There are only two dictums you should live by and that is to follow Coco Chanel’s advice and “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off.” This way you are wearing your jewelry instead of letting it wear you.  And the second thing is to follow the trends but don’t try and fit into a style that doesn’t work for you. Other than that throw out the rule book, mix and match, wear the colors that look good on you in metals and gemstones  and wear the pieces that allow you to shine.  This means you will need to dispel some modern  and older myths when it comes to your new jewelry purchases, to open your mind to new ideas about different styles and how to wear them.

MYTH #1: You shouldn’t wear turquoise after Labor Day. 

This one was pretty standard. Back in Victorian times turquoise was one of the most popular stones. Then, in the mid 20th century turquoise started to consider a summer color, to be taken out after Memorial Day and put away before Labor Day. In the late 90s and early millennium as turquoise became more popular due to it being set in yellow gold like it was in ancient times, and projecting a more regal and timeless look, everything started to change. If you are still a hold-out, not quite convinced,  due the fact that you associate turquoise with summer camp or the silver Zuni turquoise of the 70s, bellbottoms, caftans and clogs, then shake off the memories.  Think about how regal and rich turquoise and yellow gold look together,  how well it works with other color gems that you might not expect. Or how pretty it is when popped with diamonds either as surrounds or in the center of stack rings on either side. Turquoise is a color that works with any and all color clothes and looks good with basically every complexion. So what are you waiting for?   And just fyi the 70s are back and so are strong independent women. Don’t let dictate your style.

14K Yellow Gold Rock Crystal/Turquoise Pendant Necklace with Bujukan Beads

Style: NK6358Y4JXT

14k Yellow Gold Diamond Rock Crystal And Turquoise Oval Drop Earrings

MYTH # 2 – If you are wearing a yellow gold watch, you can only wear yellow gold jewelry.

I have one sentence for you. Get over it! You can mix yellow white and rose gold with your watch. Mixing metals is a trend but it also has become classically timeless, particularly with the stacking frenzy for bracelets and rings. You can mix two or three colors at a time or if you are in a low key laid back mood and don’t want to wear too much, choose one of our white gold diamond bangle or flexible tennis bracelets which adds sparkle and an surprisingly elegant yet casual touch to any outfit, even a T-shirt and sweats when you are Zoom meeting at home.

Simple with one white gold diamond bracelet:

14K White Gold Square Set Diamond Bangle

With a group of tri-color bracelets:

14K Rose Gold Bujukan Bead Cuff Bracelet with Diamond Stations

14K Yellow Gold Beaded Cuff Bracelet

14K White Gold Bujukan Bead Cuff Bracelet with Diamond Pavé Stations

MYTH # 3—You should never wear a necklace over a turtleneck.

This blog started off saying there are no rules as long as the jewelry fits into your style. If you were flat merino wool or cashmere turtlenecks in fall and winter—there are some necklaces that will look chic and fashionable when worn over a turtleneck. Some looks might have that 70’s-early 80’s vibe that is very much in style right now and others will just add some shine and character to a solid neutral staple. Either way, if you go long with your necklaces you won’t go wrong.

14K Yellow Gold Oval Locket Necklace with Diamond Starburst Overlay

Style: NK5572Y45JJ

MYTH #4- Stacks are the new black.

It’s a hashtag that you might follow on Instagram. It’s taken some of you to new heights with your bracelets and you’ve played with how high you could go on your fingers and how low you can go when ‘stacking’ with layers on your necks.  While stacking has picked up momentum to be a ‘classic’ way of wearing jewelry—here is where advice, not rules come in. Since you don’t want to look like an Christmas tree filled with ornaments which are beautiful, but hide the tree, when it comes to stacking, it’s best to choose one or two places on your body to do so. For example, if you choose two, why not  a ring stack and layered necklaces or a pile of bracelets and a stack of studs in your lobes. This is along the lines of ‘not letting your jewelry wear you.’ You are the one that wants to stand out and be seen, complimented and start a conversation. Black is basic and uniform, stacks are personal and say a lot about you. Allow them to say you have style and you have some killer Gabriel & Co. jewelry.   


14K White Gold Diamond Bar Drop Lever back Earrings

14K White Gold Diamond Rhombus Stud Earrings

Style: EG14021W45JJ

14K White Gold Single Diamond Square Ear Cuff Earring

Style: EG12929W45JJ


14K Yellow Gold Bujukan Bead and Diamond Stackable Ring

14K White Gold Millgrain Bezel Diamond Stackable Ring

14K Yellow Gold Round Station Stackable Ring

Style: LR51959Y4JJJ

14K Yellow Gold Beaded Station and Diamond Ring

Style: LR4870Y44JJ

14K White Gold Beaded Pavé Diamond Criss Cross Ring

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