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Bring On The Magic of Diamond Jewelry in 2020

By Beth Bernstein | January 6, 2020

ou might have a few diamond essentials—studs, a solitaire necklace and a tennis bracelet already in your jewelry rotation but here are five easy pieces that can work well with what you own or act as great starting points if you are just building your diamond collection. All are on trend while still maintaining an air of enduring timelessness.

Symbolism of Three Stone Engagement Rings

By Inna Kushnirski | December 23, 2019

More than merely beautiful, three stone engagement rings are rich with symbolism and personal significance. The three stones traditionally represent the past, present and future of a relationship, but can also be interpreted to stand for friendship, love and fidelity or even take on religious significance. For those looking for a ring with deeper meaning, a…

Diamond Engagement Rings Weren’t Always a Lover’s First Choice – Here’s Why

By Inna Kushnirski | December 23, 2019

The very first commissioned diamond engagement ring in recorded history was by Austrian Archduke Maximilian for Mary of Burgundy in 1477. The ring was made of gold and set with diamonds that formed her initial ‘M’. He had made a statement and by early next century diamonds became a symbol of commitment among the European aristocracy.

‘Tis The Season To Shine

By Hal Rubenstein | December 19, 2019

The reason why we chose Dennis Basso as our Designer Spotlight this December is because Basso doesn’t care about bending to slouching trends. He still believes in dressing to make an entrance, that turning heads in your direction is too much of a rush to ever be considered old-fashioned, while insisting that the seductive and uplifting resonance of glamour is as powerful today as ever. Basso claims in his unmistakably gravelly, sonorously bass voice “After thirty-five years in this business, I can say with no apology, that every woman I’ve ever met wants to look pretty. What’s wrong with that, especially since every woman can achieve it, because as the great Vogue editor Diana Vreeland once said, you don’t have to be beautiful to be ravishing.”

Holiday Gifts For The Most Cherished Women In Your Life

By Beth Bernstein | December 12, 2019

Author: Beth Bernstein Guest Editor from INSTORE magazine For Every Woman on Your List…. There is a saying that we’ve seen posted on different social media concerning jewelry that goes, “’I have enough jewelry,’ said no women ever.” And with that quote in mind, we’ve created a holiday gift list for the most cherished women in your…

Emma Stone Gets Engaged With A Pearl Halo Engagement Ring

By Gabriel Editorial Team | December 9, 2019

    Actress Emma Stone and director Dave McCary announced their engagement and we couldn’t be happier for the couple. The relatively low-key couple, they rarely make public appearances together, shared the happy news on Instagram last night with a picture together. Emma Stone was seen flaunting her antique style halo ring, set atop a…