Necklaces For Different Necklines


Ever notice how the most eye-catching necklace becomes an eye-sore when it’s worn with the wrong clothing neckline? Do you do a double take when you see a woman in turtleneck with a choker and you wonder how she is still breathing and not turning blue? Or you are excited by the lariat you see in a jewelry store which the salesperson helps you on with over you chunky textured crew neck sweater? Or do you walk out the store empty handed when you think a savvier sales associate might have asked if you were wearing a tank underneath and then suggest you try it on like that, while she explains the other necklines you can wear it with or how it’s long enough to double up and work with double the fashion?

It’s not always easy to choose the perfect silhouette in a necklace to work with the right top of a gown, sweater, shirt, jacket or a dress neckline It’s instinctive but it also gets easier the more options you are show and learning how to follow the lines of both the shape of the jewel and the shape of the top. There are also a number of necklaces that can work with a variety of necklines, some more versatile than other which makes it easier for you to add to your jewelry collection a little more slowly. Unless you plan on walking the red carpet soon, our advice is invest in the styles that can work with a deep-V for day and a strapless sweetheart neckline for evening, as one example.

For this blog, we will try to simplify the choices and offer suggestions for the following necklines and the necklaces and earrings at Gabriel & Co. that best matches up with them. However, you should think of this as a template—one that will help you visualize and choose the styles that will complement other styles in your clothing wardrobe. And, we are always here to help style and curate your collection.

Halter Neckline

This 14K Yellow Gold Curved Bar and Waterfall Chain Necklace adds a fluid sensuality to a halter neckline.

Jewel Neckline

This 14K White Gold Diamond Rope Necklace adds a touch a glamour and sparkle to a jewel neckline

Plunging V Neckline

This 18K White Gold Diamond Station Y Necklace with its slender shaped and diamond sparkle adds a touch of elegance to a deep V neckline

Strapless Sweetheart Neckline

This14k Yellow Gold Scalloped Diamond Choker Necklace graces the neck of this vintage neckline and the look is reminiscent of the grace and refinement of style icon Grace Kelly

Collar Shirt Neckline

Wear these two magical stars together at graduated lengths in both sizes to elevate a collar shirt with the twinkle of diamonds

14K White Gold Diamond Starburst Pendant Necklace

14K White Gold Diamond Starburst Pendant Necklace

Scoop Neckline

Layering is a wonderful option for scoop neck tops or dresses. Here we layer three that graduate and all work together for a delicate look that makes a statement

14K White Gold Diamond Bar and Marquise Cut Diamond Choker Necklace

14K White Gold Dangling Diamond Station Necklace

14K White Gold Station Necklace with Pavé Diamond Spike Drops


This 14K Yellow Gold Pyramid Quatrefoil Station Necklace is versatile enough to look sophisticated and chic with a flat knit turtleneck and can also be worn with a deep V neck. You can also triple it up as a choker for a strapless dress.


This 14K Yellow Gold Puff Heart Pendant Necklace with Diamond Star is lends a feminine air to an coquettish off-the-shoulder neckline of lightweight cashmere sweater