Renewing Your Ring: Vows to Create a Change of Design


If you are feeling guilty about hankering for a new look/mounting for your engagement ring, then consider this, you are in good company when it comes to updating your ring. Two style icons did it: The Duchess of Windsor and Jacqueline Kennedy. After a certain number of years, women’s taste changes, styles change with the times, or the heirloom ring you received lost its original charm. Whatever the reason, the sentiment of the ring will always be there, but you have fallen out of love with the setting and that is okay. You want to trade in the mounting, not your man.

Before we talk about how to go about updating and upgrading your ring, let’s time travel back to the mid 20th century.

It is interesting to note that both the Duchess of Windsor and Jacqueline Kennedy both wore emerald engagement rings.

After King Edward VIII abdicated his throne for Wallis Simpson, he proposed to her in 1936 with an engagement ring designed by Cartier that featured a fine Colombian emerald weighing 19.77 carats. Emeralds represent hope and prosperity for the future. The inscription in the simple platinum shank of the engagement ring read: ‘We Are Ours Now, 27.X.36’. Always aware of current and changing fashions, The Duchess of Windsor took the ring back to Cartier decades later to have it modernized in a yellow gold setting with diamonds. She did, however, hold onto the original setting with the significant inscription. 

Two years after they met, John F. Kennedy proposed to Jacqueline Bouvier in 1953 with a Van Cleef & Arpels engagement ring. It was a 2.79-carat cut emerald mounted next to a 2.84-carat diamond, accented with tapered baguettes. In 1962, Jackie Kennedy had the ring reset with additional diamonds to reflect more current times. 

These legendary woman proved that as time goes by, trends change and as we learn more about ourselves. We might have once thought a traditional solitaire in a platinum six prong setting was classic and would last a lifetime but now feel that lower profile bezel set diamond halo setting that rests closer to finger would offer us a larger more important look for our just under one carat brilliant cut center stone.

This is just one scenario. Spring is a time of renewal and rejuvenation and the perfect season to add some new romance into your relationship with your engagement ring.

Here are some more ideas:

Realize—you’ve changed and changing the setting can completely transform the look of the ring.

An example: If you ring was originally set in a vintage style design with filigree and piercing work and you feel that it is too fussy or busy for your lifestyle now, why not change it to a more streamlined pared-down style. There are myriad ways to do this today. Let’s say you have an emerald or Asscher cut diamond—why not choose a bezel set mount for a thoroughly modern look. Yellow gold has become so popular—this type of ring would be on target with today’s styling and create an enduring look to pass down through generations. It’s also a ring that can be worn and cleaned easily. You have just turned your high maintenance ring into low maintenance.

Customize—choose to create a one-of-a-kind ring from one that was set into a mass produced shank.

An example: If you have a marquise shaped diamond that was set in prongs from north to south, why not have the mounting recreated so that the marquise looks more contemporary reset from east to west. This allows more coverage of the finger if that is wat you are looking for now.. Setting the marquise east to west also allows the ring to be worn with more variety of styles of eternity bands. Or, you can have a simple halo created to refreshen the marquise shaped stone.

Modernize—if you inherited a beautiful cushion cut diamond that has been in your or your husband’s family for generations and you feel the style is too stuff or old-fashioned, you can create a look that juxtaposes the character of the old diamond with the personality of a new ring. If you are partial to antique details that have a fresh vibe then opt for a ring that offers the best of both worlds. Piercing work with little diamonds around the mounting and pave work along the shank of the ring, allows old to feel new and the fresh mount to feel very you.

Another way we would suggest breathing new life into your ring is to change the diamond to a larger size without changing the mount. This is possible depending how much you want to go up in size. Mountings that have four or six prongs can usually be altered to accommodate a large stone.

You also might want to try out a new shape/cut –giving up your brilliant cut from an emerald, cushion or pear. For this you might also have to change the mount.

There are a whole range of designs from which to choose when you are making this decision. A new love or romance will always put a smile on your face.

Why not check out our full range of mounting and see which works best with your diamond and your individual style and we will work with you on creating a look.