Lifestyle Influencer Gets Married With Gabriel & Co.


When I met my husband Matthew five years ago, I knew immediately that I had met my “person.” So when we decided to get engaged just 8 months later, we were both over the moon. Life threw us a curveball and we ended up breaking up and calling off our wedding, but realized pretty quickly that we couldn’t be apart. When we made the decision to get back together, we put the wedding planning on the back-burner and instead focused on the two of us. Turns out God had other plans too, because after battling infertility for years we welcomed our miracle baby Archer in July of 2018, and our sweet baby Grey in November of 2019!

We finally set a new date and were thrilled to be just 2 months out from our wedding date of May 2, 2020 when COVID-19 hit. The realization that our wedding wasn’t going to be able to happen the way we hoped and dreamed was devastating. We mourned the loss of our wedding plans after waiting for so long for our big day, but also knew without a doubt that we didn’t want to wait any longer to be married. Instead, we chose to elope in our backyard with just 13 guests! Wearing a stack of gorgeous Bujukan bracelets was the perfect finishing touch.

As a jewelry lover who’s also a mom, I’m always on the hunt for perfect pieces to add to my collection that don’t have to be hidden away for special occasions only. When I first saw the Bujukan collection at my local jeweler, Cumberland Diamond Exchange, I was instantly in love. The Bujukan bracelets are my go-to accessory these days. I love that these bracelets are fine jewelry that I can not only wear on a date night with my husband, but that I can also wear every day. They’re trendy while still remaining classic, are easy to mix and match, and go perfectly with a little black dress or dressed down with jeans and a great tee.

Was it what we had planned? Pretty much completely the opposite. But you know what: there was absolute perfection in all of the imperfection, and I’m so glad that I had the perfect pieces from Gabriel & Co. to help me still feel like a princess.

Siobhán Alvarez

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