Men’s Fine Jewelry

Move over, girl. They’re taking my picture now!

All you had to do was take one look at this season’s men’ runways at NewYork Fashion Week and the grand staircase at the recent Met Gala to notice one unmistakable, impossible to ignore change. Men are over standing by the side while women get all the attention for sartorial splendor. 

Maybe it’s reaction against a year lived in sweat clothes, or the global-wide ogling at the spectacular wardrobe of Bridgerton’s heartthrob René-Jean Page, or more likely there’s a new regime of menswear designers who are in no mood to consider widening a suit lapel one-half inch for their claim to fame, but men’s clothes are now exploding with color, glistening with sparkle, playing with volume, and demanding – and getting – attention. 

Whether a guy wants to dump his closet and start from scratch or keep what he has but add a spark of distinction to his on the town profile, there is no easier way to achieve wardrobe elevation than to slip on some “Hey! -where-did-you-get-jewelry?” 

And since we pride ourselves almost as much on our timing as we do our designs, it just so happens the Gabriel & Co is finally launching its first-ever collection of Men’s Fine Jewelry. We’ve got it all: rings, bracelets, pendants, chains, even cuff links and money clips (not everyone has discarded suits, yet), and, of course, wedding bands. 

The collection is bold and striking in its eye-catching juxtaposition of metals, it’s strategic use of sparkle, it’s finishes of almost selfish subtlety but, best of all, in its offering a range so wide you are bound to find at least one piece (or who knows how many?) that says, “This is me. And I like it!” 

So, even if they haven’t discovered you yet for the next season of Bridgerton, you better warn your female friends – the next time, it’s time to take pictures, if you’re wearing something from Gabriel & Co.’s new Men’s’ Collection, you’re not standing in the back.