Picture Perfect Lockets

While all jewelry is personal, the locket is perhaps the most personal of all. They are one of those sentimental and romantic pieces of jewelry that hold the image of a loved one, engraved message, or a special memento.  A locket is usually worn as a pendant on a chain, but can also be in the form of a ring, charm, or brooch. Sentimentality aside, the origins of the locket are actually not as romantic as one might think and sweethearts were not the first to wear and gift lockets.

Modern day lockets evolved from the amulets and talisman pendants of ancient times and the Middle Age to help ward off evil. The earliest lockets served very unromantic or sentimental purposes and held herbs or medicine, perfume to camouflage odors from poor hygiene, and some shockingly even held poison!  During the Victorian Era, lockets increased in popularity and became affordable to the middle class. They were worn as mourning jewelry by wearers wanting to remember their departed loved ones with miniature portraits, or a lock of hair as a keepsake.

Even today with all the modern technology where you can just Facetime, Zoom, Snapchat each other, there is something romantic and nostalgic about wearing a locket that keeps a picture or a memento of your loved one close to your heart. A locket is a forever, special keepsake and a heartfelt gift for young and old alike. They are romantic pieces of jewelry which hold an air of magic and mystery about them. 

Here are few different types of lockets that are bound to capture your heart.

Personalized Locket

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With a personalized locket you can take the customization to the next level by engraving a special message or adding a special image.

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Swing Locket

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Swing lockets are a fun, modern twist on the traditional locket.

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Floating locket

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This locket is the perfect way to personalize with charms of things that you love.

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