Oceanic Beauty of Sapphire Engagement Rings

A guide to Gabriel & Co.’s deep blue sapphire rings as a nontraditional engagement ring choice.

A beautiful way to showcase your love and devotion when shopping for an engagement ring is by choosing a colorful alternative to the diamond: a deep blue sapphire. Gabriel & Co. even offers different types of engagement rings that showcase sapphires as side stone decorations. This is a way to add a touch of color to your engagement ring without deviating from a traditional diamond ring. Though if you desire a true blue statement of royal caliber, an engagement ring that showcases a sapphire center stone is your best bet. 

A Brief History of Sapphires

Most are unaware that sapphires come in an array of hues, but we know sapphires as a predominantly blue gemstone. If a sapphire contains a finite blue tone then it is higher in value. Saturated medium to dark-toned blue sapphires that range from indigo, violet, and velvety royal blues are the more rare varieties. Sapphires have long been a symbol of virtue, wisdom, and good fortune. As an engagement ring, it symbolizes lifelong faithfulness and sincerity, making it a perfect choice for brides. 

Sapphires in Pop Culture and Royalty

We commonly know sapphires as September’s birthstone is a dark, oceanic blue gemstone. We think of James Cameron’s adaptation of Titanic and the famous Heart of the Ocean necklace, which was depicted as a blue diamond. Though in actuality the glamorous accessory is a sapphire encased in small diamonds. 

Princess Diana of Wales famously favored sapphires since her engagement to Prince Charles. In 1981 at Windsor Castle, the Prince proposed to Diana without a ring! Instead, she selected a variety of designs from the Crown jeweler. The one she selected is the widely publicized 12-carat oval Ceylon sapphire engagement ring surrounded by 14 solitaire diamonds, which is now worn by Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge. 

Variations of Sapphire Engagement Rings

Of course, there are many ways to customize your sapphire engagement ring by metal types giving your ring a striking dual-toned look. Gabriel & Co. offers an assortment of sapphire engagement rings. Some feature brilliant sapphire center stones and a few showcase the deep blue sapphires as side stones, giving a diamond engagement ring a hint of oceanic accents. 

An architecturally pleasing design, this oval sapphire engagement ring features 14K white gold with decorated head of four pear-shaped diamonds. Surrounding the 1.86-carat sapphire is a halo decoration of 0.64 diamonds giving this ring a chic angular design to contrast its oval center.

Our closest resemblance to Princess Diana’s oval sapphire ring, this extravagant 1.86-carat oval sapphire engagement ring does not disappoint. A deep-water blue shines through against its halo of 0.83-carat diamonds that also decorate the 14K white gold shank.

Sapphires in Three Stone Engagement Rings

When considering your engagement ring design and incorporating sapphires along with diamonds, think of your ultimate reason for marriage and unity. Three stone gemstones can have personal depth and represent friendship, love, and fidelity: three pillars for a devoted relationship. Or are often aligned with past, present, and future of the love you have shared. Of course, these identifiers can be personalized to fit your own relationship.

An even balance of modest design and luxury appreciation, this princess cut sapphire engagement ring is the ideal balance. Enclosed in a diamond halo, a deep blue sapphire center shines through with two teardrop sapphires over the gallery rail, giving this structure a symmetrically pleasing look.

If you’re looking for a classic diamond engagement ring with subtle color attributions, this style may be the one. A minimally designed 14K white gold engagement ring, this round-cut diamond ring features two pear-shaped sapphire side stones adding a touch of royal blue elements to this traditional engagement ring style.

A true unconventional work of art, this bypass-style engagement ring features a round-cut diamond center stone with a twinkling pavé diamond shank. Hints of the blue peak through with an array of round, marquise, and pear-shaped sapphire side stones making this engagement ring a striking statement.

A gorgeous contrast of geometric design, this round-cut diamond engagement ring features two angular sapphire side stones and shimmering diamonds below the head and cascading down the shank. 

There are endless options when searching for the right engagement ring. Finding your style may lead you to look for a more unconventional design. Feel like a Royal by finding the perfect sapphire engagement ring that will remain a timeless jewelry staple.

Shop more Gabriel & Co. Sapphire engagement rings and see all the beautiful styles we have to offer.

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