Rose Gold Wedding Bands for Men

Accessorizing for formal menswear has traditionally focused on neutral precious metals like platinum, white gold, and yellow gold variations…. but what about rose gold? Long since been associated with femininity, (yes, it is pink!) rose gold has had a resurgence as a complementary color for both masculine and feminine styles alike.  

Lately rose gold is ubiquitous in many industries from makeup trends, hair color, and even tech accessories all picked up on the sweeping popularity of its blushing metallic sheen. Flattering on many skin tones, rose gold can be found in luxury street style, fashion jewelry, bridal, and more recently, men’s jewelry. It’s a unique choice and an admiring element to countless wedding color palettes.

The name “rose gold” refers to an alloy of gold, where copper is added to its chemical makeup. Copper is one of the most recyclable materials, making it a sustainable jewelry option. Unfortunately for some, copper components may cause an allergic reaction to skin contact. Though outwardly a perfect product, rose gold is not hypoallergenic. The best aspect of rose gold is that it won’t scratch easily so you can wear it worry-free. The elemental marriage of copper and gold makes rose gold durable, ideal for a laborious man who may work with his hands on the daily. 

Rose gold is also low maintenance. It requires minimal upkeep; as opposed to white gold that requires a routine dip of rhodium to protect its polished shine. If your partner is wearing a rose gold engagement ring, try out a rose gold wedding band to match. As the universal symbol of love rose gold features many attributes. 

Gabriel & Co. offers numerous rose gold styles to fit every style, personality, and lifestyle.

Classic styles with a satin finish

Style: MBL0156-60K4JJJ

Style: MBM0113-70K4JJJ

Delicate blush tones of a rose gold piece look flattering on every skin color. Make a statement with traditional wedding band styles that feature 14K rose gold with a satin finish. As shown above we have 6mm and 7mm styles.

Duality with two-toned styles

Style: MBH0173-60T4JJJ

A dual-tone combination of 14K white gold/rose gold is a chic combination. This 6mm wedding band features a polished center and milgrain edges.

Style: MBH0117-80T4JJJ

Two-toned combinations of white gold and rose gold are fashion-forward and highly recognizable as an elegant choice, like this 8mm 14K white/rose gold ridged wedding band.

Texture: brushed, sandblast, engraved, and hammered rose gold

Enlighten the senses with a textured wedding band. It’s a subtle statement and highlights the possibilities of men’s jewelry design.

14K Rose Gold 6mm Brushed Finish Men’s Wedding Band

Style: MBM0136-60K4JJJ 

14K Rose Gold 6mm Hammered Center and Polished Edge Men’s Wedding Band

Style: MBM0112-60K4JJJ

14K Rose Gold 6mm Sandblast Center and Polished Edge Men’s Wedding Band

Style: MBM0111-60K4JJJ

14K Rose Gold 7mm Engraved Diamond Cut Center Men’s Wedding Band

Style: MBM0138-70K4JJJ

Unique designs and rose gold lining

For the fashion-forward man, a stylish design featuring rose gold is also a perfect option. We offer a range of wedding bands that showcase our world-class craftsmanship. 

14K White/Rose Gold 8mm Diamond Cut Inner Channel, Rounded Edge Men’s Wedding Band

Style: MBH0161-80T4JJJ

14K White/Rose Gold 6mm Etched Center, Polished Edge Men’s Wedding Band

Style: MBM0155-60T4JJJ

Gents, as you contemplate wedding band options keep in mind the many positive characteristics of wearing rose gold. There are copious ways to design a wedding band; all you need to do is explore Gabriel & Co.’s Rose gold wedding bands collection!

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