Off the Cuff: The Ear Party Continues

By Beth Bernstein INSTORE Guest Editor

At Gabriel & Co. we are continually improving our products and adding and updating our styles. One new design we are particularly excited about is our ear cuff, which has been refashioned with a new hinge mechanism, so the cuff stays where you want it at all times. The hinge actually clicks into place like a bracelet, so you don’t have to be concerned about the cuff falling off or slipping to interfere with other earrings. It stays right where you want it to be.

Gabriel & Co. cuff earrings are beautifully designed and go with many of the studs, small drops, small-to-medium sized hoops and ear climbers in our collection. Or, for a low-key, ultra-sophisticated look, the cuffs can be worn on their own. Our styles range from vintage-inspired designs to cuffs set with different shaped stones set like eternity bands to beaded styles from our iconic Bujukan collection. You can mix and match ear cuff metals and styles. Create a “tough and tender” look by combining a spike-style stud or drop with a feminine scrolly ear cuff. The ear party continues at Gabriel & Co. and we are having way too much fun. How about you?

Please note that all of these are designed with our new hinge for safe wearing.

14K White Gold Scrolly Diamond Ear Cuffs can be worn with delicate lace or filigree-style drop earrings or floral studs. These are also perfect for a spikey stud for a juxtaposition of styles.

14K White Gold Single Diamond Square Ear Cuff Earrings are designed like eternity bands that sit on the ear. This one features a geometric look in the form of squares but set on their sides to soften them into diamond shapes. This look will add some character to a basic round diamond huggie for contrast or will complement geometric style stud earrings or small drop earrings in the same vein.

Style: EG14246W45JJ

14K Gold Marquise-Shaped Diamond Ear Cuffs are detailed with vintage engraving. They look beautiful on their own but are sure to offset feminine-style studs or ear climbers.

14K Round Diamond Ear Cuffs are a statement on their own each with separate bezels forming an eternity style. Due to the width and boldness of these cuffs, they would look best paired with thinner diamond hoops in a medium size or with a pearl drop dangling from a pavé diamond top. You can also mix them with a delicate stud such as a simple line stud for textural interest or one that is circular to continue the look.

14K Yellow Gold 13.5mm Bujukan Single Cuff Earring is textural yet clean with modern lines. The design adds a contemporary feeling to more basic yellow gold studs or drops. You can also mix this ear cuff with diamond-accented earrings but with these, keep the mix simple for a look that’s elegant and sophisticated. We love the yellow gold beads as they will enhance even the most basic earring styles.

Style: EG14311Y4JJJ 

14K Pyramid Shape Studded 14K Gold Ear Cuff has an off-the-runway vibe. They are high style but they can also offer a rock and roll edginess depending on how you wear them

14K Rounded Spiraling Yellow Gold Texture Ear Cuff is high tech but also includes a certain textural interest that is unisex and sexy at the same time .

Style: EG14245Y4JJJ  

14K Rope Yellow Gold Ear Cuff features a classic texture but it takes an unconventional turn when interpreted in this style.