Mix It Up: It’s So Much More Fun to Mix Than to Match

White after labor day and before memorial day—the fashion pundits said no-yet over the past 10 years winter white has become one of the neutrals of the season—even white jeans. I bring this point up because rules have always meant to be broken and when they are, you usually get the most creativity from you fashion and jewelry. Which brings me to a time, not so long ago when women would never think of wearing a yellow and white gold bracelet together or layering different colors of rose, white and yellow in pendants around your neck. Yes, we had evolved from the matching sets of jewelry—they were starting to look staid and old when women wanted to look fresh, relevant and youthful. Designers and retailers answered the request by combining looks that were part of a style. For example streamlined linear jewelry in all yellow gold or bridal jewelry in white gold, vintage jewelry in rose gold. And then they started offering the looks in all three metals and some in platinum too. This gave experimental and edgy women the idea to try out mixed metal pieces and it started to become a contender in the current climate of stacking and layering pieces. An armful of yellow gold bangles would be boring but mixing them with white and rose and you have a game changer.

Colored gems are also making a bold statement these days and it’s fun to add those in—either in your birthstones or any gem that strikes your fancy. A word of caution when you are mixing things up—try as the saying goes “not to throw everything into the pot”. In other words if you are adding in color you might want to stick with diamonds and garnet, blue topaz or amethyst but not all three. These colors traditionally look good with any color metal.

So how does one start combine different metal? Slowly and with a goal to create an elegant seemingly haphazard look. And, most importantly the metals as we mentioned before, look best with their stacked and layered, wide and narrow, textures and accented with diamonds. It’s also a good idea not to overdo –therefor we suggest picking two parts of the body to start with—the ear and the arm, the arm and the neck or the neck and the finger. You are trying to choose two body parts that aren’t too close together.

One of my personal favorites is to stack eternity and thin wedding bands in tri-color combinations. And if you want more of an icon who donned this way of stacking, look no further than the legendary style arbiter Audrey Hepburn. When she was married to Mel Ferrer he gave her a yellow gold baguettes set eternity band as their engagement ring. Then, for their wedding day he gave her matching texture rings in 18K rose and white gold to wear with the eternity band. It went with her understated style personal style rather than the one we associate her with in roles such as Holly Go Lightly in Breakfast At Tiffanys.

Here are some ring stacking choices for mixing metals. There is not right or wrong way to stack them.

14K Yellow Gold Geometric Stackable Diamond Ring

Vintage Inspired Platinum Marquise and Round Station Diamond Anniversary Band

14K Rose Gold Twisted Diamond Stackable Ring

14K Yellow Gold Twisted Rope Cluster Diamond Station Stackable Ring

14K White Gold Diamond Bezel Set Diamond Band

14K Yellow Gold Diamond Cluster Station and Bujukan Bead Ring

14K Rose Gold Scrolling Floral Diamond Ring

Thin bracelets are also wonderful stacking pieces. You can go from narrow to medium width to ultra-wide or keep it simple with all narrow styles and either wear three, five or seven for luck. Here we choose three.

14K White Gold Split Diamond Spike Bangle

14K Yellow Gold Two Row Diamond Bangle

14K White Gold Diamond Station Bangle

14K White Gold Diamond Bangle

14K White Gold Pavé Diamond Cluster Station Bangle

14K Yellow Gold Split Diamond Cuff

When it comes to necklaces, the best combinations are those you don’t have to think about once you made your purchases Updated classics such as the curved white gold diamond bar necklace with more trend conscious heart and arrow rose gold charm necklace and a pared down station necklaces that goes with everything are three piece to consider for your metal mixing.

14K Yellow Plan Gold 28″ Inches Bead Ladies’ DBY Necklace

You now have some suggestions to work with but we would love to see you use your instincts and imagination and create the combinations you think will work best for you. And remember it’s always more exciting to throw out the rules and make your own.